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How High Are You? v. Meff For The People

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dank weed, some good meth. wish i got around to getting those valiums today. not looking forward to crashing out
drinking dipa and since it's friday that means it's almost time to go beer hunting.

happy weekend everyone.
Dank herb, qwiso from said herbs trim, 15mg oxy, 8 mg hydromorphone in the nose hole. Just getting started for the night...
Sober... haven't taken my morning clonazepam yet. Withdrawal kicking in, I feel like shit.
Hold me
Peach Four Loko & Green Apple Joose waiting in the fridge. Just asked this bitch to come by. She just said, "Yes."

We were able to come up with enough money for some bags (of dope), quite a few, actually. It was a nice surprise, so, yeah... I'm feeling all right. And now we're making chocolate chip cookies, so I'm looking forward to jumping into bed, banging a couple bags, eating some warm chocolate chip cookies and watching TV or a movie or something.
In the middle of a night of....

really good coke
really good weed
my regular medical opioid dose
cheap vodka

I've got pretty much no tolerance with any of those except the obvious pain meds. Reading that Hells Angels book by HST. Reading's one of the few things I enjoy doing on stims.
Not open for further replies.