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How is the weather where you are today?


Dec 22, 2015
It snowed a bit last night. Cold morning, but not too bad for February in Southern Ontario. Id guess around -5 to -10 degrees celsius.

Yesterday was a fuckin mess because it snowed a good foot. I had to shovel my area downstairs AND my upstairs landlords driveway because theyre older and cant do it themselves.

Im sore today, will have to do it again today although much less snow so itll be easier. This is typical for February.

Overall the winters have been getting ahirted and milder Ive noticed the last 20 years though. Climate change is mixing things up a bit here and everywhere else too.

Hows your weather today?
We got snow in Baltimore today. It was the powdery stuff, didn't mess up the roads too terribly much. Tomorrows a high of 29 and a low of 22, so it's gonna be a tad cold.
I know this isn't the Oneword thread, but it"# accurate to simply say- Cold! Brrr, lol.
It's proppa chilly here tonight. Around -13.....just got back from a bonfire. Beautiful out. Clear skies.....the stars (well, the bits you can still see in the city).

I love these cold winter nights.
Icey rain today in Delaware temp about 28 . Already have a couple inches of snow on the ground from the other day . I love days like this perfect excuse to relax 🌨
Between -20 and -5 farenheit basically every day the last week in Minnesota. Oddly devoid of our usual late February blizzards. Too cold still, I guess.
We got like 1-3 inches of snow over night, and has cleared up a bit. Still a couple inches on the ground, and supposed to get 4-8 inches starting around noon.
I've never really drove in the snow. Maybe like to park a truck or something but nothing like hopping on the express way.
Got work today, so not really sure what ima do.
Same weather as my first picture still. These past 2-3 weeks have had a lot days with heavy snow. The basement apartments area has been shovelled now but the driveway needs to he done. Road conditions were total shit yesterday, and today probably is not much better.