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How is the weather where you are today?

Cold, potential foot of snow coming tomorrow night. Alternating days of rain and snow throughout the week. But it's almost March, winter went by pretty fast. I consider March 1st to be the first day of Spring, meteorologically.
it was probably 70*f, sunny and nice out today. beautiful
i was ok with being indoors doing the clothes, though.
loner gotta be alone:
Snow this morning then clear. But the wind is vicious. 40-45 mph gusts.
Finally, theres a break with our atmospheric river thats drowning literally all of CA. Then we get hit again next week. I just about shit when they mentioned the snow totals in the Sierras...56 feet of snow! Thats plain insane 😲
sunny and cold, then windy and overcast but warmer, then rain, then sun out now but going down. think its gonna be a cold night already got thermostat set to 70*F and heat pad laid out on bed to ease back before I pass out. :)
Dipped to 35 overnight last night. Lower than expected. We stayed clear of a frost. But my pepper plants aren't liking that cold.
Left em out last night cuz it wasn't supposed to drop below 40. Should be the last cold night until fall.
sunny in the morning fast shift from nights 14 to 20 Celsius, continued to be 25 which is the best with a little breeze, now great sunset in the colors of fire with clouds blocking it just enough, perfect weather, birds singing, no insects yet, Weather Utopia
Just a little news item I ran across on CNN.
I thought it was bizarre that people who are angry about the weather are taking it out on those who simply report it.
Hah I was just being a weirdo not trying to click links. But that's freaking ridiculous.