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How is the weather where you are today?

Thunder booming, flooding all over. Lightning ripping the sky while tornadoes surround me....j/k, its sunny and 80° with light breeze.
Its been nice out now the rain clouds look like they on the way.
Hell it's about bedtime anyways so WTF, right?
Heat is a comin' for SoCal this week with temps nearing 105°F but the monsoons are coming, which I love!
High of 94F today, high of 97F tomorrow in the mid Atlantic region. Fuck me running, glad I'm not working out in the heat today. Don't know how the more southern folks do it.

Remember to stay hydrated and take breaks if you're working outside, as the hottest days on Earth in the past 100,000 years have ALL been in the past week.
Fucking hot and muggy, 94F. At least it wasn't the forecasted 97. That shit sucks. And the transition to inside always sucks.