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⫸STICKY⫷ How to Get Your Trip Report Right in Two Easy Steps...

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Jan 20, 1999
We sometimes get submissions of reports that are still in progress, i.e. live reports. Sometimes these can work out fine, but the majority of the time they are never completed, and are in a messy state for people to read. They also get quite a bit of bad unwanted attention from people flaming the thread.

So to bypass all these troubles, the moderators of the forum and the administrators have decided to now close and reject incomplete/live reports.

It is much better to open a word processor or notepad, take notes of the experience, then put it together when you've came down, with lots of detail!

We really appreciate quality reports, so don't think your efforts have gone to waste. You also get to keep a bit of history by writing this experience down to remember at a later date.

Remember Moderators are always able to read over your report before you submit it if you wish; just email it or send it in a private message. (It may not fit all though.)

We request that if you are going to add in parts of your IM conversations as part of your report, that's fine, but no block "cut and paste", as in, you can't just copy and paste your entire conversation and post it as it. That's not a report. Use your conversation parts in relation to your report. Cheers!
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More and more reports are popping up that have really messy and/or nondescript titles. The TR board is a pretty laid back and lenient place, but it's beginning to look sloppy when numerous reports pop up with their own title style.

This is the correct format:

SUBSTANCE (Dose - Optional) - Experience Level - "Title"

Such as these:

Salvia Divinorum (5x extract) - First Time - Accepting Reality
4-AcO-MiPT (20mgs) - Semi Experienced - An Appearance of God
Phenazepam - First Time - Priceless Warning

We usually go through and edit them ourselves, but it would be great if we didn't even have to do that and everything was nice and neat the instant it was posted =D .


I'm new on this forum, but a really experienced person in the use of most of these substances. Thanks for letting me know the correct way to post my experiences.
Thank you, now after I've experimented and written everything down, I'll be sure to put it in this format.
hey just wondering why my report wasn't accepted I posted it serveral days ago as part of an on going documentantion of my MDPV usage. Before it was able to be posted it had to be approved by a Forum Moderator
Anyways just wanted to know what was wrong with it? wrong style? too much personal info? too long? as it was over 3000 words...

Hope to hear back from you so I can continue my reports incording to the forum regulations, Thanks

Good to see you're giving some advice about how to do it right. Categorizing like this will make the forum more easy to navigate.
Are retrospective reports like some of the ones I see on erowid welcome?

I guess an example would be writing a report about all of one's experiences with a drug over time, or writing from a sober perspective on a period of intense drug use (such as reports that detail an addiction, etc.)

Just curious!
hi im new to bluelight and ive always found it a helpful website and you guys do a great job i was wondering how i can remember my trips beter in order to document them.
try writing it as youre going thru it, whether you be sat at home or on an adventure, take a note pad and pen with you, write things down on your phone :) that will help you job your memory afterwards once you have come down :)
ive tried my phone and usually i cant read the keys lol and writing works sometimes but as ive noticed lately they make absolutley no since and are compleet rambling scribbles lol thank you though im thinking of getting a smallll tape recorder to keep with me tho
^If you are describing your personal experience with it, I do not see why not...
I just mentioned trying this in my intro thread...

I propose that digital voice recorders be used to record the experience...then use Audacity to edit the .mp3 to make the voice unrecognizable...

if written reports are preferred, then perhaps use the digital voice recorder, and then transcribe it to text via Dragon voice to text software....

what think ye?
I see nothing wrong with this. You could post a video, embed it ideally. Using a voice recorder, whether uploaded as a video or translated to text, works for many people I think. For me, writing comes out clearer and more coherent, it's part of my process. But to each his own. Thanks for the suggestions! :)
Cool! I have a lot of stuff already recorded from way back...just no time to transcribe it....pulling it into Audacity, cutting out irrelevant sections and masking the voice could be far quicker for me in the short run. In the long run I would prefer to type it out - I am just so busy right now with work and stuff...
Crack Cocaine/32g 17 yr. Smoker: Last Days I never really had a trip like this, I took a blast and laid back. Inaudibly a voice began to speak, and at the same time someone was massaging my genitalia. The voice said, if you say devil, I will come to you,the pleasure heighten, he said, say my name and I will make you a millionaire if you will be a psychic for me, I began to feel a warm sensation between my legs, and I rose, and said devil. Life has not been the same since that last day.