Bluelight continues to add new features to the site in an effort to make the site a richer community experience for all of you. As such we are introducing a new feature that you are used to on many other social sites - the LIKE. Or, more broadly, we are launching reactions to posts as shown below. To give a reactions, simply click on the "Like" in the bottom right of a post, and to remove or change it you can tap on it again.


What does it mean?

In this image, area 1 shows you a post awaiting some reaction (like) and a post with a 'Like' reaction. Area 2 shows you, once you click on a user, their profile now includes their cumulative reaction score. Area 3 does not give you the reaction score, you would have to look at the profile info in 2.


If you wish to remove a reaction you gave to a post, simply tap on it a second time and it is removed if you are using your phone. For desktop, if you hover over the reaction, it will popup with all available reactions and you can tap the one you gave initially in order to change or remove it.

Unlike reddit where the likes bump a post or thread up and down the rankings....these likes are attributed to the person who posted it. Yes, an individual post will reflect all the reactions applied to it, but that's as far as it goes with the post. With the reactions, there is a build up of a 'reaction' score based on the number of likes earned for that member as shown in Area 2 above. If we find this is driving popularity contests or undesirable behaviour, we will remove this from the accounts, but leave the post reactions available.

Currently, this feature is enabled ONLY for Bluelighters, Crew, and Staff. This is not enabled for Greenlighters, Banned accounts, or lurkers.

We may expand on the set of choices at a later date, but for now we are going to run a 3mo trial run to see how reactions influence and effect our forum participation. We'd love to hear your feedback on this experiment so we can plot a positive course at the end of the trial. The reactions are LIVE right now, today, in all your forums (except SHRINE and BL History). So get to it!
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Cool! IMO good call on not making there be a negative reaction (if I'm reading this right), otherwise communities have a tendency to become a hivemind like Reddit, where everyones constantly worried about offending people and posting things that get them the most imaginary internet points.
Here sort iz a couple of likes hew.

I fully concur, though I feel that had they handled the situation without resorting to last-minute escalation - a sort of brinkmanship, if you will - the agreement would probably have gone ahead anyway, minus the simmering resentment and ill-will that inevitably gestated.
Hi all,

I want to give TLB a big “thumbs up” (cheesy, I know) for taking the time to collect feedback from staff and other members prior to rolling this out. As a result, I think we’ve arrived at a web content voting system that maximizes many of the pros we associate with social media platforms while minimizing the drawbacks — all while staying true to Bluelight’s culture.

For the record, I’m a big fan. It already seems very natural to me in a short period of time. That said, we look forward to gauging how it’s received and will be on the lookout for any unforeseen implications. Please feel free to share any relevant feedback that could help us improve the system over time.


Hey everyone, I only just noticed this thread. So please may I share a few thoughts?

I have spent the recent several years participating in a number of Cannabis vaporization forums, where the whole "like" feature was pretty big.

I have really totally tired of those forums and circles, I was so out of place really. I find the general level of awareness and perception and intelligence to be very low which surpised me as I expected more from the online cannabis community. Also so much ignorance and attitude, lots of closed mindedness with a real chip on the shoulder being very common.

I know that is a bad thing to say, but joining up at Bluelight this year, I just do not have that feeling one little bit and in contrast I have found the majority of members and posters here to be extraordinarily open-minded, non judgemental, humble, accepting and very understanding.

I felt the level of understanding in general was very low on the vaporizing forums except for the subject at hand.

Lots of extremely intelligent and experienced members on this forum and I feel like the level of respect and tolerance for each other and different views and experiences is also considerably higher.

I constantly felt patronized, belittled, practically insulted, misinterpreted and above all totally misunderstood. Again I have not felt any of this since joining here but the complete opposite where I have honestly felt extremely well if not fully understood by all members here at virtually all times.

Also, on topic now- I found it quite refreshing that there was no like feature because it was like you had a bit more anonymity.

I always felt that the like feature could play to our egos in one way or another, or at least be this little Chip or balloon blowing around out the corner of her our in our subconscious which we somehow must appraise and identify with.

I'm kind of expressing abstractly and metaphorically because I'm not entirely sure what I'm trying to say. I was just a little surprised to see this feature brought in here because I'm not entirely sure it is necessary or a complement to the nature of this forum and the individuals who participate and contribute.

I just wanted to offer that perspective because those were my initial thoughts and feelings but of course I support the effort to see how things can be improved or affected in this regard.
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BUMP to give notice that this feature has been turned on for conversations (Private Messages) as well. This was left off of conversations originally, as it may have caused confusion on why someone's score was going up but the had few posts or no visible likes in threads. Everyone's gotten comfortable with how this feature operates, so we have extended it to the conversations section of the site. Cheers.
Currently, this feature is enabled ONLY for Bluelighters, Crew, and Staff. This is not enabled for Greenlighters, Banned accounts, or lurkers.

In our initial launch, we had concerns over folks registering alt accounts just to like themselves (who would do such a thing? 🙄 ). This is a concern that has proven to be unfounded, so we're enabling 'likes' for Greenlighters as well. Banned users and lurkers remain without this feature as one group has lost the privilege and the other needs to join up and become one of us!

Also, we're lowering the post count for GLers to reach BLer status from 50 posts down to 20.