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In Memoriam Captain.Heroin

I have confirmed this with family. CaptainHeroin, who has been a senior moderator here for so long, has recently passed away from a tragic OD. He has helped me for very many years with harm reduction, along with countless others. He helped me laugh when no one else could. It is with great sadness I announce this to the BL community. I am weeping.
Much respect in trying to help me and I guess the toll of an literal genius was too much for you with your past. Rip legend
Miss you Captain, always we such kind person in these forums and we're someone I really connected with. You always had worse of wisdom and were there for me when I needed to vent. You touched so many people's lives and will not be forgotten. May you rest in piece my friend ❤️
cap i swear i miss you man. there is no replacing you and i will make it my lifes journey to reconnect.
but fuck i guess already see this....
Used to call him captain kazasthana.. ahaha, such isn't my first post here I didn't came to skullove someone but like more and more lately I've felt like a plug to a wallsocket and yeah I've been able to eat what I've ate for 30yrs by now I've been able to be myself, didn't felt like I was wearing toy clothes but my splinter is getting rusty and I visual in "V" more than ever, I dunno but even during my drug use I wasn't like this by any means.. and if MYSELF can't help me then no one can, guess we'll see how it goes forward, am thankful for being here and I wanted to really wanted to had no time to talk about life with him in depth.. like a nephew to a grandpa.
This place does not feel the same since you left us, your absence can be felt real fucking marked for all of us that got to know you. You had lots of attributes, we remind you as the kind, funny, open minded, caring, lovely fella u were. But also you were a tormented soul, very fragile, super emotional...maybe too much for this life. I really hope you're at peace now, miss u Andrew. There will never be another CH. Lots of love, buddy.
Well it has been many years since I've been on here but I met Cap on here in 2009 and while I was in college struggling he would send me suboxone so I could make it through the semester. RIP man