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Help Is 3-meo-pcp a crystal?


Jan 4, 2023
I ordered 2 products one an opiate and one 3-meo-pcp but the vendor only sent me one without any label on it. It is a white powder not crystals like salt ect so I’m thinking it’s the opiate.

Either way I’m gonna get it tested with that nano scanner
I just want to use this thread for my rant. I never had to go through the trouble of vetting a vendor. All the 2C's and other goodies I got were gifted to me from people (who I call friends now). So they vetted, sent the goods to taste because as one said "I am deserving of the sacraments :)". I am sure some of them went through some stuff with mistakes and quality, although I understand the 2C market was fire pre 2004 or even 2010. All of the 2C's I got were from that time.

So this is a thank you all that felt I was worthy enough to gift. They may not see it here a they are not BL people but I can still thank them.

Lastly how can any vendor (or recipient) accept even one small mistake? There is not room for any mistakes. EVER. A vendor should triple check and make sure what they are sending is valid and of quality. I have read some vendors send out crappy synths. Not good. So OP you are wise to stay ahead of the mistake and test. A great warning for that here.

Such a n important thread. It really is. And it makes me appreciate all the people that do vet stuff and take that risk. Hopefully it is done wisely like the OP did. Even wiser would be to run as fast as you can from that vendor.