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Is there a rock like amphetamine/speed form?

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May 22, 2022
Is anyone aware of a rock like amphetamine/speed form?
So far I only encountered the white euro paste. After drying, it smells a bit of acetone, and tastes a bit sour.

I now came across a form that is supposed to be nearly pure amphetamine.
Since a lot of people said its legit I assumed it is.
But cant find any information online that would fit to the description.
All I find is MDMA / crack / dirty meth / 4-MA.
I checked everywhere for "rock, speed, amphetamine, sulphate, hard, not soluble, pure, brown, yellow, ... and more

  • Its hard to crush
  • Doesn't smell like much, at least no acetone / fish smell
  • Tastes very bitter
  • And doesn't fully dissolve in water that easily.

I am aware that no one can say with certainty what "this" is, there for I ask generally if this a known form amphetamine I am not aware of.
I will get a lab test in two weeks and update my results here if that's allowed.

I have two photos.
Its less red in real, and more brown/yellow/white



Thanks everyone.


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Sep 5, 2010
Unfortunately it's impossible to identify a substance from its appearance, which is why we have this subforum dedicated to helping people interpret reagent test results. If you are in Europe then you can buy these from places like www.protestkit.eu or www.reagent-tests.uk, they will immediately tell you which substance you have.

Cathinones such as a-PBP and MDPVP have been sold as amphetamine plenty of times in the past and this class of substances do form rocks, whereas amphetamine does not. Therefore it is essential to test this. I've locked the thread but please send me a private message if you have some test results to post and I will unlock it.
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