Playlists Is you rollin'? Songs that are about mdma/ecstasy/molly/jiggaz

Itz Up There ` (feat. Big Poppa, Money Bagz & Mouse on Da Track`)
Big Wayne on da track
CLOUD 9 (original version) featuring LIL BOOSIE & BIG POPPA
Would anyone be willing to critique the Thievery Corporation? They have a silly name but I used to like them. However none of my friends got into them. I'm trying to figure why a decent band wasn't more popular. I'm genuinely curious.
I've been searching for good MDMA music on Youtube, but there's a lot of MDMA music thats's no longer on there. The best MDMA music I can find is stuff like The chemical brothers, Darude and Basement Jaxx for example. What music do you recommend I look for ?
Psy-trance, of course. It's a match made in heaven! (Or, rather, under a thunderous rain at a midnight outdoor dancefloor). The oldschool electronica you post is good, but sound design has advanced way ahead nowadays.
Here, have a blast! And remember - it's a very deep rabbit's hole...