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Prose Journeys Beyond Earth - a book to be read while you are high


Nov 9, 2020
You'll love this. What if I told you reading a short story could feel like reading an entire novel?

"I bet that's impossible," you're smiling already. "Is this some classic blunder?"

But somehow, you imagine how intense of an experience it would be... Well, here it is.

Personally, I find reading on cannabis a wholesome, out-of-earth activity. Maybe you'll too. The file is below; if you're on phone, it downloads directly.

Journeys Beyond Earth.pdf

Go for it, and tell me what you think below. (Is the font alright? How was the experience? Your feedback?)

But WHY?? Why not go for a full-blown trip?
I compare it to driving. Sometimes, we prefer to walk instead – to enjoy the scenery simply for the sake of it. This activity shouldn’t replace full-blown trips. It should be an enlightening, fresh and fun experience, just like walking in the park instead of driving on the highway. Doesn't mean parks are less beautiful.

Much love. Enjoy and cheers!! ❤