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Jul 10, 2020
Just joined, I find a lot of the things on here very entertaining and helpful, but I got tired of never being able to read everything w/o being a member. Happy to be here?

Hayley complied. She licked and sucked at the slick flesh as if it was a buffet and she had been starving. She lapped at the entire wet slit from top to bottom over and over in a steady rhythm, and when she slipped two fingers into the wet, very open hole, she couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to be doing this to Katelyn.

Hayley wasn't the only one who thought it felt wonderful. When Katelyn felt the fingers enter her and begin to pump inside her, she felt as if she was going to burst from the sensations. She felt her body tensing, drawing close to what would surely be an amazing climax. And then she was on the absolute brink of it.

"Hayley, I'm going to cummmmm. Now, I'm cummming, right now," she screamed. "Hayleeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The most powerful climax of Katelyn's life was tearing through her.

Hayley held on for dear life, keeping her mouth and tongue on the sweet, wet pussy while Katelyn bucked beneath her. She kept pumping her fingers in and out of the dripping opening, and Katelyn's climax seemed to go on and on. In fact, she was just about to stop climaxing when the licking and finger pumping brought her over the edge again.

"OH MY GOD!" she yelled as the second climax spiraled through her pussy and on through her entire body. When the spasms stopped, Katelyn lay with her legs spread apart, her head on the pillow and her dark hair damp on her forehead. There were tears in her eyes, and she had never felt so connected to anyone in her life.

Hayley crawled up to her and kissed her lips tenderly, and she loved the taste of herself on Hayley's mouth. Hayley stroked her hair gently and when Katelyn's breath was sufficiently returned to normal she said, "What about you, Sweetie, do you want to get off?"

"God yes," Hayley answered. "I almost came just feeling your climax, it was so amazing."

"I've honestly never had a climax that good before," Katelyn replied. She sighed. And, surprising herself, she asked, "Would you rub your pussy and get off? I want to watch you."

"Oh, yes, that will be soooo sexy," Hayley replied, moving over to the next pillow and propping herself up.

She spread her sex lips with one hand and opened herself to Katelyn. Katelyn scooted over and down and leaned up on one elbow, her face just inches from the blonde's exposed pussy. She smelled Hayley's excitement and loved the scent. Hayley began to rub her clit gently in circles and then she slid two fingers down and stuck them deep inside herself, and a string of shiny, clear liquid hung from her fingers when she pulled them back out. She was clearly extremely excited.

It didn't take long. Hayley was so turned on from eating Katelyn, and with the brunette's face right down by her throbbing pussy she began to feel her climax coming on.

"Ohhhhh, Katelyn. Watch me play with my pussy. I'm going to cum for you. Watch me, Katelyn, watch me!" And with that she began to climax. Katelyn could see Hayley's clit throbbing beneath her rubbing fingers and watched, mesmerized.

"Katelyn, I'm cuuuuummmminggggg!!!" Hayley jerked and moaned and cried out and finally fell back against the pillow with her mouth open, gasping for air.

Chapter Eleven

It was naptime at the McKinley house, and the mother of the three sleeping children and her sexy blonde nanny were naked together in the hot tub. They sat kissing sensuously, their bare breasts touching.

"Phew, I know it's a hot tub, but is it getting uncomfortably hot in here, or is it just me?" Katelyn asked into Hayley's mouth.

"Well, it is 90 degrees out and our passion is hiking up the mercury as well," Hayley replied, gently pinching Katelyn's nipples. "Why don't we get out? I want you to lie in that chair, and I'm going to eat you again."

"You've already had lunch, what is your excuse this time?" Katelyn asked with a smile.

"I love how you taste, and I love making you climax," Hayley replied with a squeeze to Katelyn's pointy breast.

"Good answer," Katelyn laughed.

She scrambled out of the hot tub and wrapped her body in a large towel. Hayley followed her. A few minutes later the towel was spread out on a chaise lounge and Katelyn was lying on it, her thighs open. Hayley knelt on a towel beside the chair and was kissing her way down Katelyn's shapely body. The brunette moaned. Hayley kissed the inside of Katelyn's thigh and suddenly there was a loud ringing sound.

Katelyn had placed the phone on the little table next to the chair. She knew Mike was planning to call and felt she couldn't let him get the machine again. She picked up the phone and checked the caller ID. "It's Mike," she told Hayley.
Katelyn answered and began having a conversation with her husband. She told him a few things about the children and asked about his visit with his friend. Meanwhile, Hayley was gently stroking Katelyn's inner thigh with her tongue and making feathery strokes on the flesh with her finger. Katelyn was starting to squirm and finding it difficult to talk.

Suddenly, she felt Hayley's beautiful mouth close over her pussy, and she had to put her hand over the mouthpiece as she gasped. Hayley kissed her pussy and gently licked her clit. It was difficult to concentrate on what Mike was saying.

"What about the nanny?" Mike was asking. "Are you continuing to be satisfied with her?"

"Yes," Katelyn said almost breathlessly. "The nanny has me very satisfied."

Hayley giggled into her employer's pussy and stuck her tongue deeply inside Katelyn. Katelyn closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. Finally, Mike stopped talking and told Katelyn he'd be home on Friday. She almost let the phone fall to the concrete below her but set it down moments before she could no longer focus.

Hayley sucked the swollen clit into her mouth and sucked hard on it and then stuck her fingers inside Katelyn. That's all it took. "God, I'm cummmingg, Hayleeeeeeee!" Katelyn cried out as she climaxed powerfully into the blonde's mouth.

Hayley sat on the edge of the chair and leaned down to kiss Katelyn. Katelyn stroked her lover's arm. "Now it's your turn," she said to Hayley. "Lay down, I'm going to eat you."
Katelyn started to get up, but Hayley didn't move. "You don't have to, Katelyn," she said, but Katelyn put two fingers to the younger woman's lips and hushed her. "I want to....very much," she told Hayley with lust in her blue eyes.

Moments later, an eager Hayley was lying on the towel with open legs while Katelyn kissed first her lips, then her pink nipples and then her stomach. Hayley was moaning, tangling her fingers in Katelyn's dark, wavy hair. As Katelyn worked her mouth lower over Hayley's soft skin, she couldn't believe how wonderful the younger woman tasted and felt against her tongue. She worked her way down to Hayley's slim thigh and showered it with light kisses while Hayley moaned and twisted beneath her. Then she moved on to the other thigh, kissing it and licking the inner crease, her tongue very close to the center of Hayley. Katelyn raised her face and gently blew warm air on Hayley's pussy.
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