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Kaya Potpourri, First Cone, I've been doing stuff for ten years & should know better


Dec 25, 2005
Kaya Potpourri, First Cone, I've been doing stuff for ten years & should know better

So bought some of this at a local store, had been laying of the Cannabis for about a week. Had smoked a couple of herbal blends over the past couple days.
Had used some 'Gold' a day or two ago as well.

Mulled some up with some tobacco, pack myself what must have been a large cone.
Not scratchy, okay aroma and taste - nothing really unexpected. Nice warm body feel on the exhale.

About 16:30 sit back down at the computer intending to play a game of LoL, manage to communicate with the various people online. But definitely notice things are becoming a little difficult, tell my friend to start the game quick! Other friend messaging on skype, flick back and forth between windows to try and reply.

Stuff is hitting me really hard now, pan-galatic-gargle-blaster hard. I can't actually read the text boxes on my screen, I struggle with this for a little while while the individual pixels develop their own halos, boxes on the screen start to decay around the edges.
I manage to think the I should explain to people I was no longer capable of reading their messages... let alone finding the text box with my mouse... hmm the fuck? This is pretty hard. Okay close Lol, can't close Skype (what's new) go to steam to have another attempt at that 'I can't communicate right now' message, no luck. At this point my body feels like it's vibrating pretty rapidly, I can't read an LCD screen at all and noises in general are being fairly distressing. I hold the power button until the computer shuts down.

We stand up, that was fun half of me felt like it stayed in the chair, have some pretty massive trails to go with that sensation too. Noticed what I thought to be a fairly unique noise, that nitros ringing from the peak, figure I'm pretty fucked at this point and wonder just how long this was going to go for. Sip of coke, this was fairly ordinary, cool, wet, bubbly, coke-flavored and not super helpful. That ringing is picking up developing into a solid bass-with-buzz make a note to myself to regulate my breathing, can feel my heartbeat - too much warm-fuzzy and vibration, visuals are starting to seem like everything is concertinaing (like an accordion) out from it's edges. Pretty damn glad I'm at home right now as navigating unfamiliar obstacles seems pretty impossible. Made it to the kitchen, glass of water, rinse mouth out.

It's easier at this point so describe what I'm seeing as just one image, no real depth perception, individual objects don't really have meaning, but very little colour distortion. Sit down, stand up and turn off lights... that helps... stereo off too then... fridge? Well I'm going to have to deal with that as I'm not going for that plug in this state... Sit down. Vibration sensation in muscles picks up, and things are a swirl, consider these things for a while - nothing super insightful - decided to go lie down. That was a fun walk, everything was trails. Lying down was hard, combined with the additional sensation, minor noise from bed and birds I think? along with a growing sense of disequilibrium I decided to stand up. Standing is hard so lets try walking again, repeat this a couple of times, eventually settle on lying. I can feel the effect receding in stages, occasionally picking back up but weakening. Writhing around on the bed is helping at this point 'to burn out' the sensation, trails are really stepping back to a more sensible LSD like level.

Get back to the computer, reboot, 17:20. Honestly I had no idea what time to expect, I knew it was more than 20 mins but it could have been anything up to two hours and I don't think I'd have been surprised. But just what the fuck was that?
It was like smoking a globe of DMT while on LSD and then having a nang and holding ones breath. I know nothing was advertised on the packet, but I feel I got way more than I paid, let alone bargained for. So, feeling brave but mortal, pack a smaller cone this time, this is a much more reasonable fake-stoned sensation, can feel a bit of that vibration I kept mention but all in all fairly pleasant. I kick up the cone size a little for the next couple, but things are as I had originally expected not the strongest trip I had experienced yet - again.

So I'm pretty sure I basically OD for the first time and on a synthetic something or other whats more. I'm going to give another go at hitting that trip again tonight with some friends around, but I expect it to be more like what I expected orginally.

Remember people always be careful when you don't know what's in the packet!
"I was high enough that I worried about my elderly neighbours and if they had been too close to their open windows and inhaled some second-hand"
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The description of visuals, where everything seems to concertina like an accordion from its edges, vividly captures the dynamic and rhythmic distortion in your perception. This accordion-like unfolding suggests a surreal transformation of reality, with the metaphor adding complexity and symbolizing the multifaceted nature of the experience. It serves as a unique and intriguing focal point in your narrative, encapsulating the essence of the intense visual distortions.
You mean Herbal Incense? I've been addicted to many substances, Meth, Bath salt, PCP, Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Ambien, Nucynta, Percocets, Weed, various psychedelics, Herbal Incense, Cocaine and Herbal incense and bath salts were absolutely the bane of my existance I've never experienced such pain withdrawaling from a drug as I have with Herbal incense, it's like what you'd expect Crack withdrawals would be like in so much emotional pain but that doesn't describe it, synthetic cannabinoids are like the crack cocaine of weed like every five minutes of my life I needed to smoke more, at first the high only lasted a minute or two, then just progressed into smoking just to maintain happiness, I mean this sincerely, HERBAL INCENSE IS THE WORST DRUG no drug ever touched how bad that drug was. Please stay safe!