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Jul 22, 2002
south lake tahoe, ca
i just read on fb that ketamania suffered a major medical emergency from which she did not recover.

r.i.p. <3

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Rest in Peace 🕊️
I just logged on here to post this.
She died yesterday according to her (fiance?)
She was barely older than me, far too young to pass
This is just awful. :(
I was wondering how she was not too long ago, hadn't spoken to her since earlier in the year. :(

So young and just much much more time to go.
Thank you for your kindness and always helping out.
You will be Missed so Much and Remembered.

Rest In Heaven Peacefully.

Sad:cry:I think...may be i interact with her....few times....got impressionsof bright.....courageuos person....R.I.P.
Damn man. So this one hit me in the feels because ketamania // Ashley was a dear friend of mine.
We started talking in 2017 and got into playing Team Fortress 2 and would game with our friend Captain Heroin (rip).
She was always talking about how much she loved animals and how she enjoyed helping people. She loved horses and a majority of her items and hats on Team Fortress 2 were related to horse themed names and cute descriptions.

Ashley enjoyed helping individuals here on Bluelight, she was a moderator there for awhile & I'd say that she was one of the original BL discord members.
I will always think of the good times we had and know that you are now at peace with dear family and friends. ❤️
WOOOOOOOOW WOOOOOOOOW u can't b srs. Rest in pce girl, thx for the present 🥲