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[Ketamine Subthread] First Time

I took it nearly daily for a couple years.

and I still managed to get really good grades at college and maintain a somewhat functional life.
PS experience with traditional psychedelics isn't much use when it comes to dissociatives - they're as different as thinking that having had speed prepares you for LSD...

That's a really good point. I'm very experienced with psychedelics and even when I first tried IV Ketamine, it was completely different than anything else I was expecting. I literally said "no way......" and was utterly amazed by it.

People around here, they've used K every day for a long time, before it dried up. I can only imagine what kind of an addict population for K must exist in Romania, if you can just buy it from a veterinary.

I agree with the user from Romania that K is a very addictive compound (it beats the crap out of most street drugs), but it is also a very safe compound. It's more safe than most other street drugs, to be honest. No drug is safe when abused daily for many years, but when used recreationally, K is very safe.
just wanted to say i found this thread pretty useful
i have 150 mg of ketamine and was wondering what a "halfway to the k-hole" experience (as someone put it) DOSE would be, in mg/kg
how about 75mg = .5mg/kg

if i even decide to try this one
i'm currently taking a break from tripping on 2ce and acid
i've never tried K and don't plan on getting more
just something (maybe) worth trying

hey! i'm a bluelighter, i thought i would need 100 posts or something
I did K for the first time last night, it was really interesting and awe inspiring. Hard to compare to other drugs and experiences, it seems to be the opposite side of the mind/body coin than the tryptamines.
Back in my haydays, K was one of my favorite things to do besides ecstasy. Actually doing them both together was some of my best times. I had a great experience every time I did it. One of my most memorable experiences was a funfilled night with K and my roommate. We had our living room set up to look like outerspace when the lights were all off. We selected our choice of music which was Aphrodite that time. I grabbed my blowpop and sat down on the couch. I really hated the taste of the drip, so I would suck on a blowpop. We had surround sound in our living room, so it made the experience even better. We snorted our lines, and by that time we both knew how much would take to put us in a nice k-hole, then we sat down on the couch and layed back.

Didn't take long before I was in space. Literally a couple times I felt like I was just floating in space. The music was everywhere, the glowing stars were all around me. (glow in the dark things were great). At one point I did have that "out of body" experience. It was like I was standing in the corner of the room looking at myself. That was strange, but not scary. The whole experience that evening was very cool. As soon as I came out of my k-hole it was off to bed for me. Next day I found part of my blowpop in the hallway, lol.

I never once had a frightening experience on k. I just entered what I called a dreamworld, and enjoyed it. It was like whatever I happened to be looking at, became part of that dream to me. Looking at a soccer poster on my wall made for a cool experience too. Oh, and nitrous always enhanced my experience with Ketamine. ;)
i have a love/hate relationship with K. the one thing i really liked about it though was how it seemed to slow everything down. i remember one night i got through a little over a gram of it and i was just wandering around in this house full of strangers feeling like everything was melting. me, time, everyone else, everything. then my vision went double which made me feel sick as fuck - that's the part i hate. i don't know whether anyone else gets it but the nausea off that shit is unreal for me.

i personally limit the high doses and rarely take myself beyond that initial buzz you get off the first few bumps. honestly though K would never be my first choice as far as drugs are concerned.
Special K Questions

I recently acquired a half gram of Special K, and am interested in trying it but am a little wary. While I'm very experienced with stimulants, painkillers, cannabis, MDMA, and other pharmaceuticals, I've had a very bad experience with hallucinogens. My second mushroom experience landed me in the ER after a panic attack turned into a psychotic episode when the idiot spotting me decided he needed to go home and dropped me off at my parent's house. I'm also on a plethora of medications, including Adderall, Suboxone, Ambien, and Xanax. The only one I take everyday is suboxone (bupe) and I know at high fully anesthetic doses, Ketamine binds to Mu Opioid receptors and Sigma receptors. I know I'm definitely not taking a full anesthetic dose, but with my bad mushroom experience behind me I want to be as informed as possible and take as little risk as possible (taking it is risky enough =D).

Any advice or information would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure this is the right forum to post in, but if it isn't feel free to move this post to the more relevant one. Please don't refer me to the Bupe megathread, I've asked questions there before and there are so many other people asking them getting or finding an answer is like sorting through a garbage dump to find a $100 bill. Thanks in advance.
You are not in any physical danger by combining ketamine with any of the medications you listed.
The only problem i see is that benzos will take away from the psychedelic effects of the ketamine and adderall has always made Ketamine alot more lucid for me which in effect had me taking higher doses to reach a similar level of intoxication.

As for your anxiety attack in the past with mushrooms.
I have never experienced anxiety or a "bad trip" on ketamine the way i would with mushrooms or other traditional psychs.
The worst that happens to me on K is i get really confused, but never scared.

I think you are alot less likely to have a bad trip with K than mushrooms.
Thanks a lot, Delsyd. You've told me what Google, Wikipedia, and Erowid could not. My main concern was the suboxone, would you suggest I take the K on a day where I haven't taken xanax or adderall? I was planning on trying some today, but have already taken 30mg of time release adderall. Also, I'm the kind of guy who generally prefers to use substances alone or with a close friend or two than at a party or with a group. Would taking the K alone be a bad idea?

Also, the K came in its salt form rather than as liquid. My preferred method for doing nearly all drugs (as my favorites include OC and Coke) is snorting, and I've never used and hate needles...Would swallowing it or snorting it be the way to go? I assume if its swallowed it'll last longer but if its snorted it will go into effect faster and hit harder.

Last thing, and I know this may sound really stupid...but would K be the kind of thing I'd enjoy if I went to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend, or should I just stick with edibles?
I would wait for a day when you didnt take adderall or xanax.

Snorting it would be the best way to ingest the salt form. Orally would require a much higher dose. But like you said would last longer and hit faster and harder.

K is not really a party drug unless in very low doses.My favorite way of doing it is alone or with my gf just laying in bed most of the time with either music or a movie on.

It makes watching movies very engrossing. Often times i feel as if i have been sucked into the film And i actually plan on taking it going to see Alice n wonderland some time soon too.
hehe yea, as long as you dont do too much nothing bad will happen, and even then things just get a little weird and dont make much sense for a short while. id recommend starting with little bumps
Yeah, start with really small bumps and work your way up, but if you area going to do a fat line make sure you have someplace to lie down, because you won't be going anywhere. I really like low doses, though, it's very disinhibiting in a fun way.
Low doses of K is fun, and you can eventually take a lot and just be more K'd out, but if you did the same dose in a smaller time span, you won't be able to move. Do little bumps at a time, it's really fun.
I was taking small bumps of K throughout a night, and didn't experience any anxiety at all. Like it was completely incredible, and I loved every second of it.

Next time, took a high dose (K hole? Not quite sure.) I was completely floored with visuals and intense audial...shifts? The initial rush was an intense and brutal ego death, and my visuals put me in another world completely. I definitely experienced a bit of anxiety at this level, but rode it out. I get anxiety on any psych though...
I recently started to IM ketamine to save my nose. I don't use anywhere near as much as I used to but I like it too much to actually give it up forever.

I took too big of a shot a couple times. The dose and effects seems to vary, even though I do the same amount each time. Sometimes it's amazing, other times, 4 to be exact, I felt like I was going to die. My heart started to race, I felt like I would be stuck like that forever, and it lasted for more than 2 hours. I don't know why the adverse effects happened, but it was horrible and frightfully unpleasent.

Don't do too much and you'll be fine :)
Yea if you IM your K its waaaay to intense for a beginner at least in my opinion. I would start with tiny bumps off of the end of your key or even better a pen cap so that you can gauge it. The good thing is if you take too much and you start to freak out the high is only like 45 minutes til you snap back to reality unlike mushrooms which can last hours.
Apart from physical harm from combinations, if you are prone to panic attacks and anxiety ketamine is on some levels a better idea than serotonin agonists (like mushrooms, LSD, etc). It's often more neutral and the dissociation stabilizes the experience somewhat...

But on the other hand, ketamine can produce just as messed up trips and reactions in people. If you are on all that medication, there must be a reason for it. And that makes you not such a good candidate for K use. I've been in very fucked up places from ketamine, that's acute and chronic. A try one time might not hurt you but somewhat frequent use has an already bigger chance of doing that. And enough people don't stop after one try since they like something about it.

I would advise against it. Ketamine is tricky shit for people who are completely healthy (including mentally), the less predisposed are probably better off not touching it.

That half a gram wouldn't in probability land you in too many problems, granted you are not able to buy more all too easily and you don't use it up in one day/night. But still, understand that you are also making the choice to set open the door for using K other times. Don't take it too lightly!