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Pharmacology Lamotrigine and Psychedelics?

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Nov 8, 2023
Does anyone know of any genuine risk (as a result of the combination) of using Psychedelics while on Lamotrigine? It's a rather low dose (50 mg), and not for epilepsy. I haven't had any negative experiences yet, beyond it probably making the effect weaker. I found one guy on reddit recommend against it (didn't provide a reason), so I was wondering if anyone knows something? I haven't found anything, but given Lamotrigine's occasional ability to fuck your life over sober, I figured I might ask.
I'm on 250mg/day and while I haven't tripped in a while, I tripped quite a few times when I was at 100-200mg.
I found phenethylamines like 2C-B and enactogens like 6-APB to be exactly the same. DOC was also easily to handle at a standard dose, but I never tried it pre-Lamictal.
I found 4-HO-MET very intense which I didn't at all last time, but I also upped the dose from ~15mg to ~20-22mg. Plus the 15mg was from a friend, so it may have been underweight.
It's funny you would say that, I've never done 4-HO-MET off lamictal, and found it a lot more intense than it was described lol, but not really visual.