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Prose Leave My Thoughts Tonight

Hannah Capps

Jan 29, 2006
Towering mountains in the tapestry of your persuasions, you were soft in a land unwelcoming. I cannot offer myself the same...bespoke ‘let someone in, and made weak.’
Garbed in midnight black, your unbolted braid upon my lap. Art escaped entire being, ran away from life giving.
My limbs are strangled vines, all my trees stolen time. In the darkness met Creator, dawn breaking, small sickbed.
Mute demjin, III leashed contorted being. Forked organ, smitten route…Naught in this heavy load.
Moon shadowed collectible cost, heart inside a breath beguiled offended transaction.
Agonized trade in adoring you, tumbled sheets, filthy threadbare barren streets…Accounts kept, can you bid away our variable?
Hurting by reason, exhaled taken apart...Marred with vicious intention by way of torn hearts.
Hunted grass, injured aside...Assassinated asleep...Broken eyes, external…
Crawling home, fell asleep...soot stained surface-winged to all you entail…
Chart-less, starless...cognitive poverty...Don’t you ‘want me.?’ Blessed warfare, hearts on the line...is this ‘worth fighting for?’
Learned loss, also freedoms language...spoken tongues...Mourning fund…
What cost? Religious service meriting? Creditable fraught for? Sainthood-earned?
Hymn taken, Song ended…
Ours this inter-meshed flag of Love...