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LSD blotter art appreciation thread.


Dec 16, 2015
I enjoy LSD blotter art. I also enjoy the history of LSD. I think I am becoming a connoisseur. If y'all have any good LSD blotter art pictures, share them in this thread.
These are my favorite sheets.

Dancing Bears


Hmm, they say Mad Hatter. I think that could be Willy Wonka. I can't tell. After all, this almost looks the same as Willy Wonka.

Fractal 9-1

Dancing Bear Family

Fractal 9-2

Love Chick

Shroom Lady

Mother Nature

GD Skeletons
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Oh yeah, I have the mad hatter and dancing bears - those 9-panel fractal type ones I had disappointing versions of and mostly used them to put melatonin on (also potent benzos, and plans for cannabinoids and salvinorin).

But hey sorry that is abuse of blotter art, even though that's kinda backwards =D

And no it's definitely mad hatter - notice the blotter on his head? That is a variation on the 10/6 card from Lewis Carroll's stories - referring to the price of the hat.

But yes, it shares many similarities with the also Johnny Depp in Burton fantasy movie played eccentric in suit with tophat. Just not the prop details. ;p
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I had some Mad Hatter tabs a few years back, turned out to be......ah fuck, I forget, a novel compound masquerading as LSD.

Orange Sunshines would be my fondest.



I really liked a print from a long time ago that had a different japanese crest on each tab. It's cool when each tab has a self contained image on it.
Blotter art is interesting, because it has the potential to have a psychological effect on the trip, depending on if/how the consumer takes it in.

Then that mustve been the one an old dormmate of mine took before he went nuts and insisted he was a samurai at heart.

I've always been infatuated with the 3-drop/blade version of yin/yang - kinda like a triskelion.. one of the clan marks.
Mad hatters used to be like 5 years back.
I had some dancing bear printed tabs too but they seemed to be DOC, strong physical stimulation and a 16 hours trip
I had some dancing bear printed tabs too but they seemed to be DOC, strong physical stimulation and a 16 hours trip

Sadly this happens. The good prints start getting distributed with genuine LSD on them. Obviously LSD is the most valuable and obtaining direct powder connections is challenging. Greedy people without the skills, connections, and moral fortitude order cheap (and often dangerous) imitations from china then put them on art with good reputations such as the dancing bears.

Greedy people misrepresenting research chemicals as LSD are unconcerned with others health and safety. Protect yourself and get an Ehrlich reagent and Marquis reagent. Make certain your blotters aren't contaminated with potentially dangerous phenethylamine fakes.

Also, remember if it's bitter it's a spiter.
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I have had bitter tabs in the past that where most definitely LSD, it was maybe the ink? Iv never had an n-bome tab but people say they numb the tongue which has never happened to me with acid.
I hate the new whole sheet art trend. LSD blotters are not supposed to be about pretty art, that is not why blotter art started. They exist so you can tell different batches apart. You need the same symbol on every hit. I got a killer hit a few years ago, but it's on bullshit full sheet art so i have no idea what print to look for to get more.
Trusting that one type of print is only from one batch may work in small communities, but generally gives you a false sense of security. I've seen tons of the classic hofmann bicycle blotter batches, fortunately all LSD but in different potencies etc, and I heard that other drugs are also put on bicycle blotter so it really wouldn't have said much. Especially when years have passed the chances of it being the same batch really dwindle...
Perhaps originally that was how it started - a mark like ecstasy prints or on the baggie of a street drug, but it's a bit limited to continue doing that when you can have reagents or lab tests for more actual security of what you're taking.

The appreciation in this thread is both for the nostalgia and for the psychedelic art and doesn't necessarily influence what you will find 'on the street'.

Ecstasy is 'meant to be popped' but some people collect different pills in huge drawers. I mean, I wouldn't cause that is not my brand of collector's tendency - but it doesn't harm anyone. There's enough to go around. :)

I understand your frustration though... just follow the trail where you got it I guess (or better had done that years ago).
Mad hatters used to be like 5 years back.
I had some dancing bear printed tabs too but they seemed to be DOC, strong physical stimulation and a 16 hours trip

5 years ago sounds about the right time frame that I had some. The ones I had were certainly not lsd. Were yours?
I have a really cool sheet (well, about 1/4 has been eaten) I got a year ago that has really detailed imagery of a bunch of old school video game characters. Honestly, the many forms in which LSD comes are what really gives it that extra zonk factor sometimes.