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[LSD Subthread] First time LSD

Hide the phone. Don't answer it. It might be your parents.
In fact, that goes for most psychedelics. Phone bad.
I would definitely suggest being in a comfertable setting with trusted people(for me it was at home with sister and pals). Watch a movie and listen to music(watching princess mononoke was cool), chill, smoke some, etc. DO NOT drive, use phone, talk to strange people(its usually good to be isolated from normal society). Maybe later on in the trip, towards the end, it would be ok to go to the store, but dont get lost :) . Here is an example of what not to do: my friends and i were tripping at my house(i think it was the second time). We have a canoe and a pond, so my sis and her pal(tripping) went out and floated around watching the bats. While this in itself wouldn't be too bad if someone sober was piloting the boat, the problem was with communication when they tried to come back in. My sis got out and started pulling in the canoe, but her pal decided that would be a good time to stand up and try to walk forward(not a good idea in a canoe anyway, you are supposed to stay low and only have one limb not touching the boat at a time if you move). She was still in the part of the canoe that was in the water. My sis gives a yank on the canoe to pull it up, and SPLOOSH, wet tripper!!!! Nothing ruins a trip like being submerged suddenly in shallow cold stinky muddy water in the middle of the night when you are still pretty confused. It wasn't the end of the world(and was pretty funny), but made her not like tripping. So yeah, stay comfy, stay safe, and know you are definitely not in a normal state of mind. Have fun and Enjoy.
Oh doh, dosage - get a single hit of decent acid that has been tried before by someone you know, that way you have a good intro. Later you can up the dosage if you feel like it. Also, smoking a bowl helps a lot, but i would wait until you are tripping so you know what it feels like
After some second thoughts, I'd like to add that if you have somewhere outside that is safe from interference from any hassles, that would be OK. It just seems to me outside could be 'too much' stimulation for a first time. It's really hard to say. Red-eye, I guess that would be your choice. If you're an 'outdoors' kind of person then it may be OK. For me, acid seems to be a tool to turn your 'life' volume up. Everything just seems to be more 'vivid'. Things you like, you'll just love, and conversely, things you don't like can be downright untolerable, which is pretty much in a nutshell, the good trip/bad trip thing. You may find out that you really like or dislike something you didn't know about before. Acid doesn't seem to be too potent nowadays, so it seems pretty safe to say you don't have to worry about freaking out. I'd also add that I would hold off smoking weed until you get a good idea of what the acid's like. For me, there is a 'synergy' between the two, and I'd prefer to experience acid without the influence of weed the first time, but once you're into it for awhile, you'll know if you want to or not.
Everyone here has there own experience to draw from and offer good advice, and nothing I can can really disagree with. Sort through it and go with what you think will work for you!
well. DON'T DO IT ALONE! ALWAYS no matter how experienced you are. always have a sober sitter with you. Dosage would be around 2-4 hits of okay cid 2 for GOOD and so on. but you need to be soemwhere where you wouldn't get caught when you freaked out(wigged) cause most first time users usually do on their first time. I knwo I did and it was a lot fo fun. Be in a relaxed calm setting. Just somewhere where you can chill. and if you are going to go out where there might be cops or parents wear sunglasses cause you pupils will be big as fuck if you have any other questions fill free to e-mail me ~peace out and have fun! Melissa
ok id say start off with 1, maybe 2(depending on strength of the first) if within an hr of taking the first dose and you dont feel anything munch a second or you could just munch em both at the same time just trip hard as hell. have a friend with you that will be tripping for if you try and have conversation with a sober person they will not understand you. be in a safe environment(if you live out in the country you and your friend have nature walks, its a very fun thing to do.
make sure you're with someone who can be there incase something were to happen, enjoy your time, stay away from all authority figures(parents, cops, etc.), find a safe place, and make sure you have something to keep yourself busy with.
Originally posted by dexeder:
ok id say start off with 1, maybe 2(depending on strength of the first) if within an hr of taking the first dose and you dont feel anything munch a second or you could just munch em both at the same time just trip hard as hell.
I'd say for a first time wait longer than an hour before taking any supplemental doses. Acid takes longer to come on in some people than others, I've found hits kicking in as late as 2 hours after ingestion, if you double the dose before the first hit kicks in it can be a rough ride if you are unprepared for that sort of thing.
For a first experience it is better to feel too little than too much, always err on the side of caution when it comes to your mind, body, or spirit. Good luck and hapy tripping.
1st) go to a costume shop and buy yourself a costume. (get something funny not scary)....dress up like a pirate)
2nd) eat a 10 strip (10 hit's)
3rd) put on costume while waiting for effects to kick in
4th) go out in public
Well that's what I did on my first time.......but hey watch out for Peter Pan, he's crazy!!!!!!!
first time lsd... any recommendations?

I finally got my hands on 10 blattos :) . I am very excited, any recommendations for a first time.
well there's a pretty good thread on this somewhere around here which will give you all the necessary info on correct settings, company & frame of mind for a happy first trip....
also, i don't necessarily agree with RA's advice on taking half a trip... that so depends on the strength of the particular acid its silly... my first time i took half a white lightning (AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, the memories :) ) and it was stronger than some whole trips i've taken since... I suggest you get some reliable info. on their strength and act on the advice...
the only thing i have to add is: acid can go through subtle phases... phases where youll think 'this is doing nothing to me'... IT ISNT TRUE... chances are 10min later youll be totally off your tree, gazing & the patterns on the walls & watching your curtains breathing.... so my point is: DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE DURING THE NIGHT... it is so easy to over-do it in that way, and whilst this can have funny consequences when experiences, it can get EXTREMELY intense for the newbie...
oh, and one last thing: ENJOY IT... LOVE IT & RESPECT IT...
...damn, i think it would be worth getting my memory wiped alltogether, JUST so i could re-live my 1st trip all over again ;)
Chances are that you fit in the majority of people that don't react negitivly to LSD but a small percentile have potential for some pretty long term psychological side effects.
Does your family have a history of Mental Illness? Probobly the most important question to ask. Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar, Depersonilization, Derealization, HPPD etc. LSD can be a strong catalyst for revealing underlying mental illnesses.
Did you ever present with any questionable psychological epsiodes. Manic episodes, anxiety, dression, night terrors, long periods of nightmares, auditory or visual hallucinations. If you did experience any of the obave it could mean nothing or it could mean you could be more predisposed to having a bad trip or other negative side effects.
Get informed, do it with good people, and stay positive
why does everyone assume weed makes thigns better?
marijuana will make the lsd much stronger in effect. some like this, some dont. I suggest u just take one blotter and see how that goes. Since you said you have 10, share with your friends. Then a week or so later, take another wit some herbs and some beer and see how u like it.
Have fun!
nah fuck that, REAL GOOD!
plus if your trippin too hard the weed will calm you down. only problem is, when the weed rush wares off the acid is gonna make u want to smoke more and more.
Taking LSD for the first time is a life changing experience. Im sure you will love it. The only thing that you want to do is make sure you are with good friends and that you have a clear mind. You dont want to take it if you are in a bad mood or something. Well, atleast not for your first time. The dosage you take really depends on what kind it is exactly. I would start out taking one and if you think you can handle more after you wait a couple hours then proceed to take more. Smoking pot is also a good thing to do. If you smoke schwag dont waste your time though. Only top notch buds are worth it.
Right on about the ins and outs Roachsukker!!!
I always find myself whispering in confidence "Im almost totally sober" to a totally uninterested inanimate object.
Just an edition to a lot of the stuff mentioned above... if it is your first time, some good advise would be to stay somewhere safe.
Do not go out exploring, unless it's within the confines of a small area. A lot of people who have trouble coping (mind you they are a very small few) do because they get sensory overload. A nice calm controlled environment throughout the entire experience will contribute greatly to your haveing a good time!
Have fun! :)
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The dosage won't be nearly as important as paying attention to the cliche "Set Setting and Preparation H." Get in a safe, cozy environment where you're comfy and won't have to fuck with anyone you don't know or don't approve of. And I think someone said don't go exploring.. well I think that's just crazy. Your mind will be in a state that a walk in the woods or on a mountain can be heavenly.
If you make sure you're set up for a good trip, I advise about two hits. Reason being: You'll never have another trip like your first one. My first time I ate one and a half hits of relatively good blotter, and it blew my mind more than times when I'd taken in excess of 15. So, that first time is something magical that you can't recapture, so I advise around 2 doses. Jump in headfirst. None of this "eat a half hit" shit. I can't believe people would advise that, especially considering the amount of LSD that's in a hit today. Remember.. yer parents (or their wierd hippy friends) were taking doses which were much more potent.