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[LSD Subthread] First time LSD

Psychedelics, such as psilocybin, DMT/ayahuasca and mescaline, allow us to access states of consciousness that would take a long time to reach otherwise. Similar altered states can be reached with meditation, yoga and in a dream-like state. Whilst psychedelics can be a useful tool in facilitating the expansion of our consciousness, we must not become reliant upon them. The psychedelic experience is powerful and must not exhausted. Abuse a psychedelic and it abuses you. They are not here to be taken recreationally. One must go in with good intentions, for example one might set the intention that they want to learn more about our deep inherent connection with nature and each other. This will certainly become more apparent in the altered psychedelic state.
An LSD virgin

Hi everyone! First time posting but I've read allot on this site! As the title says really, I wanna try LSD. I've asked a few friends about it and we've agreed to try it and I'm getting a few blotters from a friend:) I'll be at my friends house, set and setting is everything, so I've read;) anyway, I'm a pothead and I smoke every night and I've rolls about 7 times, normally taking about 2-3 pills. I've taken 900mg of MDMA (apparently?) I didn't really care too much, so I'm wondering a little bit what to expect from LSD. Does my body feel awesome? Weird? Can I walk around with it and stuff? i know that every acid experience is different and hopefully mine will go well:) I'm not trying to compare the two together as their completely different (so I've read on here!) but I'm just curios, if anyone can possibly describe it to me:p


PS. I've tripped a little when I've smoked quote a bit and had a few pills:)
LSD is not like other drugs. You have to earn your trip. it's a bit difficult to balance, it isn't like MDMA. It's not always gonna be a walk in the park. I suggest you search "LSD trip report". Also, make sure to get a test kit.
Thankyou:) I know that 'if it's bitter, it's a spitter' and I'm gonna check the blotters with a UV light:) I would like to learn and experience something new, I'd like to go outside but it's cold at the moment so I'll have to wrap up!
back in the late 90's I had the good stuff liquid lsd 25 I'd always have 8-10 sweet breath bottles *snip* (no price discussion please) and trust me you were peaking 5 min into it and for 14-16 hours straight I used to save the bottles afterwords and cut up and just chew up the plastic wow nothing beats sex for for 8 hours with some Floyd,NIN
I've had my cabinets start breathing my Christmas tree chase me I've seen music sounds and its taken me 6 hours to walk 1 block but you gotta always do it with someone you trust and trust the one your with. also never ever ever ever do any crazy drugs while your on it cause its easy to thing people are out to get you lol but if you do it with your girl with some cool toons lights sex and someone you can be yourself with you'll never have a bad time just go in with no worries

stuff today ain't real lsd anymore the stuff back in the 90's that gave ya that metallic taste in your mouth and the cartoons everywhere where the best and it was always crazy when a friend had a pet and you can't help but love how soft it feels next thing u know the cats climbing the paint trying to catch his shadow poor guy

I disagree my wife and I did it religiously every weekend for an entire summer chilled and would alternate listening to Floyd,cure,NIN,then go for a walk an talk then have the best sex ever talk about becoming one wow then repeat it helped we were both nymphos lol but no other drug makes sex as great as liquid lsd (the good stuff I had) had a friend try some crap y'all pass for lsd today its garbage barely any hardcore visuals. My shit would take you down the rabbit hole and by the end of the trip you can't tell what was real and why the hell your hard top car turned into a convertible by magic
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Hello, my first time was alone. It was an amazingly eye opening experience, no sitter, sometimes a sitter can make things worse. Especially a square or sober person. If your already having anxiety, bad thoughts then its likely to amplify. Set and setting is key. Somewhere ur comfortable and can do whatever the fuck u wantn. Unless ur sitter are one cool motherfucker with experience in psychedelics/hallucinogens who can sit n get blazed with you while u trip nutsack. Help guide you through it. As he will know what to do if things take a turn for the worse. Which they wont even alone, if you follow a few simple rules. Immerse your self in the trip. Embrace it and dont try distract yourself to watch movies etc. Psychedelic photos on the big screen with some music like shpongled (that music was made for tripping. They have some really cool album art too)just sit back and enjoy the ride. TIDY UP. Dont waste your trip re arranging your living room. I reccomed listening to music on some really good headphones too. Really feel the energy of the music around you. Notice the beauty in everything. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE HAVING A BAD TIME IN LIFE OR HAVE A HISTORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND/OR IF YOUR STILL IN THAT SITUATION, the lsd might amplify your emotional state and can be hard to drag yourself out of it. And above all dont waste the trip staring photos and being like ' dude is that shit a video or a picture? I cant tell dude' .. We all do it. Im guilty of it myself. get a scetch pad , let the creativity in you flow out, let go of the ego. Ask questions about your purpose, the universe, creation of life, why we are here, and anything that you want to know about yourself.