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Meeting Lucy


Nov 13, 2012
Hello everyone,
Let me start of by saying that I am new to this website. I am quite experienced with pot but had never experimented with psychedelics of my own accord. ( I was once dosed with PCP and found myself tripping very hard unexpectedly- not a great first experience) I had sort of made a previous decision to avoid hallucinogens for awhile until I thought I was ready and just planed on babysitting my roommates, (all names used are aliases) Kayla and Brendan on their shroom trip. Kayla, just like me had never done anything other than weed, Brendan on the other hand is an extremely experienced tripper. When Kayla and I arrived at the house Brendan informed us he had instead picked up 10 hits of acid. After a little convincing, Kayla had dropped 3, Brendan had dropped 8, and I dropped 1.
It tasted bitter and Brendan informed me that there was a research chemical on the paper to hide the fact that it was LSD.
After about thirty minutes I started noticing the effects taking ahold of me. I had a strange tightness in m muscles and my jaw was clenched. It was sort of an anxious feeling, which lasted for a quite awhile. Brendan and Kayla had dropped their tabs an hour before me and were already tripping hard by the time I started coming up. Kayla was standing in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open, telling Brendan how much she wanted to crawl inside. I just sat on the couch quietly and watched them. I walked over to her, no visual hallucinations by this point, but when I reached her at the fridge I noticed a red and green apple sitting on the shelf. I felt the desire to hold it, and ended up bringing the apple with me to the couch I sat on so I could hold it. Since my hands were sweaty and hot the cold apple felt so nice in my hands. I really wanted to eat it, but after taking a bite or two I wasn't satisfied. It tasted dull, so I left it on the table. Our third friend Jeremy had joined us by this point and had dropped 1 tab. I still had the nauseous feeling, and I was trying to avoid it. Unfortunately I felt puke coming up and ran to the bathroom just in time to throw up into the sink. Sparkles kept hitting me in the face as they floated all around me. After throwing up I better but I started thinking maybe I was having a problem? That something was wrong. I pushed the though out of my mind to avoid a bad trip. Kayla had come to check on me and we went to sit in her room together. When I sat down on her cheetah print bedspread the visuals really started up. Her blanket wiggled and swam around underneath is, and the popcorn ceiling bubbled and melted. The whole thing felt very overwhelming and I needed to leave her room and rejoin my friends in the living room. I sat on the couch again and pretty much decided not to get up again. Brendan and Jeremy occasionally went out for smokes and one time they brought back in a bunch of snow. I held the snow in my hot hands over my face and let it melt and drip onto my forehead and cheeks. It was the most amazingly comforting sensation I have ever felt. It was so gorgeous of a feeling. I started getting giggly, everything was amazing just fun. I felt like I could enjoy myself doing anything. A thought popped into my head, "lets throw that bag Doritos" ah hell, why not. The small red bags of chips were extremely metallic and the way they flew through the air felt like slow motion with the tracers following it. All of us caved into momentary madness and had a game of catch with the bags. It was the funniest thing I've ever done. While peaking we decided to watch the television show community, it was hilarious. The colours were too dark for the screen and people's faces looked orange. I had some auditory distortion with voices and difficulty understanding people talking. After the peak the only thing that was really happening was the ceiling and walls melting. I was bored and felt completely normal besides the visuals, so I laid down and texted and watched television until I stopped tripping.
Not a great experience, it wasn't as mind blowing as I expected, and I'm glad I still felt conscious and sane.
that sounds like you had a good time. from the sound of it, the bitter taste means it probably wasnt real lsd. lsd has a taste kind of like a 9V battery

in the future, we have a special sub-forum for trip reports. welcome to bluelight :)
Trip reports bud

Acid has no taste. And even if it did, usually aren't more than 150 mics on a hit, so whatever the hit is put on(paper, candy) would likely overwhelm the taste anyways
Thanks for the information.
So I didn't take lsd? I took a RC? Is there a way to find out what kind of RC based on experience? I assume not.
It's nigh impossible to tell what psych you took just from hearing its effects. But just because your blotter had a taste does By no means mean it wasn't acid.
You can however make an educated guess, and I'd say it was an NBOMe. Seems you had a great time indeed, albeit a bit underwhelming, which I had too the first time I had a trip. (which incidentally was an NBOMe as well, did shrooms one time before but that didn't really work out) It basically mirrored what you went through save for the puking. I did a second trip the day right after and got to a point I've never gotten to again, a true psychedelic experience I was so interested in. You should try it (a different psychedelic perhaps?) in a higher dose with a group of your closest friends or, if you dare, alone. It can be very interesting.
Sense you said it was bitter I dought it was LSD and most likely DOB blotter. There are some key differences between DOB and LSD. With LSD you get a feeling that your flying and you see Kaleidoscopic imagery. Also LSD is less anxiety inducing than DOB. You might think your on LSD when your on DOB, but your not. There's and old saying... "If it's bitter it's a spitter". Unless you could care less and try to enjoy a DOB trip. And for me... personally... DOB is just too stimulating.