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Dec 19, 2008
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The Semi-Official Firecracker Thread

[MEGA] Edibles/Oral Cannabis
Due to the high volume of threads concerning oral cannabis that CD currently seems to have, I'm going to condense all that useful (and not so useful) information into this thread. This will keep the forum less cluttered, and help people find the information they're looking for with greater ease.

Please post all questions about oral cannabis or cannabis based foods to this thread from now on.

For ethanol extracts for oral use ("Green Dragon"), please see this thread:
[MEGA] The green dragon thread- alcohol extracts and tinctures
Edibles FAQ

Why would you eat cannabis?

Well, for one thing, it is much less hazardous to your health than is smoking. It also produces different effects from smoking.

How are the effects different?

When cannabis is smoked, there is an initial energetic “high” which is followed by a sedating “stone”. Oral cannabis produces only the “stone”. The oral cannabis experience is stronger, longer, trippier and more sedating than that produced by smoked cannabis. It can be overwhelming, even to very experienced smokers. Be careful.

Why are the effects different?

When you smoke cannabis, THC enters your system, and is gradually metabolised by the liver to 11-OH-THC, which is why you experience two phases of effects. When you eat cannabis, this metabolism occurs before it is active, so it is only the 11-OH-THC that you feel.

Do I need to heat cannabis to make it active?

Sometimes. The plant produces tetrahydrocannibinolic acid (THC-COOH), rather than THC. This compound is much less potent than THC itself, but heat will convert the acid (via a process called decarboxylation, in which the COOH group is lost) to THC. However, in properly cured cannabis, decarboxylation will have already occurred. So, basically- if the weed has been dried carefully and slowly, no, you don’t need to heat it. If not, then yes, heating will increase potency.

Does THC need to be dissolved in fat/oil/alcohol in order to be active?

No. This is a common misconception. However, you may want to make cannabutter/cannaoil so that you don’t end up with all the inactive vegetable matter in your food. It’s up to you.

What kind of food can I incorporate cannabis into?

Anything! Cakes are very popular, but your imagination is the only limit. I make shortbread; something called a “firecracker” is apparently what’s cool with the kids these days. Read the thread for more details.

I've noticed a ridiculous amount of firecracker threads lately, like most of us have. And decided to make this one main thread for all firecracker discussions, maybe a mod could merge them as they come.

What is a firecracker?

A firecracker is one of the simplest foods one can cook with cannabis. It is a small sandwich made of two crackers (any will do, no smaller than a Ritz or saltine cracker), peanut butter (Nutella is suitable as well), and ~1g of cannabis. It is very easy to make, and is no less effective at getting you stoned than other popular cannabis recipes (not including extracting oil and making hash).

Is the High Different From Smoking?

Yes, my personal experiences have usually produced a pleasant sedation and strong body stone about 45 minutes after ingestion on an empty stomach. As the high progresses (it lasts many hours, ~5 for me) the mental effects make their appearance, also very powerfully.

Well How the Fuck Do I Make Them?

You will find countless recipes on the web, many bashing others slight variations in temperature/time/ingredients. I am going to give you my recipe only, one I've compiled from many sources, along with personal trial and error.

Cannabis Pre-baking

Pre-baking is a method of potentiating (making stronger) your bud that I read on Shroomery.org It is completely optional, but makes a huge difference in strength of your bud (smoking or cooking!).
It involves heating the cannabis in the oven, converting some inactive chemicals into active chemicals in the process. Put very simply, you heat your bud, and it makes useless shit get you high instead of doing nothing. And here is how to do it

  • Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F
  • Lay alluminum foil over a cooking sheet
  • Place cannabis on alluminum foil
  • Once preheated, place the tray into the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes
  • Once finished cooking, your buds should break into near dust when you roll them around in your fingers

If you're a weed snob, this procedure isn't for you. It removes almost all the scent and flavor from the bud. This scent doesn't just dissappear, it will go into your house/apartment! Read: Smells like mad weed when you do this!!! I suggest just leaving a door open, maybe with a fan. The smell dissipates in about 1.5 hours max that way.


A lot of people disagree on what to use in firecrackers, the following works, no question about it. :)


You can use anything that isn't stupidly fragile, small, or made of glass. It really doesn't matter. Like I said above, no smaller than a Ritz or saltine cracker. Don't use bread, it is asking for trouble (may seem useless to mention that, but apparently someone has done it)

Peanut Butter

Almost everyone will tell you "Oh my god use organic/natural peanut butter or it won't absorb the THC/other actives". I'm telling you that it does make a difference, but not because its natural, but because it is high in fat. If you have cooking oil or butter you can use whatever factory produced hydrogenated oil containing peanut butter you want. So no need to spend extra cash on 'Supah natural organic anti-establishment butter'.

*Skip this if you already have natural PB*

Take a nice heap of peanut butter and put it in a small dish (that you can mix in). Put in about 2-3 spoons full of cooking oil/olive oil/melted butter with the peanut butter. Mix that shit around real good. It will look kinda nasty, coated in oil. It doesn't keep that consistency after cooking, no worries.

The Cannabis

Cannabis, it is a plant, containing psychoactive chemicals which induce sedation, euphoria, altered thought patterns, shifted perspective, and effects that generally go great in a peanut butter sandwich.

You can use whatever kind of bud you want, I used some low end mids in all of mine, still worked great. I never used a scale, but about 1 gram was put into each cracker. Except the devil cracker, which we will discuss later. 8o

If you have no scale, you can assume that 1g of fluffy shake (which you should have, no stems, no seeds) is about half a golf ball.

You want the cannabis to be as close to powder as possible, if you pre-baked it, this can be done easily with your fingers. Obviously no stems, your body cannot digest stems, meaning they come out whole. If you insist on using them, grind them first.


  • Spread PB on both crackers
  • Put weed on peanut butter (add chocolate chips for the yums)
  • mix it up as good as possible with a toothpick or something
  • Sandwich them together
  • Wrap each firecracker in aluminum foil, making them look like Hersheys kisses optional.

Because of the complexity of this process, I took the liberty of animating it.



I don't know how much wiggle room there is for this step, so just do as I say! :)

  • Preheat oven to 320 degrees F
  • Place wrapped firecrackers on baking sheet
  • Once heated, place the firecrackers into oven.
  • Set timer for 23-25 minutes
  • Let cool once finished :)


I've heard that these babies last a while without loss of effectiveness. For example, some dude left one in his backpack for over a year and ate it, got him just as high!

It seems most people dislike the taste of these, in my opinion they taste delicious. Just like say......peanut butter and weed! Yeah that's what it tastes like, straight up bud and p-nut butter. You should eat them on an empty stomach for faster absorption, it takes a LONG time if you eat a meal first.

The Devil Cracker - Warning to the Reckless

Well I was prepping a batch of firecrackers with my friend, when we realized our peanut butter was greatly out numbered by our weed. We had a damn large amount of weed left (for the situation), almost 3 firecrackers worth. Well instead of packing up and smoking the bud, we put it all in one fucking cracker. The PB literally turned green when we mixed it. We wrapped the tinfoil into little devil horns.

I ate one normal cracker, and SPLIT the devil cracker with my friend. Long story short, after 3 hours of preposterous levels of inebriation, I just couldn't take it anymore. Never puked from weed until that night, I puked A LOT. After 5-6 hours we all pretty much loss consciousness. So yeah, don't do that. Thank god I didn't eat that whole cracker.


Problem: Fuck! I am allergic to peanuts!

Solution: Nutella is a chocolate spread, that does not contain any peanuts, although it is Hazlenut flavored. From the www.nutellausa.com FAQ:

Does Nutella® contain any peanuts?
Nutella® hazelnut spread does not contain peanuts or peanut ingredients, nor does the product come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing.

Problem: I live with my parents, I can't smell up my house!

Solution: Firecrackers don't smell at all cooking! At least not like weed, it smells like an off-peanut buttery smell. This is probably due to the aluminum foil.

Problem: My firecrackers didn't work! Wah!

Solution: Are you sure you used enough weed? Could your oven temperatures be inaccurate? Did the firecracker make it to your mouth?
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Aug 31, 2006
nice thread, i'll add it to the directory.. should be done and up in the stickies section soooooon


Dec 19, 2008
where the trees are sappy
Grind up the bud in a coffee grinder before adding to nut butter for maximum surface-area-to-volume ratio (better absorption/getting more for your bud).

You could use any nut butter you want. My favorite is raw almond butter.

Erowid links:
experience vault: oral cannabis
Cannabis Eating FAQ

Yeah that's a great idea, but like I said I just posted exactly what I do and I don't own a coffee grinder lol.

Thanks a ton thujone! I feel so helpful haha


Dec 8, 2008
i don't know if i'm just light weight or what, but i ate probably about a gram yesterday (maybe a bit less, even) and ended up having the most awful experience... i puked all over my bed and then spent the next few hours clutching the toilet for dear life, shivering and shit. i smoke every day, too... until you know how much you can do.. um.. take it slow. lol...


Mar 28, 2009
I have two questions before making this .

1. Will I be getting the scent of marijuana after baking fire crackers, If I skip the Cannabis Preparation?

2. What would happen if I didn't do this step ?

Wrap each firecracker in aluminum foil, making them look like Hersheys kisses optional.
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Apr 26, 2008
^ The smell won't be a potent like when smoked but there will an odor. To me it smells like the left overs of vaporized bud. BTW what is that called, I'm blanking?

Oh almost forgot, does anyone just make the pb and eat it with a spoon cause lately I just said fuck it to the crackers, and I got to say I like it better.


Sep 7, 2007
Right, well I have a gram of pretty good strength bud just pre baking to potentiate it, came out at 0.8g after baking. If this works I will be very surprised as I have never heard of it...
I think I will leave the crackers out of the process. I should just be fine with mixing the weed with any fatty PB and heating right?


Sep 7, 2007

I was using the wrong temperature scale and it looks like I just ruined that gram of weed. Was my last one aswell...



Jul 3, 2009
I cooked some up tonight. It did not work as planned, the oven was a tad hot and it burnt them a bit. It really made them taste rancid around the burnt bits (I put alot more excellent quality hash than I should of used tbf) but the peanut/hash mix really was delicious, the nutty/spicey taste of the hash really complemented the peanut butter (the generic crunchy type) but the as I said the burnt cracker bit wasnt great (I used wholegrain wheat crackers). Next time I will experiment at a lower temperature with some nice sweet light biscuits and some bud of the smelly kind.

By the way, I forgot how good the deep body stoned high is when its eaten rather than smoked.