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[MEGA] Strain Discussion - 4th Edition - In your Blue Dreams

Man, here I was gonna post a leafly link and fuckin' Folley beat me to it.

It's an awesome site though, Laugh. The reviews tend to be spot-on accurate and the browsing search lets you find strains by the conditions they're best for treating and the recreational effects that are most pronounced. Thanks to Leafly I've been on a mission to score some King's Bread for a couple months now. =D
Blue dream is the gold standard of high quality marijuana......

Blue dream has a wonderful high, an excellent yield, and it is a very hardy plant, great for a first time grow....

All the other strains, i dunno...
thanks for the responses people!
i was looking for more first hand accounts as opposed to reading info from a website that is attempting to sell the seeds, i feel they may be slightly bias, if you know what i mean.
il check out the links now.
cheers :)
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Who is sick of Blue Dreams!?

A current event topic in my neck of the woods is everyone is sick of blue dreams! Is this true in your area.
Its like a good song on the radio that got over played I still love them but they gone mainstream!

This is an off shoot of Cannaseur(s) recent post called what strain are you smoking.
I didn't even know what it was, so i googled it, by the looks of the images I would love some of that, but I guess as with anything if you have it too much, or use it too much you can tire of it, and build up a tolerance or immunity. Looks tasty tho.
Blue dream is pretty fire but there are better strains personaly snowcap is my favorite
Waiting for some long awaited LSD weed to come in.
Does anybody have experience with this strain??
ak 47 cherry pheno. bomb or what ?!

Am i the only one who gets a phycodelic trip when smokeing this ? I mean Not even a quarter of the way through the blunt and im hit with a sativa rush thats crazy intense.. Anyone feel me on this ??
I've never had it, but a friend of mine has been growing some AK recently..
Can't wait to try it..

You know, there's a thread for this type of discussion.
Trppiest sativas ??

The titile sais it all whats the trippiest sativa you guys have had ? im talkin total mind melt trippin for example ak 47 sativa dom/
If your thread falls under the general catagory of a mega thread already active in CD than please avoid making a new thread and just post in the mega thread.

In this case we already have a Strain Discussion mega thread. So i'm gonna merging this there.