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[MEGA] Vaporizers Thread

Cool - thanks so much! I don't know a ton of people who vape so hearing from people with a bit more experience helps me to not sink a lot of cash - for me anyway - into something I won't really be feeling. Someone told me to check out f*ckcombustion too so I'll do a bit more research. Glad to know there seem to be a lot of good quality options on the market.
I'm on the fence about getting my first vaporizer because, while I've enjoyed vaping, I'm a lot more focused on old school flower smoking. Don't know if that's just because I don't have a vaporizer or what. This Pax 2 vaporizer seems to be getting good reviews and seems like a good place to start? Has anyone had a bad experience with one of these? On the other hand, I hear Silver Surfer and Volcano are the best but I'd like to start smaller to decide if it's really my thing before I sink real cash into it. Any shared experiences would be most helpful.

The Pax 2 is extremely overrated in my opinion. Small chamber, not very adjustable, ok at best battery, and the whole unit gets really really hot. Do not recommend. Also, it's total shit for the price.
Thanks again, everyone! Supersoup, is the first Pax model better or would you advise steering clear of Pax altogether?
Re Pax2: It depends on what your requirements are really. I bought one of these for someone who needed something ridiculously easy to use and very portable. For these requirements it's perfect, but I agree that it's way too expensive. My biggest issue with the Pax2 is that because it is a conduction vape, it smells quite a lot, even if you just turn it on and let it sit.

I recently had the opportunity to try my friend's Firefly a few times. I think this is the best portable vape out there. The only downside is that it's laborious: need stir the bowl between hits, and I usually need two bowls to get me where I want to be. I think it's worth it though. The quality of the vapor is absolutely excellent (on par with the Vapor Genie when vaped correctly).

I've owned so many vaporizers in the past 15 years, it's a bit embarrassing. All of them have had pros and cons. I still haven't found any that's perfect, but the Firefly is my new favorite.
I just got a Pax 2 and it looks like a MP3 player...google it.
I bought a vape in April last year, and to be honest I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about it.

The fact that I have to explain a biggish black box isn't such an issue for me, the digital display on the front, coupled with the fan on the back, makes it easy for me to "hide" it in front of my not very computer literate parents. "CPU cooling equipment" usually does the trick.
I would like to try a firefly, my first was a Vapium Summit and I took it back...tons rave about it. I took it back and got the Pax2 and yes it was expensive but worth it to me. It is best if you have buddys so you can try before you buy. Glad yours is working out for you!
I like the Pax 2 but their is a learning curev...draw grind etc

Oh god, the new Pax vaporizer that's come out seems so awesome. Has anyone here used one yet? It looks like something Apple would make, it's so slick looking. I just wish they sold them in the UK!!!

Either I will find a way to buy one by having it shipped over or I'll go for either the Silver Surfer, the Arizer Solo or the Vapir no. 2. Decisions decisions. The Pax seems to be the most portable quality vaporizer I've seen though so I am tempted.

I really would love to get a Volcano but even though it's such a good product I just can't justify spending that much money on a vaporizer.