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[MEGA] Vaporizers Thread

imo your better off going with a style that has a glass bowl/part for putting the weed in, then you put the glass around or inside a heating element.

a crack pipe would work. have fun getting caught with that and trying to explain you were just smoking weed tho. haha.

my friend made a vape out of a lightbulb but im pretty sure you have to be careful which kind of bulb u use.
I'm just curious what temp you can heat the glass to though with just a lighter if I was wanting to use a crack pipe to vape the weed. Whats wrong with the metal heating element surrounded with glass though?
idk whatever temp butane burns at. should be enough to vape weed, but its not going to be very accurate and you could just wind up burning alot of the bud. i dont get why you wouldn't just use a regular pipe and smoke a bowl till u get a vap. but whatever do waht works for you bro.

and as far as that style- i just think the box styles are a better design for about the same price.
In the future when cannabis is widely legalized, I believe that vaping will be the connoisseur's method of assessing and enjoying the highest qualities of herb. At just the right temperature the mist has a distinct and subtle fruit taste that can be perceived while swishing the mist in thin layers over the front of the tongue...

So being as I live in Sunny Cali and we have the luxury of medical, I have been considering getting a vaporizer. I quite smoking ciggs awhile ago and I really don't like the smoke (coughing and such). Do you have a vaporizer, and if you do what type do you have and was it worth the money invested in it?
I have a magic flight launch box vaporizer and it works fine for me and went above and beyond my expectations for vaporizing since I was a longtime smoker for about 10 years on and off.

I found that vaping gets me higher than smoking ever did and I stay high for longer and the high is more psychedelic for me.

I wanted a portable vaporizer that was portable, discreet, small, not expensive, powerful, and one I could easily hide if I had to and I got all of that from a vaporizer. I did not want to go broke buying one and I did not. You can still get an excellent vaporizer and it does not have to be a volcano or nearly as expensive as a volcano in order to work.

The MFLB runs on re-chargable batteries which is fine with me and the company that makes them is going to mae an adapter you can plug into a wall/outlet or maybe even a car cig lighter?

I don't vape indoors at all or vaporize daily so if I were going to I'd get a different model that's not as discreet or portable like the magic flight launch box is.

I'd looked at the iolite portable vape but it runs on butane and I read on a vaporizer forum fuckcombustion.com that many people have issues with it breaking or not working correctly.
VAPOR BROS. 180$ is worth it ;
super warranty, free repairs for 5 years, and free upgrades if they changed their model

it takes a little while to find the sweet spot but once you do, mark it with a pencil and you are set for years of vaping.

i switch it up and use all smoking styles, i have not hit the vape for a few weeks but im gonna break it out soon and revisit that nice clean high.
So being as I live in Sunny Cali and we have the luxury of medical, I have been considering getting a vaporizer. I quite smoking ciggs awhile ago and I really don't like the smoke (coughing and such). Do you have a vaporizer, and if you do what type do you have and was it worth the money invested in it?

rollz! how the fuck have you been, brother?!?
i have some chinese made one that is well worth the $70 price tag (even though it could be built for a tenth of that price).
it has a feature that i would recommend : it has adjustable temperature . one cranks a rheostat
dial until the best results occur .
while playing around with it when it was new and novel, i loaded it with tobacco (nicotine affectionado) and that had much different operating temperature than buds.

other than adjustable temp. i can't think of any other bells and whistles that i would pay for .
I inherited a vapor-tech unit. It is rugged as all hell. It has survived over 10 drops from 4 ft in the air to the cement floor and hasn't even gotten a dent. Works better than any globe vaporizer I ever used, and it can be left on for a long time without worry of it melting like some other pieces of crap I had. It's great too because you can re-use your "ash" by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol and then filtering, evap on to some other herb and wala recycled ash hash! Great benefit of the vaporizer in my book :)

Vapor genie is pretty cool too for a powerless unit.
I've owned a Vapor Bros for almost 2 years and it's is certainly among the best purchases I've ever made. My hussy (n. 2. a saucy or imprudent girl.) Sugatits has been around the block... Once I realized how many stoners were living on my floor during freshman year of college, I mail ordered my bride and she henceforth became the centerpiece of every social gathering over the year. The vape was the only means we could safely get stoned in our dorm without attracting unwanted attention. I met dozens upon dozens of cool people - completely different kinds of people of all flavors - who all shared at least one common interest. Indeed, Old Sugatits barely caught a moment to rest her weary bones as we were suckling from her teat all goddamned day.

Yet Sugatits canters, leaps and lopes proudly onward, casting aside the shame of a thousand ravishments with admirable aplomb. Or like that bitch from The Shawl. The vixen is apt to lash out with tempestuous anger at a dime. Despite the humiliation inflicted upon my mistress on a regular basis, I know in my heart that I'll never really hold the reigns. Her spirit remains unbridled; her tits unsaddled and free and lactating THC fo dayyyyyzz nigga.

The innards of my vape whip are caked in so much golden crystallized THC that it makes me sick to consider what my brain looks like. The proof is in the pudding son i've been vaping constantly for over an hour on like 0.2 g of nug and its still going strong YES IM FUCKING HIGH. IM HIGHHH. My tolerance is approximately equivalent to that of a person who vapes all day every day just to give you an idea. I can't get high from smoking anymore but I can still reach new heights of splendor astride Sugatits. Her juicy succulent mist tastes of juniper and elderberries. It's the best part of waking up (and sometimes the only reason).

Steer clear of slanty ass chinese vapes. We recommend VAPOR BROS.
"Steer clear of slanty ass chinese vapes"

i have never been so humiliated in all my life ! May sugatits clog mightily while my chinese beauty chugs along forevah !
All I'm going to say, is one word...


Worth every penny. Especially if you're smoking on that tasty medical herb. Yeah, it is expensive, but you can usually find them for a reduced price through some headshops, or even on e-bay. If you're serious about smoking. Get it.

You smoke the best herb, right?
Might as well use the best vaporizer, right?

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Just got my Iolite Portable Vape!!! Check it out!!

And this thing rips like a beast!!!

I am not going to lie before I got it I was skeptical. It just seemed to good to be true, the way it worked and the small sleek portability.

I decided to bite the bullet and try it because I am just so sick of having smoke in my lungs every day and my heart racing and my lungs aching and feeling heavy and just depressing knowing that im killing myself.

This sucker is amazing!!! From when you turn it you are ready to toke it up in about 3 minutes! its so small it easily fits in your pocket, and since its vapor it barely has any smell at all. I have already taken it to my associations basketball courts, I am going to take it to the movies now!

It conserves the nug so much longer.

last night just one friend and I tried it out. I packed one bowl as fat as the device will allow (probably right around .4) and no joke we had to dump it out before all the thc was completely done. It must of given us 20-30 rips. I ripped and ripped and ripped and was so damn high I couldnt take it so I passed it to my friend and he just toked away for as long as he could finally he was too high. I turned it off dumped it out, and we still hadnt cashed it all the way! The top half of the bowl just fell out, cashed. But the bottom half was still sticking to the sides, which as the manual says is a sign there is some cannaboids and thc left (when it is completely cashed it will not stick at all)

Everyone loves nug right? Yeah you do. Well when you got the way bomby you just cant help but look at it, smell it, look at all the candy crystals all over it, and the ripe pistils (hairs) all over it. When you vape it, after you are finished you open the bowl. And all it is is completely golden brown veg matter, as if it has been delicately toasted!!! That means you are just inhaling simply that delecious good smelling kief and hairs and all the parts you love about nug, and dumping the trash!

The unit barely generates any noise, a slight humming as it quickly heats up, if there is any background noise it wont be heard (such as movie or theme park :D )

It tastes like the rainbow in your mouth and saves your lungs almost 100% of the damage and my heart doesnt speed up and get all terrible like it used to.

I honestly recommend this product to any of you who love the MJ but not actual harmful hurtful smoke in your lungs.

I was skeptical but it delivered completely as promised. If you always are at home or something and have the cash i would go with a digital volcano but this you can literally take anywhere. (it comes with a gameboy size traveling case haha)

ask if you have any questions, or just want to talk about vapeing as I LOVE VAPES
Hey guys jus to update this.

I just got home from work and gym and immediately packed a bowl about 85% full, about .3 and went into my house. I puffed it in the kitchen as I made food, and walked upstairs puffing. I would never be able to smoke in the house, but the fat delicious vapor cloud don't smell!!!

It works so good I'm just astonished!! And I saw on another forum an experiment with dryer sheets. He had vapor running thru one and the other smoke for I forget how long, and then compared. The one with smoke was completely brown black and resinated horribly, the vape had not a bit of resin. Amazing!

And lastly, it took me 20 rips to finish this bowl!! I seriously had to take long ass breaks to finish it I'm simply ripped as fuck!!! How can it honestly conserve weed this much?? Smoking is stone age.

Any other vape lovers out there?
Hi there!

I've got an Aromed for about 6 months now and ever since I'm fighting against nicotine... I'd never smoked cigarettes before, but when I use only the vape for a while, w/o any hits I get an unbelievable craving for a cigarette, so I still use my bong daily.

The high from the vape is amazing, especially when you're nicotine-free for a couple of days, 0.1g give me an overwhelming high that leaves me perfectly relaxed for about 4 hours.

Adding a bit more in the bowl takes me into giggle-regions I haven't been able to reach via bong for years.

And here's a litte tip to add even more fun to it, that's what I'm every now and then playing around with :D


bye there!
I've never seen something like that before, thats awesome!

But that seems a little overkill to water filter vape smoke
I've never seen something like that before, thats awesome!

But that seems a little overkill to water filter vape smoke

If your vaping up at temps that high, 195 degrees celsius, then the vapour produced with be very dry and acrid. Down at around 157 degrees the dryness of the vapour is hardly noticeable.