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Misc Melatonin dosage - how do you react to different amounts?


Feb 6, 2010
On the other side of reality
Im a big fan of Melatonin as it helps me fall a sleep easier and I feel well rested when I get up.

There has been some studie that showed that Melatonin supplements are effective at much lower dosages than what is commonly used.
The studie found that Melatonin supplementation was effective at 100-150 mcg, 100 for women and 150 for men.

This is surprising to me, ´cause I have been playing around with different dosing and this is what I found (I have taken it about 150 times in total I think, as a regular but not everyday thing)

1 mg, doesn´t do anything. Those few times that I actually thinks that it did something, it could just as well be contributed to placebo.

2 mg, kind of "hit and miss". I would say that around 50% of the time this dose doesn´t do enough so that Im convinced that it actually works and the rest of time, the effects are minor but noticable.

3 mg, this has become my standard dose as it is noticable every single time. 45-60 mins after ingestion, I will start to become tired in that well known natural feeling way. When hitting the hay, sleep is achieved faster than normal. Changes in perception starts to occur a little over an hour after ingestion and if I use Cannabis along side with it, the changes in perception becomes very pronounced.

I would like to hear from others who have experience with different dosing with Melatonin and what you found to be your optimum dose?
I do realise that there are tons of these threads online, but most of the replys seems based on limited experience with different amounts and thats the part Im interesed in :)
5 years ago or so I tried melatonin and followed instruction (1 tablet of 3 mg 30 min before bedtime). It worked and I got very interesting night dreams and they were brighter and more coloured. Anyway I still didn't feel rested at morning but at least I could go to sleep with knowing I will fall asleep and will not lay on the bed for few hours trying do this.

After week or two (I used melatonin everyday) I decided to experiment a bit and I tried then 6-9-12-15 mg doses and found that 15 mg was actually indistinguishable from 3 mg. Then I tried divide tablet so I tested 1.5 mg and 0.75 mg and (funny thing!) they work almost the same like 3 mg - I mean if you lay in bed and turn off lights you likely will fall asleep.

So I can assume that melatonin really can be effective at low doses as 100 ug. But it probably depends on set & setting (suddenly? I think no) - if you don't want to sleep and just drank a coffee you 100% will not feel anything. But if you have some minor problems with sleep and planning to fix them responsibly it likely will help.
I have found 1.5-2mg sublingually is ideal for falling asleep. Oral administration does little if anything though.

Thanks, just the kind of information I was looking for.


Would you care to elaborate on your experience with different dosing?
You found that 1,5-2 mg sublingual is the right dose for you, but what other amounts have you tried and how does your 1,5-2 mg dose compare to that?
How do you compare sublingul to oral (with the same dose) and do you use a supplement that has been manufactured for the purpose of sublingual administration or do you just open a capsule and empty the powder under your tongue?
I have been using the melatonin with lemon balm made by onnit recently. they come in 5mg tablets but they are easily broken in half. I have found that half of one tablet, which would be 2.5 mg seems to work perfectly for me at least. I have used an entire tablet as well, I have even taken 10 mg some nights, however for me it seems that 2.5 mg is a perfect dose. Also, I usually take the melatonin with ZMA as well.
Hi S_T and welcome to bluelight!

Thanks for your reply, it was well recieved :)

You haven´t tried a lower dose than 2,5 mg I take it?
´cause its kind of hard to know if 2,5 mg really is your optimum dose, I mean, maybe < 1 mg would produce the same effects.
As someone already said, the dreams are awesome. Definitely amplified and mine are completely cognitive , that's on the 3MG dose.
I've taken 100MG before and it knocked me out flat with no recollection of the dreams but I did not feel cracked out the next morning.
Ive taken up to 15 mg. Melatonin has a lot of effects. That much had sedation then very very vivid dreams. Defintely overkill. Ive read that the smaller the dose the better because higher doses have a reverse effect. It always put me to sleep regardless.

Actually one time I ate two hits of very good LSD then melatonin to sleep, then the next morning i ate a half leftover hit and felt it. I think it resets tolerance. I vaguely recall reading this somewhere too.
Ive taken from .5mg up to about 80mg i usually find 1mg hits the spot for assisting me to fall asleep. When i took 80mg not much at all really happen, it didnt even knock me out! I tend to find less is more when it comes to melatonin!