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Memantine (100mg) - Lighthousing Diamonds


May 4, 2012
100mg Memantine HCl test

dose: 100mg Memantine HCl (roughly equivalent to 30mg MXE, my default increment)

It readily dissolved in a fluid ounce of water. I can't find what constitutes a saturated solution. Most sources parrot the 1-2mg/ml the medicinal solutions come in but there's more to it.
2% solubility should be achievable with a molecule like this.

Took it at 14:14h, coincidentally.
I got a great coincidental plan =D

at 35min appreciable oomph and hissing tinnitus already.


4:30 into it.

At 1:30 it dawned on me that 100mg for me indeed is session strength, and now, 3 hours later, its stronger still.

It totally hits the mark of being equivalent to a standard increment of about 30mg MXE = 10mg O-PCE.

Like 30mg methoxetamine = 250mg ketamine oral, 100mg memantine for me has the Spiritual/magical Entheogenic quality that I require for a dissociative dose to be of "session strength". For the first time in my experimentation with the substance, i'm "in a session" in the entheogeni sense, well beyond medication.

5:00 into it and riding the session into the evening (19:14pm) at full force and perhaps going stronger (effects increase for about 6-8 hours)

clearheaded, non-mindfuck. There is some stimulation going on, i hope i can sleep tonight but willing to ride it out if insomnia occurs.

The eyes and ears are disproportionally affected with Memantine, Tinnitus is a constant and so are disscociative accomodation disturbances.

I want te Be, not Do = tripping indeed


9 hours into this, its still ++ but going a bit shallow, it's 23:15 PM though so hooray, I might catch my bed before the sun comes up.

It is satisfactory as a dissociative.

Heavy doses, ie, diminishing returns, start at 170mg according to psychonautwiki.


Just about on the 12 hour point. coming down so gradually, there is no nostalgia, what a great day it has been, and chances are i might sleep in a couple hours or so, 14 hours into it.

It would be ridiculous to take a booster, there is no interest in it.

The 100mg side effects were clear: there still is nuisance tinnitus, eyes are levelling again, there was phlegh reminisent of having a bit of a old, as reported, the saliva and mucus effects were akin to Tiletamine but more in the back of the nose and throat than the mouth.

Bodyload was by all means acceptable.

I'm curious what tomorrow will bring, or the rest of the week for that matter.

100 seems just right for me.

Qualitatively, this is quite a good dissociative. Emotion and thought are very mobile in all directions, but tend to be positive and composed. For me spirituality is around every corner on this dose, but holds for the brutally mundane stuff. I was reasonably mentally funtionalk throughout and diodnt have the robowalk. I can see people saying this feels inbetween DXM and Ketamine.

Zero nausea but there was diarroea, which i think stems chiefly from trimagnesium citrate taken yesterday.

I dubbed Memantine "Diamonds" because the adamantane ring structure that is bioisostere for aryl-folded into-cyclohexyl is actually the configuration of carbon atoms in diamonds, which is so sturdy that bioavailability, if given enough time, is 100%, it sticks around for 60-100 hours halflife, 90% unmetabolized, passively passed by the kidneys.
If you consider nitrogen is right next to carbon as an element, Memantine is basically the smallest possible diamond crystal on a tripod ;)

My first entheogenic session on it and it was good!

I -really- liked this, and hope that lighthousing 100mg once a week as a means to both session 1 day and medicate the rest of the week wihj the residual blood levels of this powerful nootropic is possible for me.

That would be a VERY awesome routine.
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In darkness there were very enticing visuals, far more symbolical as generic O-PCE did for me. They were a bit faint but, worth watching anbd i definitely shouldve spent more time with closed eyes this session, during the thick of it.

I woke up after 6 hours of refeshing sleep (+20h wakeup).

now, +24h, i have a delightful aftereffect, reminiscent of.. a day after 30mg MXE.

Loving it.
Datapoint: 100mg Memantine HCl dissolved readily into 5ml water in a champagne flute (solubility >20mg/ml) by swirling it.
I drank it down with dilute lemon juice. This resulted into a FAST comeup and intensity not of my choosing! Within half an hour it was uncharacteristically strong and in an hour and a half i was at a strength normally achieved 3 hours in. It peaked at 5 hours in (not 8) and decreased from there.

On the Shroomery we have the LemonTEK where dried shrooms predigested in a shotglass of lemon juice gives increased but shorter lived performance, also with other drugs.
I speculate that taking your Memantine in the juice of one lemon produces memantine dihydrogen citrate, citric acid being a krebs cycle acid, which gets it absorbed and distributed faster and therefore, with a steeper higher peak.

I was not cool with this, 5mg valium was used to curb anxiety.

I think i'm going to try lemonTEK-king 50mg next week.

I also started to use a magnesium supplement, maybe that helped it.
The Krebs Cycle is a cycle that involves simple fruit acids which serves to power the cells. Because of this, fruit acids such as citric acid get a quick pass into the blood as the body is evolutionarily tuned to grabbing it.

Lighthousing is taking a drug with a long plasma halflife at such a pace that your next dose comes when the former is not out of the system. One pulse every so often while still dazzled.
I speculate that taking your Memantine in the juice of one lemon produces memantine dihydrogen citrate, citric acid being a krebs cycle acid, which gets it absorbed and distributed faster and therefore, with a steeper higher peak.
What else would be the mechanism? Molecules don't exactly teleport across membranes

Memantine is a weak base, accepting a proton on the nitrogen. This means that a bunch of it likely has a +1 charge in lemon juice and moreso in stomach acid. It would be more readily absorbed once it hits the intestine where the pH is higher and it can become more deprotonated
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