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Mescaline acetate ~500mg -- Experienced -- Unexpected Satisfaction


Moderator: PD
Staff member
Jun 30, 2015
Mescaline acetate - ~500mg - Nearly a year later - Divided doses orally (no added full-spectrum alkaloids)

tl;dr - Wonderful experience. on the strong side.

We decided to celebrate our friendship of ten years, risking mescaline. The last few experience with it have been weirdly blunted. While there's no reason why ondansetron should cause that, I'm opting out of taking it just in case that's been a factor. We're upping the dose, as well. Snacks and drinks are ready, and it's a beautiful day outside - mild and sunny.

I tried to sleep at 9pm last night without cannabinoids or other sleep aids, but at 11:15 I gave up and took 2mg of Etizolam. I woke at 5:45 with the restless energy of GABAergic withdrawal. Not unpleasant, but almost anxious. I had an espresso and we went to Waffle House for breakfast. I ate an egg, hashbrowns, and some ham. Showering after helped ground me, after which I went to get my hair cut, still slightly overstimulated feeling.

9:15 Took my first dose

9:30 Had a hefty amount of theanine

9:45 Coming up already? How? I take the second dose.

10:00 Strong +.

10:15 Started puking. This is the first time I've ever vomited from psychedelics, even ayahuasca. It wasn't bad. I have minor visual activity. My friend is feeling nothing. The experience has none of the usual cold, cloudiness, or enervation that I associate with mescaline. I'm not sure if it all absorbed. My pupils are dilated. I have mild tremors.

12:00 I eat cookies and peanut butter. No issues with that.

1:00 A glorious time. I wanted to spend most of it outside, enjoying the moss and the greenery growing everywhere. I had a little chat with some of the wildlife. When I went to check on my friend, they were having an ugly cry on the floor of the basement, listening through a new album by one of their favorite musicians, and it spoke the them about where they were in midlife. They described it as a love letter, and were incredibly touched. It made me happy to see them having a moving experience.

2:30 I have what I'm forced to call a spiritual experience. It's in line with my understanding of the tantric view of the universe, the realization that I am "shiva" and that "shiva" is me, and that all of reality is but play. It's significantly deeper and more sophisticated than that and is in line with my understanding of a particular type of metaphysics and cosmology, but I don't want to take the time to write it up in a substantive way--the experience was months ago. It was not a positive or negative experience. If anything, it was a wry acknowledgement of "the way things are" for all the good it will do me. I wasn't looking to adopt that worldview, so I later just accepted it as an experience that I had, neither right nor wrong. There was no ego-inflation, messiah syndrome, etc stuff going on, but it was definitely "spiritual." That's out of character for me. The most I generally do is awe, maybe mystical, and that's rare.

4:00 Starting to expel gas. That usually marks the descent.

At a + for the rest of the evening. My friend had some quite uncomfortable trapped gas that they couldnt' get rid of. They were also tripping harder throughout the plateau. I may have lost some of the material when I vomited. I don't know why I had nearly immediate onset and went from a + at 10am to a mild +++ and back down to a + by 4pm (just eight hours.) My friend had a more typical experience, where they took a couple hours for onset and had at least 12hrs if not more in the state. I also did not notice the usual gentle glow of it the following day.

I didn't have any of the familiar vital energy that I associate with cactus extract. There was no surge of distilled solar quintessence powering my body and my heart, surging through my nervous system, making me feel strong and horny. Maybe it was my age, maybe it was because it was pure mescaline, maybe it was random variance.

Great experience. Very productive. Would repeat, but it was stronger than desired at the time for both of us. Less next time. I don't know if the ondansetron blunted my last few experiences or not, but this experience was decidedly not blunted.