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MET scraps


This is consistent with the N,N-dimethyl compound (DMT) not being orally active. Lying midway between DMT and DIPT is the ethyl compound, N-ethyl-N-methyltryptamine, or MET. It can be made by adding ethyl acetate to a reaction mixture where the formamide of tryptamine (see under NMT) has been reduced to NMT but there is still a goodly excess of hydride still remaining. The free base, as an oil, shows oral activity in the eighty to one hundred milligram range, so going from a methyl to an ethyl does indeed protect the compound from total enzymatic annihilation when taken orally.


does anyone have any information on this tryptamine I can't seem to find any.
MET (N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine) is a hallucinogenic tryptamine. It is closely related to DMT and DET.

There is very little information on the human pharmacology of MET. The freebase is believed to be active orally at 80-100mg, but little additional information is known to exist

Not much on this one buddy but you might be lucky and find a trip report somewhere or perhaps one of our fellow bluelighters will obligue
hugo24 said:


The JMC paper from 1985 (Vol. 28,p. 892) about various Methylisopropyltryptamines gives potency ranking in rats 5-MeO-MET>5-MeO-DMT>/=5-MeO-DET=4-HO-DMT>DET = 4-MeO-DMT=5-AcO-DMT>6-MeO-DMT>7-MeO-DMT.and in humans the rank order of potency in a series of N,N-Dialkyl-4-HO's was:

The Methylethyl seems the best hybrid between oral activity and closeness
to dimethyl,activity in TIHKAL given with 80-100mg.

So 105mg was taken orally as the fumarat salt,equaling about 81mg base.
First effects were noted in 20min.,an initial tachycardie was attributed to "first time anxiety" as blood pressure and pulse remained unchanged through the whole experience.A rapid development from 25min to a +2 at 35' with some nausea lead to a peak at 50min.It was very optic in a DMT manner with CEV (green,red,blue) and lots of object shifting,color enhancement.And it had a very erotic feeling to it,altough I felt somewhat dizzy.Effects started to drop at 1h40min,not much left at 3h and completely out at 3.5h,"ready for the outside world" to cite TIHKAL.The only annoying side effect was a strong diuretic component at the comedown.

While not actually reaching a plus 3, I was surprised by this rather strong activity as DPT on the other hand is almost inactive p.o. in me,needing at least 200-250mg to get above a +1.MAO seems to have much more troubles with MET.
Maybe with higher doses one might be able to enter DMT world peroral?

Surely an interesting substitution pattern on the Indolethylenamin.

I will have some data to add in the coming weeks. =D Sounds like a gem!
Oh yes, me too, but that doesnt mean we need to gather in a circle and stare up at its heights like the black monolith.
Hmmm ... This is strarting to sound intresting. Can't wait to hear some experiences...

May tempt may to buy the chem in bulk if it works as it sounds? It's been around sometime its just, its more openly available now ;)
hugo24 said:
I didn't get to a +3 with my 80mg trial,but the stuff is quite active (read post 11) and in no way comparable to the "hollow" MIPT.No one else tried it yet?

Thanks for the post. I have not and probably will not try this one, but am still interested if there is a +3 or +4 possible with higher dosages.
Ehh, maybe MiPT is best when smoked. DPT isn't too impressive for most (orally) either. At least (for me) there were no body issues, so I won't rule out trying it again.
Okay this thread has been bigandandified.

Let's keep it on topic guys. Look at the top of the screen... see it? "MET." Let's not make a liar out of the subject line...
I can got it. My lab rats are having problems using a lighter, lacking thumbs as they do. Must be why several of you use monkeys. So I'm forced to try it myself, first test will be at 10mg. Just gotta get some people out of the house and I'll have something to report.