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Stimulants Meth and mental health


Jun 21, 2019
Hello...long time Opiate addict here but know nothing about meth and have a question...My best friend for many years moved away several years ago to have her kiddo and be close to her family..
She's an amazing mother ,friend etc etc but last year a lady moved in next door and got my friend into somking crystl and within 6 months she went downhill so fast ,. Her family took her kiddo and sent him to live with his dad ,. She lost all her long time customers ( she baby sits)
Lost her car was talking in gibberish when I was trying to be a long distance friend helping and this went on a while all the time her saying she's not on drugs but he's anxiety and depression is what was ruining her life .. this is super long so I'll cut it down. Let's say less then a year later on the phone she is in a super happy place but talking all this spiritual shit that is over the top imop. Said she was in the shower and watched her black soul peeling off of her going down the drain and it got cought on her toenail and she was cutting it off w scissors. Etc. This kind of stuff Evey time I'm in the phone with her ..she claims to be able to read people soon as she meets them and that she has been healing people's ailments with her touch .. anyway she still swears she has not been using drugs blah blah ( her cousin has witnessed her smoking meth)
But anyway,. My question is could meth cause people to have mental breakdowns or trigger a dormant mental issue or ????? I just want my old friend back :/


Jan 31, 2010
Mesa, AZ
From my own experiences, yes. I live in a region where meth is part of the culture, part of the social networking of many people, I mean it's impossible for me to accurately describe how deeply imbedded into society meth is around here. And there are plenty of those who either had mental issues prior or now have mental issues that were brought out with lots of help by their meth use. See them walking down the street everyday. It's like no other place in the world. Completely saturated with very likely some of the best meth that can be found in this country.


Jun 28, 2017
Absolutely, 3 days lack of sleep without meth use can cause hallucinations and scrambled thoughts. There are those that do meth that stay up for upwards of 4-5 days straight, sometimes more. This behavior can definitely happen

I have seen it happen in people. It is close to impossible to convince them that they are delusional as well once a certain point is reached, which is very frustrating.

I hope that your friend gets the help that she needs.


Apr 28, 2005
Yes, prolonged usage, inhibits neuron pathways from functioning as they should. Users start acting impulsively, neurotic behaviour, flipping out, going from being happy and getting angry and losing their shit over nothing, very quickly. Their minds stops thinking things through rationally.
What brought it home for me me was seeing a healthy brain compared to a meth riddle one on MIR scans.
Whoa baby !


Dec 20, 2017
Stimulants will always be a trade for a trade. In fact, every drug works like that... some sort of 'equivalent exchange.' I would discount weed and nicotine from that though, lol.

Addiction is a beast for sure. Yet.... everyone knows that they will have to give up something when they try meth or heroin for the first time. Everyone. Even if deep down they approach it with narcissism--and that they'll be the "exception," they know that they will lose the game some point in time.

Stimulants are really best used as a non-daily drug. I would see the exception for low-dose adderall or something like that with people who truly do have focus issues their entire life. The diminishing returns from stimulants--meth especially--are just too potent to use day after day for years. I know that meth is captivating and people struggle with the substance just as much as heroin. At some point in time though, I'm sure your friend started to quickly notice that she was about to trade everything and still could not stop.


Sep 5, 2021
Yes math is bad for your mental health because you will experience a comedown and that’s hell on earth