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Meth Meth Primer: Post Your Meth Tips Hints & Hacks Here

A glass cigar tube heated till glowing red from a torch. Blow into the end, not hard enough to pop it but with enough strength for it to expand into a bubble. Once you have your round bubble end, heat one point with the torch grazing the edge horizontally above the bubble when it is red hot keep the fire to the spot and blow until the hole pops. Then keep torching till the hole smooths out. DO not use foil, wastes your dope and the aluminum is horrible, far worse than the dope for you.
search Glass pyrex Smoking Pipe and websites will pop up. It takes some searching but when I ordered mine it came in a brown box with a wine glass on the side for discretion. Shipping and handling, total was 20$ It was awesome but I was new to smoking and cleaned it with a torch to often which ruined it. Make sure you clean your glass piece after every bowl with a q-tip and saliva or water. You can torch it when necessary but always clean it with the q-tip first and leave the meth residue slightly moist so it burns off easier. Constant torching makes the glass porous from the reheating and cooling. Then it eats your meth. literally, it just soaks into the pores of the glass. You MUST smoke properly or u will burn up your meth and constantly be pissed that you aren't getting high. I recommend using a long straw to drop the meth all the way into the bowl and not get it stuck in the stem. Heat the glass to the side of the shard pile, and let the heat spread up the glass to melt the ice instead of scorching it with a lighter. Everyone hold the lighter right under the meth, and that burns it up faster. Meth is technically vaporized not smoked, it melts on the hot glass. If you are alone, take your time and be patient. you will conserve your stash. Once the meth has melted and slid to where you are heating the bowl, Move Your lighter to the other side and repeat the process, rolling in your fingers from 90 degree angle slowly to opposite 90 degree angle. When it starts to smoke, put your lighter a good 1 1/2 inches away from the bowl and steadily rotate the glass back and forth, following the puddle of ice with the lighter, taking slow, even, soft breaths until the smoke is really rolling. Remove heat and take deep fast breath. Blow a little out and finish the smoke in the dick, still rotating back and forth.
This is the proper way to smoke.
I reccomment getting the clipper crystal refillable lighter. You will spend a fortune on bics otherwise. Butane is cheap and accessible.
If you have a burnt taste, you burned it. I never burn my ice. I almost hate to let friends use my pipe because they smoke wrong, don't listen waste dope and burn my bowl.
I would not snort it if I were you. If you want to snort it, go with a hot rail, but make sure you do it with someone who has done it before. or use duckduckgo to read how. You need a torch for this. Buy a torch. Leave the Store. Do not by cigars and a torch. That is like saying LOOK AT ME! IM GOING TO SMOKE METH. The best way to conceal it is to leave it at home. If you must travel with it, keep it in your hand so if you do get pulled over you can put it where it wont be found. Easier for women. I am not joking. Even a small amount of dope can get you locked up for a long time. It isn't worth it. Put it in your ass. Better to leave it. NO MATTER WHAT Do not party on the road, that is what gets you caught.Do not smoke weed in your car, keep it clean and have your insurance registration and license easily accessible. Obey traffic laws, drive perfectly and celebrate your safe arrival home.
don't scrape your stem until all your dope is gone. If you scrape the residue (referred to as ghost by older users) into your bowl of good dope, it will burn up faster and taste worse. I use a drinking straw to get the loose stuff. Then melt the and let it form into ice droplets to scrape into the bowl. I use a cleverly bent bobby pin with the rubber removed. Some people use screwdrivers, that is ok but one wrong click and SHATTER goes your bowl.
Keep your shit straight. Make sure your home and car are clean and everything is in order. If everything looks neat, you just seem like a normal tidy person. Mess is usually the sign of some one to far gone to care about their environment. KEEP IT NEAT
Just drink water. Do not take vitamin C or D, do NOT drink citrus juice of any kind. The Meth metabolites attach to vitamins c and d so you literally piss your drugs away. DO not drink Alcohol and Do NOT smoke weed with meth. They interact poorly and mess with your nervous system. To enhance high, smoke properly, once you get HIGH,Stop. Then relax. Then any time you start to dip, hit your pipe a few times. This way, your high is long lasting and always under control. Have something you like to do with your hands. I am typing this lol and writing two books, and a play. I also DIY anything, sew and learn french. Make good use of your focus, it makes you feel better when you do positive things. Also, sex. Sex is very fun, but sooooo hard if you have been doping for a while. You need to excercise to maintain muscle and not lose to much strength. Sleep. You must sleep!! Many of the Side effects people associate from meth use are actually from poor nutrition and sleep deprivation. Go to this post http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads...onger-get-high-Causes?p=13402691#post13402691 I wrote earlier tonight. It explains what you need to know about keeping your body healthy enough to continually get high. I have been using continuously for a very long time. Im hotter than most people dream of. Because I follow the rules. I sleep almost every night, I drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and I maintain a very healthy diet. If you want to have gorgeous skin and teeth, it is possible on meth. Im the proof. No one would think I do this. I look perfect, I am sharp witted and knowledgeable and above all, I make sure that I am safe. That means if you are going to fuck someone who uses that you dont know, which I don't recommend, but it happens, WRAP IT UP. Last thing you need is something from fucking a person that banged with a dirty needle. If you are female, a mirrored earring box is great. The bottom of the box has a mirror finish piece of cardboard that makes it look like the box has no space. In between the black velvet and the cardboard dope fits great, completely reasonable for you to have in a drawer where people don't go often. A male, get a belt buckle with a stash clasp, there are shoes that have the same thing. Also boxer briefs have that perfect little baggie pocket. Well, some do. Be careful, the meth game is a racket. Not everyone can be a responsible user. I myself am having trouble with my supplier. He is using so much that he is under weighing the bags. He is doing this because he knows that I broke my scale. YOu MUST have a scale. They are cheap. Buy one at amazon and get like a jewelry making kit. You need to weigh the jewelry bags. Something like that. Having a scale and dope is a serious crime. You must have a legitimite and legal reason to have everything in your home. When you purchase a torch, get some sod and store together, as if that were the reason. I have a legal reason for everything that could be illegal. Everything has a reason, I am very safe, and I don't think I will ever need to explain why I have a scale to the police. But If I had to, I could. Well. I think that covers most of it. If you have any questions, I have answers!
Best detailed all around how to for anyone trying to work hard n play hard n avoid the Bs. Your on point with it all too. I'm an IronWorker grind hard every day play harc every nite eat good sleep good no issues any where. N def def find u something to keep u busy. If it's not sex don't be one of these duck walking zombie lookin fucks out in the streets doing off the wall dumb shit. Cops are hip to most if not all of our antics. Most don't think nor would believe i do it guys at work know bc i dont stop plus they're all fucked up on something anyway. Listen to this chick bud she's got u covered.
Meth tip. Engage in your hobbies and other life activities in general. After almost 16 years (on and off anyway, really only since 2017 addictively and hardcore since 2020!) I've got my bowl rolling technique down. And now I'm ready to read my first novel!
The nasal spray tip mentioned upthread came in handy for me! I had a flight to catch, didn’t wanna throw my stash away, and I wasn’t checking any bags. So I went to Walgreens at like 4am and got a cheap bottle of saline nasal spray and dropped what was left in the bottle. I was soooooo nervous, but it worked! (Try at your own risk lol.)

Only thing is, it’s very hard for me to dose correctly! I don’t even know how much meth I had left…I just put it in there. Trial and error, trial and error. Sometimes I’ll take just enough drops to get a good steady high. But other times I’ll take too many and end up with a panic attack. Right now, I’m kinda in the middle of those two. But knowing me, I’ll still redose before the night is over.
The nasal spray tip mentioned upthread came in handy for me! I had a flight to catch, didn’t wanna throw my stash away, and I wasn’t checking any bags. So I went to Walgreens at like 4am and got a cheap bottle of saline nasal spray and dropped what was left in the bottle. I was soooooo nervous, but it worked! (Try at your own risk lol.)

Only thing is, it’s very hard for me to dose correctly! I don’t even know how much meth I had left…I just put it in there. Trial and error, trial and error. Sometimes I’ll take just enough drops to get a good steady high. But other times I’ll take too many and end up with a panic attack. Right now, I’m kinda in the middle of those two. But knowing me, I’ll still redose before the night is over.
With the nasel spray bottle, measure out a precise amount of water (doesn't matter how much just be sure you can get that exact same amount again) & place it in your bottle. Next start spraying as if you were going to use it as it was intended.

Count how many sprays that was. Then guesstimate how much 'shit' you want delivered in each spray.

Multiply that amount with the amount of sprays you counted earlier. The product of that is the amount of meth to dissolve into the amount of water you measured precisely earlier that you put in the bottle.

Example: say 2ml of water will spray 10 shots out the bottle. Say you want 5¢ of dope delivered in each spray.
5¢ dope X 10 sprays =50¢ of dope or a half gram therefore dissolve 0.5g into 2ml of water & place into your Afrin Spray bottle of whatever. Shake it up. Now all you gotta do is two quick shots up each nostril & you just delivered yourself 20¢ of dope! Lol it works great with coke too. You could literally be at work & sniff 20¢ of dope right on front of your boss. Cops could search your shit & never even think to analyze the liquid contents of that bottle. Hahaha its 👍 great! Just to bad the dope sucks to all hell everywhere in the U.S. these days 😒
All in one big line, not divided into multiple. You're just doing it to yourself if you do multiple.
For some reason I like the burn. I make 2 lines at a time. One for each nostril. It doesn’t feel complete if I leave one out. To each their own.🤷‍♀️
Good list of tips.
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That's a common nickname in California US, noticed its use more so in southern California during my time down there rather than up here in San Francisco bay area (where i grew up and currently reside). We tend to call sixteenths teeners or teenths and in my own experience asking for Tina over the phone can sometimes be heard as teener (teenuh) which can lead to a very hostile and uncomfortable situation with your dealer..

Not to change OP's subject... But what exactly is Phenylephrine and why did you demolish your face on it?
I’m in SoCal and I’ve heard Tina floating around sometimes. My bf and I go on hook up websites when we’re high and know what they’re talking about if they say (party) or (pnp which stands for party and play. People often talk about getting cloudy or it’s a cloudy day and elevated, too. It mostly pops up in the guys for guys section.
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Water bong!!! You get the huge cloud and rush of a hot rail without wasting all that product. Using medical grade tubing and a glass bottle can make a wicked bong for this stuff. If you baffle(punch a bunch of small holes haha) the tube running into the water you can reduce the noise level considerably. For the glass bottle, keep the lid and either using heat to melt it or carefully cut 2 holes that the tubes can fit very snuggly through. One tube not in the water is used to inhale and the the other should be much longer that you can attach your bubble to. That’s all I use now haha.
You hurt my brain sir so I'm gonna try the glass for a while because you are right about being better than opioid addicts but I've been do8ng scante for 3 years mainly snorted it but smokes whenever he feels like it
Opiate addicts shoot up just like tweakers.
Now, see, mr mcbigmaxx, please don't take this as criticism, but just how often have you smoked (vaped, let's be dorky in a thread about it), from either the natural hemisphere of a non-reactive, transparent enclosure, like an oil burner, or from the plastic-lined sheet of metal with a low melting point that can't last a single session of indirect flame on your grill, open to the fucking environment?

For you to get more smoke out of a flat surface, no matter how you folded it, without burning any, is just not a thing my mind can handle. The best bet would be a spectacular one-shot mess using very thick aluminum that will deliver the fog you want, just not the flavor of sweet, low bp meth.

OH boy, triggered the important Fundamentals of Vapor Inhalation as ROA: mechanisms of vaporization. Soon to be annotated by docents of BDD.

A few things determine whether a compound is suitable for being vaporized and inhaled (and absorbed, without dying). An obvious requirement is that it has a gaseous phase at all. Your elementary science teachers may have implied all things can be solid, liquid and gas (yes, plasma is a special ionized gas) but unfortunately, most of the things that make life live fall apart long before they reach a boil.

Such is the case with amphetamine sulfate, and one of the reasons "crystal" meth exists as a street drug. There's a point where even in the absence of oxygen, an organic compound will rearrange itself into wondrous new, unpredictable and likely very toxic, substances (keyword: pyrolysis, thermal decomposition). This happens sooner in an even more toxic-seeming manner when you heat it with lots of oxygen around (keywords: combustion, oxidation).

Most drugs that humans enjoy have a boiling temperature that exceeds the decomposition temperature. Fortunately, the acid salt of meth has a bp just below that. And I mean, just below (this, including melting point, is all in the 180-200C / 350-400F range). Every proto-tweaker soon learns how easy it is to destroy all they had left in a second with merely a bic and half a bic worth of butane, and long patiience and fingertips of asbestos, to get a little waft of vapor, then in less than a second, a huge plume of the most vile-smelling shit a proto-tweaker has yet encountered in his innocence, erupts from the device and chokes everyone dead. Or at least, sends them to the front porch away from the back.

Not much to be done with the aluminum there, except lose to that high thermal conductivity, meaning soldering meth instead of gently controlling its temp; point blasts of intense, way-above decomposition temp temps, burning your stuff every time, at least to a level I'd deem wholly unsatisfactory. It should taste almost of nothing--no odor, no taste, except maybe the faint sense of a public park at dusk, twinkling everywhere with recyclable containers and bursting with potential.

And advantage to an enclosure comes with the otherwise-unnecessary carb hole on the top. When you inhale through the stem, you're drawing high-velocity air over your sample, and in turn, dropping the air pressure inside by a fair amount (I suspect water vapor is necessary too). When you lower the air pressure, for anything, you lower the boiling temperature. The decomposition temp doesn't change. In fact, if you watch experienced smokers, you'll notice they change their breath pressure as the behavior of the solid to liquid changes, allowing more fine control for a delicate process, more than you'd get torching it on fucking foil.

Smoking through a pipe will always get you better yield, a safer product, and less waste. We are better than opioid addicts; we don't settle for some dumb "chasing dragons" DnD shit, who only takes a little slurp of faint smoke when they smoke meth anyway? Not even enough to make your ears ring. You want the room to drop to the bottom of the Marianna, then hauled up by your bends alone.
Such judgement lol I’m no opiate addict but I will say they shoot up like tweakers too I really don’t think one is better than the other. But I prefer emotional pain over physical pain in the withdraw that’s for sure. So grateful that I saw a 40 year old man in a fetal position banging his head on the floor kicking. I was like nope! I would rather want to kill myself than be in physical pain lol
Get a big jar and every time you time you score meth or hit it up IV, put a dollar in the jar towards the future costs of consulting a vascular surgeon and a cardiologist to learn whether you’ve lost 20 years of your life cause you fucked your heart or just a limb cause you fucked your veins.
Get a big jar and every time you time you score meth or hit it up IV, put a dollar in the jar towards the future costs of consulting a vascular surgeon and a cardiologist to learn whether you’ve lost 20 years of your life cause you fucked your heart or just a limb cause you fucked your veins.
Shit man, I was wondering where you were. Hope things won't turn out as bad as you are dreading.
This is total misinformation I can cite multiple sources that say otherwise. Water solubility never saved any meth user from a stroke or heart attack why would it save you from lung damage.. people do in fact get lung damage. Putting it together one sec..
So I was a smoker for a long time, then vaped for my last 6 months. I stopped tha
I have also been a meth user for along time, with some bouts of abstinence in there. But I started smoking habitually again about 9 months ago & I have NEVER had respiratory issues until this last time. I had a bad cough, which then turned into walking pneumonia. That, I had for months. Idk if I'm smoking it wrong (doubt it) or if I've grown soft in my old age,...OR, this is the theory I'm leaning more towards......shit isn't just like it use to be. Especially where I'm from. Small town in Idaho, all the old timers are either retired, locked up, or dead. *sigh* I digress.
Anyways, just wanted to add my two cents.
That’s why I always snort it or bang. Smoked a little while didn’t like how fiendish it was.
I read some of your earlier posts, how you making out with your battle?
Just wanted to say two things 1) Snorting is to much for me lol, I even was an IV at one point in my life & since getting off the needle I've snorted a couple lines here & there....& dammmnn🤯
okay 2) Long time smoker here. Idk how I never picked up on what you said, but I would have to agree, smoking is/can be fiendish. Especially for those with oral fixations.
Anyways. that is all.
I am an occasional user(1-2) times a year, does Meth smoke have a smell? I only feel comfortable smoking in my room and I don't notice any odor but I'm not sure if that is because I'm the one using, like how cig smokers don't notice the cig smell on them as much as others can. I want to be sure my family can't smell anything or w.e. I vape in my room but my juice doesn't have odor like some so that won't help cover it so idk, Is the smell noticeable/ strong? How can I reduce my chances of getting caught aka cover smell/other places I could go to smoke/ ect, ? I know behavior is the best way to not get caught so I have that under control.
I have always heard that it has a certain odor. I personally, both in soberity & active use, have never noticed a smell. There was one time that I was smoking tough before one of my girlfriends (who has been sober for 6 years) picked me up. I got in her car & she says "you smell like cleaning products". I thought that was odd since I was not handling cleaning supplies or anything like.
Maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe it wasn't *shrug*
Dry mouth, poor nutrition/ hydration and neglect are reasons for dental problems while using meth.
Also that the chemicals in meth are just straight up bad for you.
Fun fact: The nasty shit they put in meth has a different melting point than the shit that actually gets you high. So once your bowl has begun to change color, you have just about burnt up the good shit. The browner it is, the more nasty shit your smoking.
Also that the chemicals in meth are just straight up bad for you.
Fun fact: The nasty shit they put in meth has a different melting point than the shit that actually gets you high. So once your bowl has begun to change color, you have just about burnt up the good shit. The browner it is, the more nasty shit your smoking.
Interesting, that’s kind of what I figured. Good thing I don’t “smoke” it very much, mainly when I know it isn’t the best product. Such a wasteful ROA, but also so much fun. Weird

A very helpful Korean lady recently showed me this trick for using a glass eye dropper to reduce a torch lighter’s butane flame to the perfect size and temperature for smoking meth.

If your meth is clean/pure it is very hard to burn it with this technique and your lighter gas will last for a dozen bowls before you need a refill.

You need:

A torch lighter

A glass eyedropper including the rubber squeeze fitting and the plastic bottle screw top.

1. Remove the glass tube from the bottle cap and rubber squeeze fitting. Cut a small section from the very tip of the rubber squeeze and push the glass tube back through in an upside down direction (i.e 180 degrees from what it originally was.

2. Using the flanged end of the rubber squeeze as a seal, push the squeeze and glass tube back through the bottle cap.

3. Lightly screw the bottle top/squeeze/tube arrangement onto the end of your jet lighter. If you are lucky it will be a perfect fit and seal and you will be good to go.

4. To get an absolutely perfect fit, you might want to very lightly sand the larger open end of the glass dropper. You can use sandpaper but a diamond grinding bit on a dremel does it in about 5 seconds. You can also very lightly soften the plastic bottle cap with your torch or score the barrel of your torch to get a tighter fit.

5.To operate, make sure you have a minimal amount available of gas flowing and use a second lighter or candle to light the flame at the tip of the glass tube. 2-4 mm flame is ideal. It won’t work if too much gas is flowing. Note that the very tip of the glass heats up but not the while tube, so you don’t need to worry about the rubber or plastic burning.

5. Hold the tip of your 2-4 mm flame about the same distance from the glass of your bowl and move in a circular direction until your puddle is liquid and just starts to plume as you rock the bowl from side to side. You maximise the vapour and the size of your hit by quickly tapping the centre of the hot molten puddle with your 2-4 mm torch flame when it is dead centre of the bowl and then pulling it away as you rock the puddle up the sides of the bowl. Advanced technique: use the torch to ‘flick’ the puddle up the side of the bowl as you pull it away.

Posted this on another thread, but I will leave this here with the intention of harm reduction:

How to IV meth:

Not the easiest thing to convey through text, but I will tell you how I do it.


I use a shot glass and cotton off a q-tip. I have a drawing needle that I used to draw up my shots, and a clean needle for putting in my arm.

Put the amount of meth you want to do in your shot glass. If you've never tried it before and you have a scale, start really small, like .1 of a gram.

Draw up maybe 15 units of water with your drawing needle. Squirt it into the shot glass. If it is good meth, it should dissolve easily. Rotate it back and forth slightly, some people mix it around with the plunger of their needle. I don't because 1) my shit was the best shit and 2) I am not wasting my dope on the end of the plunger.

Good meth will easily double back. This means you're drawing up double the amount of liquid you squirted into the glass.

Sanitize your fingers with alcohol

Pull the cotton off of the q-tip and roll it into a tight ball. Put it in the shot glass. Place the needle gently into the middle of the cotton, with the cut side down and draw back.

Once you have sucked out all of the liquid, inspect what is in your rig. Make sure there are no particles floating around in it or anything.

I backload into a fresh rig (some people do not recommend this, but this is how I do it) I do it this way to make sure my needle is as sharp as possible to prevent unnecessary damage.

Get your fresh needle. Leave it capped. Pull the plunger back to 80 then push it in again. This helps it from sticking while you're injecting.

Pull out the plunger and put it on a sterile and clean surface. Squirt the dope from the other syringe into the back of the fresh syringe.

This part is tricky. Holding the needle down so your dope doesn't fall out, put the plunger back into place but do not push it in! Just plug the hole! Your shit will squirt out the top if you push right away.

While still holding the plunger in the hole, tip the needle upright and let the meth come down, once it is down and you have air at the top of the rig, slowly push up until there is no air left in the rig.

Carefully uncap. If you like you can draw a tiny bit of water into the needle so it doesn't sting and it keeps the tip from clogging up.

Sanitize your vein. Hit the vein. Go slow, 10 units at a time. Re-register if you're inexperienced.

Hope this helps.

**Edit - turn the needle upside down and watch the bubble. The slower the bubble, the stronger the shot.**
Thanks for this. I've been having a helluva time with the whole transition of backloading my rig. Always losing dope that squirts out the top! But your advice on waiting too push the plunger until the meth drops makes sense lol! Anyway, here goes nuthin!