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Jul 11, 2002
Has anyone tried this drug?

If so,
* what was the dosage
* what did it look like (colour, powder/crystals etc.)
* what did it smell like
* was it snorted, smoked or eaten
* was it tested with anything and if so what colour did it produce
* how can it be compaired to meth

Please answer only if you have first hand experience and not if you have only read up on it on the net.

Man, that was FREAKY. I just logged in with the exact same plan. I was going to start a thread about Methcathinone, asking if anyone has tried it.

I can say I have seen it =D .
I insnuflated some many months ago (2 bumbs, eyeballed - my guess 15-25 mg):

Apperence: Brown Gak - Almost identical in apperence to Gaky speed I have seen around. Spread on foil and put under a light for the night it turned into crystally brown globs (similar in colour to penut butter).

After a single acetone wash white powder was seen. However some brownish tint still remained.

After a second acetone wash the white was more noticable but still not "fluffy crystals".

Tast: BITTER, very unique not at all like speed, kind of like quinene (sp?). The drip was very strange.

Effects: (only a low dose was tried as it wasnt mine to play with) Alertness, slight floatyness, euphoria (mild), lots of chaty energy. Did not make me feel _serious_ like speed can.

Hope to hear other reports. Oh, this was NOT speed or any other substance I know of. It was tested with simons and had NO reaction. This was when it was gak. Not after washing.

NOTE 1: According to a Forensics report on new designer drugs: Methcathinone, when tested with 2nd-amine test, should have no change or small blu flecks <- contamination?

NOTE 2: Will see if my evil twin can try it at a higher dose and report back to me about it =D .
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1) Dosage:
~.1 of a gram (around 3 lines)

2) Description:
yellowish/beige crushed crystals mixed with glucose, wet, seemingly hydroscopic.

3) Smell:
Nothing distinctive that i can recall. (but i wasn't really paying much attention, believing the substance to be meth cut with glucose at the time of administration)

4) Administered:
insufflated (railed)

5) Tested:

6) How cat diverges from the traditional meth effects (IMHO):
Definately gives the same lift that you get with the come up on meth, possibly more intense, same increased heart rate, etc. It differs in the sense that it's not as 'clean' a feeling as meth. It's hard to articulate exactly, but it tends to give a foggy, constrictive feeling in relation to your cognitive processes. Also, throughout most of the high, my head felt constricted. There was a painful tightening sensation across my brow and temples. (possibly a result of increased blood pressure) And i had a dull ache in my head, that intensified as the drug started to wear off. The initial couple of hours were actually quite euphoric, and i was exhibiting all the traditional effects of tweaking, such as refusing to shut up for more than 10 seconds at any given period, excitement, etc. However, the comedown seemed bumpier than meth, where i experienced aching in my joints and head (not as a result of dancing or anything, i'd been sitting around most of the night).
kewl, good to see someone has actually had it. Seems like a rare drug. Would you describe the effects to be even remotelly remeniscent of MDMA on any level?
because the comeup is relatively intense, it can initially feel pretty euphoric. However, i wouldn't describe it as any more of an empathogen than meth...
I agree, the feeling is very strange. Kind of like your buzzing with the edges taken off. If you described MethAmphet. as hard and sharp, then MethCat. would be soft and fluffy. Although, your still dribbling shit etc etc. Worth the try. I second the heart rate / blood preasure thing.... I seem to remember a thread a year or so ago about cat. to. Anyone found it?
Had "Khat" in Africa....of which Metcath. is the active ingredient. Talky and a bit chatty. You can get it in Perth (Fresh) or Adelaide (Dried). It's a plant that gows in Africa and people from Ethopia, Somalia, Eritriea and Kenya know albout it.

It is a social problem in these countries.

Basically it's a bit speedy but Trillian (Post above) explained it best.

Note. I had it in its "normal" form. i.e . part of a plant. However I have nver tried it in it's "pure" form. I guess you should check out the Ewoid website for further info.
^^Yeah I've chewed those leaves too, effect was minimal, I think the stuff was too dry and pretty weak.
I've never seen or let alone heard of anyone selling pure methcathinone in oz though.
Maybe I need more DD's ;)
I had a mates mate show me a khat plant, quite a small shrub and it didnt appear to be growing too well in its location but i munched a few leaves leaf, it was quite weird tasting and after a few minutes my heart was going a hell of a lot faster, and we were moving some stuff around so everything seemed so easy i had a general euphoric feeling which lasted for about an hour i spose.

A quite interesting experience really, somewhat similar to that of a low dose methamphetamine (insulfated or snorted railed etc).

It indeed is a social problem in Kenya, as they have to IMPORT (!?!) the stuff, as it's pretty addictive (some say it is the meth of africa)
Thanks for all the responses. I believe that khat plant contains cathinone. Methcathinone is the methylated equivalent which is more potent much like methamphetamine is to amphetamine.

Trillian: cheers for the trip description. I believe increased heart rate/yellow colour is the effect of impurities (namelly pyrazine). Meth does not significantly increase heart rate either. This is the effect of pseudoephedrine contaminant and others. The blood pressure factor seems to be in accordance with other experiences I have gathered elsewhere. Sounds like you've had a genuine methcat experience, but it could have been possibly better with higher quality product. From your description of what I assume to be average quality cat available, it sounds like a worthy thing to try out. I shall report my experience in a while if I can get my hands on some.
* what was the dosage -- 50 mg snorted, plus 125 mg orally (taken an hour after first bit was snorted)

* what did it look like (colour, powder/crystals etc.) -- white
powder, not crystalline, quite clean looking

* what did it smell like -- bitter and slightly sweet -- the sweetness makes it unmistakable

* was it snorted, smoked or eaten -- see above

* was it tested with anything and if so what colour did it produce -- not tested

* how can it be compaired to meth -- if you are looking for something meth like you will be SEVERELY disappointed -- methcat is NOTHING like meth, in fact it is FAR more like cocaine's effects, or actually, more like ritalin perhaps. Ialso agree that it the high has a 'foggy' feeling to it. I am very experienced with high quality meth and I must emphasize that this substance is really not very meth like. None of that amazing euphoria.
Negro-kitty: i personally have not had it, but those were the exact effects the experts on "the other site" describe also - and they are the ones who are able to make it themselves, so there is no doubt they had it.

Methcathinone is just pseudoephedrine with the hydroxyl group oxidised to a ketone. (A very attractive experiment for the young aspiring chemist, as it will not require the same extremely watched and quasi-legal reagents needed for the pseudoephedrine reduction to meth.)

As a ketone it would be able to cross the BBB more effectively than pseudoephedrine with more potent effects due to a ketone rather than a hydroxyl group, but its not the same as removing the hydroxyl and getting methamphetamine - that will release dopamine = euphoria.

Maybe methcathinone releases dopamine, maybe it doesnt, but it certainly will not release it in the same relative quantities as methamphetamine.
Also perhaps the ketone's presence increases toxicity, either directly or due to the different metabolites that may be formed - perhaps phase_dancer could offer an opinion.

Methcathinone is a secondary amine just like meth and pseudoephedrine and will react to Simons - so not getting a blue reaction means it aint methcathinone. (unless simons only works for some amines and not others - but that would make it a poor testing reagent imo, and surely this would not be the case)
I agree with you Biscuit, in theory it should react well to secondary amine test, However the data I have read indicates blue flecks only. I cant give a direct link due to the site the Forensics Report is located on. However it sounds like you could find it Biscuit. It was published by "Forensic Science International" and is specificly about methylenedioxycathinone (MDCATH) homologs. It comes from the Drug Enforcement Administration, North Central Laboratory, 536 South Clark St., Suite 800, Chicago. The data I refered to can be found in table 2, page 12.

On the personal experience side of it. I can say the stuff I tried did have an affect, however I will try it a few more times befor making any more claims.

Note: Just performed simons test on pseudoephedrine and observed NO reaction. (Simons is 3 weeks since purchase, pseudo tablets allso new)
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