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[Methoxetamine Subthread] Combinations

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Apr 21, 2011
A good place to live
Disclaimer and warning - READ THIS:

This thread is under special supervision from the bluelight crew, calling something safe or not has to be
done very carefully so we will try not to do that. Instead, until more substantial evidence is available we will let the lists below serve as provisional information. Keep watching out even with compounds on the 'seemingly safe' list because:

A) The way MXE works (its pharmacology) is incredibly complex,
B) everybody reacts differently and
C) what is acceptable in one set of doses may be dangerous if the doses shift, maybe even if one dose decreases and the other increases!

Also, don't let this thread give you the idea that combining methoxetamine at this stage is normal, responsible, or recommended. Preferably experiment with this compound without combining it. Be apprehensive. Don't combine it right away the first time.

Seemingly "Safe" (i.e. no dangerous side effects experienced so far by those reporting):

  • Passiflora Incarnata / Passionflower
  • Valerian
  • Ibuprofen
  • Cannabis (physically safe but often strong potentiator)
  • Phenibut
  • Doxylamine succinate (unisom)
  • Dipenhydramine
  • Alcohol (warning: dangerous breathing depression in higher doses - dizziness & vomiting possible from moderate dose)
  • Caffeine
  • Melatonin
  • Nicotine
  • Phenethylamine psychedelics, but probably not 2C-T-X
  • Most tryptamine psychedelics, but 5-MeO-DALT may be unsafe (uncommon serotonergic action?), aMT may be suspect
  • Zolpidem
  • Probably benzo's, assuming you are not taking something like midazolam with significant CNS depression also on resp system.

Suspect / Avoid - Safety especially dose dependent

  • dextroamphetamine (MXE taken at tail end of experience)
  • methamphetamine (taken at tail end of MXE experience)
  • others amphetamines
  • aMT
  • GHB
  • Alcohol (dizziness - also breathing depression in high doses, dangerous)
  • Acetaminophen (APAP) / Paracetamol - seemed safe at first but is it truly?

Unsafe / (Potentially) Dangerous - due to potentiation or negative interaction

  • DXM
  • MDAI / MDMA / the more serotonergic the stimulant the worse it may be?? Still a big question mark though.
  • Tramadol (NMDA receptor activity)
  • Methylphenidate
  • Opiates (potentiation of CNS / breathing depression)

[original post:]

I haven't seen a thread about this, otherwise i might have saved a few hours of my life cross checking and reading the big and dandy's.

i would like to know what methoxetamine has been safely(or unsafely) been combined with

I will vouch for these: {list starting with combo's deemed safe}
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wanted to start a separate thread regarding combinations, merge though if you like.
I've however found threads along the lines of the one I started particularly helpfully as I enjoy mixing things.
I've combined mxe with loads of things, all were great!
Combos with:
4-fmp + 2c-b

All of these felt safe and were amazing!
thanks for the feedback guys, I don't feel the need to explore, but people will.
doing low doses with this substance for euphoria, perspective and clear-headedness, with discreet dosing, awesome dancing and increased sociability make it one of my favorite compounds.

keep it coming, let's safely enjoy this wonderful chem----
I want it's media profile kept low!!
combined with..

alcohol: pleasant in (very low) doses, but quickly gets disorienting (spinny) and messy when overdone.

ghb/gbl: same as with alcohol, relaxing and pleasantly fuzzy in low doses but can easily overwhelm the mxe.

opioids: beautiful combination, syngerizes very well with the warm and fuzzy body buzz of mxe and makes the comedown/afterglow even more comfortable. however, the combination of dissociatives and opioids seems like the single most addictive escape-button in existence and i'm scared of making it any kind of habit.

mdma (or 2c-b): similar to mdma+ketamine, although perhaps more stimulating.

amphetamine: have only done this in very low doses (20-50mg) with mxe, did not add much to the mxe, just prevented me from falling asleep. i'd be interested to hear about higher doses combined with mxe & potential dopamine related interactions?

ketamine: wild. a full-spectrum dissociation high. takes some trial & error with getting the ket/mxe ratio right.
Combined with:

Alcohol - Quite intense body load. Neither pleasant or unpleasant. Too much alcohol would be unpleasant though.

aMT - Incredible. Spiritual and euphoric

MPA - Felt like MXE with the body high of MPA

MDMA - Very intense and trippy. Felt particularly good (was coming down off the MDMA as well).

5-APB - Good for the first 3 hours, but descended into a very unpleasant, very sinister fight to remain conscious.

I suspect that combining MXE with anything like 5-APB, MDMA, MDA, MDAI etc triggers a dangerous physiological reaction. Despite overall good reports, there has been a death, plus my own experience with the 5-APB.
Combined MXE with DMT or 4-aco-dmt felt safe and were amazing!
combined with alcohol = very nice if the alcohol consumption is low.
Originally posted by Atara in the Methoxetamine thread, this should be food for thought for ANYONE thinking of combining MXE with other drugs, recreational or otherwise.

Methoxetamine is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist, an uncompetitive NMDA channel blocker, a dopamine D2 receptor agonist, and a mu-opioid agonist, according to the current SAR as well as subjective reports consistent with this effect profile.

Methoxetamine has in the past demonstrated the ability to cause serious problems in conjunction with serotonin releasers; the combination of methoxetamine and MDAI (which is a serotonin releaser with no other effects to speak of) lead to the death of one unfortunate Swede who had taken only a moderate dose of both compounds. Simply put: the combination of methoxetamine and a serotonin releaser appears to be extremely dangerous!

It is therefore highly inadvisable to combine methoxetamine with any serotonin releaser or suspected serotonin releaser, or with DXM (a very potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor, though not a releaser) -- this includes MDMA, 6-APB, AMT, MDAI to name a few.

The increasing number of these reports suggest that this interaction is indeed quite real; it is possible however unlikely that methoxetamine acts in some way to inhibit the breakdown of serotonin, via monoamine oxidase inhibition or otherwise. Methoxetamine and the other methoxylated arylcyclohexylamines (4-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCP, 3-MeO-PCE) bear some structural similarity to the infamous PMA and the less-well-known MAOI para-methoxy-phenethylamine (PMPEA). The appearance of unexpected effects is always a possibility when testing a new compound especially testing in vivo with no pre-existing in vitro binding data. To combine these with other compound increases the risk of ingestion substantially.
i dont really see the point in mixing this stuff with anything. its dangerous. and its good enough on its own
People are going to do it though, whether deliberately for desired synergies or just because they are already on one drug and then want to take this, or vice versa. So it's useful to know what works, doesn't work or is dangerous.
Piracetam + MXE = Clearer experience, more fluid train of thought but same level of dissociation. Perhaps a higher dose requirement but by far nothing when compared to the damper encountered in combination with ketamine.

Piracetam + Cannabis + MXE = Full dissociation, lengthening of effects and K-hole like headspace that if indulged further could rival K-hole dissociation. Became wholly unaware of bodily functions, sense of touch became completely numbed (felt more neurological than biological, like the haptic feedback was all wrong), and visual spaces were encountered readily with eyes closed or in darkness.

I will definitely be re-visiting the Piracetam/Can/MXE combo in the future, it was far more intense than I could have imagined and the level of dissociation I experienced was frightening in intensity (considering how unprepared I was).

Dose for MXE was 130mg sublingual/oral and about 6 hours later 600mg piracetam taken 1 hour before a small quantity of cannabis was smoked. If this had all happened earlier in the experience, I can only imagine it would be like a deeply lucid K-hole for multiple hours.
mxe seems to work with all sorts... Mrs T Bitch reckons mxe is the key to understanding conciousness & says it's made her realise that in fact conciousness is not a "one thing", it's multi-layered & multi-dimensional.

I felt in a deep, deep mxe hole once that time & space were infinite & eternal. There is no beginning, there is no end. Everything just is & always will be & always has been. Our energy, our lifeforce is part of that infinity... We are eternal...

Anyway, hash really kicks up the mxe hit.

mxe extends mild tryptamines, or picks things up when you've underdosed on 4 substituted trypts, or upped your tolerance.

aMT makes me feel quite sick for the duration, mxe removes me from that feeling enough for me to appreciate the trip more. Though it is still early days with me & aMT.

4-fa with a little mxe mixed in at the tail end, extends the experience but can cause some lightheadedness so should be sitting down, as whenever mixing stims & dissociatives!

Mxe DID NOT WORK at the tail end of Butylone buzz, nor with M1 or meph. Racing heart issues were recognised, & lingering, extended, uncomfortable & unwanted stimulation. Cathinones & mxe in my experience NO!
My favourite combo for a right fuck up is one beer one joint and one generous line
mxe seems to work with all sorts... Mrs T Bitch reckons mxe is the key to understanding conciousness & says it's made her realise that in fact conciousness is not a "one thing", it's multi-layered & multi-dimensional.

ive felt this before. many layers to my consciousness...very deep... in retrospect i think i was delusional. but who knows. i didnt even feel like myself... just an entity. it was pretty wicked
Used MXE with Pods, Clonazepam, Etizolam, Pregabalin, Weed, Nitrous, Yopo snuff, Tramadol (only once, didn't try again after I read about the dangers) and a-MT. All worked just fine :D
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