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[Methoxetamine Subthread] Combinations

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Had mix of 600 mg DXM + 100 mg MXE (nasally) some days ago was not being informed about potential risk. Very nice experience compared with 1000-1100 mg of pure DXM but with much less body load. I didn't noticed any negative effects.
a pretty decent combo is equal quantities of methoxetamine & ketamine. i find it synergistic. for instance, 10mg k & 10mg m is much better than 20mg k alone or 20mg m alone. not really sure why. of course the amounts need to be adjusted to fit an individuals tolerance.
so i no it was dumb but did like 160mg of mxe threwout a 2 hour period with friends and .6 mushrooms at the beginning i never felt so weird or fuced up i floated evereverywhere walked in a bar told the dude wstanding their a giant fat guy i think he was the dude who checked id s he was wasted and im like im tripping my face off and he laughed and hugged me and told me to come on in lol he wallked throgh it and lights flashing me sweating from being so hot in a tie die shirt just casually walking i barely remember it but it was an amazing nite with friends i wish i would have took that 3/'4ths of a hit of fresh white on white ibeen saving for a month ugh o well
Mxe + dmt

Started off the day with a trip to the state fair and water park with 10mg 2C-C capped together with 110mg MXE. Snorted half the mixture and ate the other half for some mild dissociation while at the water park. This was quite fun, gave 5mg/50mg (2C-C/MXE respectively) to the GF later on and she promptly lost touch with reality for the greater portion of an hour.

A while later I snorted a little more of the MXE to give a boost to match the state of the GF and we continued to enjoy the fair until the end. Arrived home approximately 6 hours after initial MXE dose and prepped an I.M. shot of 80mg MXE for myself and 40mg for the GF and these were promptly administered. Later on insomnia kicked in and we decided to avoid attempting to sleep and simply browse the web. I decided this was a perfect time to take out the DMT I had been saving for a special occasion, this would be my GF's first time trying it. I prepped a mini-water bong and we smoked approximately 200mg between the two of us over the course of an hour.

I have to say the experience was mind blowing, and was repeated a few days later due to this. Orgasmic and incredible, my girlfriend fell in love with the possibilities of what DMT had to offer. I found a new go-to combination in getting my psychedelic rocker off. The best thing we could come up with to describe the experience was that it was like (in my words) the usual DMT trip without any of the anxiety normally associated with it, but then coming down to a Limitless/NZT style state of mind. Felt like we had complete control of our thoughts and a perfectly expanded mind. This lasts for quite some time, has a definite manic tint to it. GF experienced full blown mania a few days later after imbibing in the combination again so caveat emptor.
I havent had problems with combining MXE with MDMA, M1, or d-amp. Perhaps a slightly elevated heart rate but i dont find myself prone to getting paranoid about that so i just blow it off. MXE after d-amp was really really nice yesterday. More trippy than normal and brought me from on edge feeling shitty to totally comfortable very quickly

this is good to know as I am RXd dexadrine and may study on a few earlier in the day before dosing on MXE. I also was planning to experiment with combining with 4-mmc first and then a small like 10mg dose of MXE at comedown to prevent redose urge of 4-mmc. I know PhyllipThylamine stated it did not work for him but I have heard differently from several other people one in paticular tends to use roughly 10-25mgs of MXE during comedown of 4-mmc every time he indulges in mephedrone.
alcohol, mephedrone and mxe is quite nice

I think this is what I really want to try, could you go more into detail? When did you consume which RCs? amounts? I was thinking 4-mmc first then MXE 1-2 hrs later (whenever I feel like I want to redose the 4-mmc) then drinking 1 beer shortly after consuming the MXE (about 10mg of MXE to start and 200mgs of Mephedrone as I used to have a tolerance and know what I can handle).
I find that Tramadol doesn't kill my pain as it used to. This does but it is also mental, and fun. Not sure if combining them is dangerous, but I have and it doesn't seem to do anything 'more' or interact in any way. Are seizures possible or is it more about me falling asleep and dying?
I find that Tramadol doesn't kill my pain as it used to. This does but it is also mental, and fun. Not sure if combining them is dangerous, but I have and it doesn't seem to do anything 'more' or interact in any way. Are seizures possible or is it more about me falling asleep and dying?

i also take tramadol for pain and have had no problems with the combination. but then i take 50mg 3x day, so i would think dosage would play a part.
I have mentioned it in another RC combo thread in here but just saw this thread and it seems most relevant here.

I would urge extreme caution when combining MXE with an MDxx drug. I had approx 40 mg Methoxetamine then 2hours later 100mg Methylone (bk-MDMA) and when the Methylone peaked the experience went south promptly with racing heart and body overheating and general feeling of unwellness. It seemed somewhat like seretonin syndrome but I am not sure. This coupled with the Swedish dude who died from combo of MXE and MDAI makes me stay away from these types of combos from now on.
I'm a pretty heavy (all day, everyday) weed smoker so that is always in combination.. but I notice that if I'm on MXE that I really notice the herb high wear off and as soon as I smoke up again the MXE effects get much more intense for a bit...

In addition to that I've also foundthat MXE mixes very well with MDMA... I have an excellent hook for fire ass molly and I've yet to find something that goes with each other like these two do...

I'm not much of a drinker anymmore... I used to drink way too much but that's another story... these days I rarely drink even if most everyone else is, but I finda tall can of beer to be super pleasant on MXE... in fact the only times I've drank in the last few months were a couple times while on it...

I've also thrown some cocaine into the mix... more cuz I was tired... not a big fan of coke anymore since I got off shooting it with opiates... quit the opiates and don't really like the coke anymore but it didn't have any noticeable adverse effects and did the job I intended it to...

That same weekend I also did a fair amount of ketamine... it definately changed the feeling... much more sedate for me... and felt sorta fractral... almost celestial... but keep in mind that iby this point I have ingested everything previously listed and been doing some nitrous as well... but after all of this I still easily fell asleep and slept well and woke up in the morning feeling awesome...
Just took 240mg codeine with 100mg orphenadrine ("the best" antihistamine for opioid potentiating and haves euphoric effects even on its own), so would small dose like 10mg mxe plugged boost them if I take it now?
Given that I've finally fallen in <3 with aMT I'm dying to try this combo. From this thread and other sources it sounds safe enough and by all accounts utterly magical. Can anyone who's tried elaborate on their experience?

I was going to go slow with this, wait for the aMT to peak and then try about 30mg insufflated MXE to add 'flavour'.

[next day edit >_<] Also... does the anaesthetic effect of the MXE mask the entectogenic effect of aMT? This may seem like a daft question, but I so enjoyed squirming about like a mess and feeling the carpet on aMT ;) haven't had an experience like that since my first and best MDMA experiences.
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I did a shit ton of dmt (somewhere around 300mg) while on a large dose mxe (around 80mg?) and tripped for 3 days. Broke down and cried to pretty much everyone I know. Changed my life forever. I still relive the trip every time I trip on another substance.

It was an intense combination, not for anyone who wants to stay sane.
I also combined about 20mg mxe with somewhere like 400micrograms lsd, saw my reality rip at the seams, could not speak or comprehend anything for a good few hours. Made my entire body numb and I thought I was dead. I would do it again.
MiXEy + JWH or EtOH or Etizolam

Previously, I've combined MXE with Benzos, Alcohol or JWH Noids (and 25D-NBOMe, but that's a later tale). Although I hate cutesy names, I've taken to calling it "Mixey" due to it's amazing propensity to play nice with damn near everything that is thrown at it. Hell, MiXEy even goes well with poached egg, avacado, arugala and brie schmeared onto crispy bread alongside a mineral-dry white wine... eaten while lolling about a sun-drenched patio.

As a side note, identity and purity are critical to confidence in research, so at the time of receipt the MXE is split and sent on for testing by a consortium of purchasers; the few lots received so far have definitely been MXE.

All of the MXE mixes mentioned above were stellar. A typical MXE session consists of ~80-100 mg divided into 8 piles (10-12.5 mg). Typically, 37.5-40 mg is taken bolus, with 10-25 mg redoses taken at ~1-2 hour intervals until the piles are gone. Additionally, the accouterments (JWH, Alcohol, Benzos) are introduced at various points mid-flight.

ROA- Fingerprint/Toss-n-chase (p.o.):
It should be noted that the ROA for MXE here is per os (p.o.), specifically- a weighed pile of MXE is completely "fingerprinted" (pressed onto the fingertip in order to pick it up) and then transferred from the digit onto the back of the tongue and chased down the hatch with gulps of liquid (e.g. water, wine). Over a short time this ROA evolved and replaced insufflation of the fine, granular material, which had previously resulted in nosebleeds even when ground painstakingly fine (that can't be healthy). The employed p.o. ROA seems to be similar to the toss-n-chase that I frequently read kratom-heads utilize; or so I gather as kratom isn't allowed here. The p.o. fingerprint also replaced a few fleeting attempts at sublingual ROA, as absorption of dozens of mgs is physically impossible IMO. The hyperosmolarity produced by dumping dozens of mgs of salt-form MXE produces copious saliva, and it will not all absorb via the sublingual route. Sublingual claims for an amine salt compound dosed in the mid mg range is simply reedonkulous.

MiXEy with JWH:
As others have noted previously, the mix of MXE and JWH is very hard to titrate to a pleasant level and is fraught with the potential for an overwhelming experience. But imo JWH + MXE can be every bit as psychedelic as the classics, and the effort is well worth it. Imo, JWH019 works wonderfully, and is readily titratable (usually ~5-8 mg JWH019 vaped previous to the MXE comeup)... There is no anguish or terror or feeling that neurons have been scraped clean of all myelin. On the other hand, JWH210 (~3-6 mg vaped) can be a very overwhelming experience and a couple of times resulted in a repetitive, autistic-like "stimming" body movement repeated involuntarily for a couple of hours, followed by deeply slurred speech and confusion through the next day. It literally felt like I imagine the poor MPP+ parkinsons folks did back in the day in San Fran. Ugh.

Interestingly, if the JWH-210 is introduced at the end of the MXE run, it can be mind blowingly intense. A single, full vape of JWH-210 (which can't be much more than a mg or two actual absorbed, right?) can turn the MXE pleasant afterglow into a barrage of fleeting thoughts and fractalized mania. If the same JWH-210 amount is introduced during the comeup, there is a powerful experience, but not the unbearable autistic stimming movement and mania.

Bottom line- Suggested to stick with JWH-019, or 122 or 250 rather than the JWH-210 or AM-2201 uber-potent 'Noids when combining with MXE, so that the experience doesn't get easily out of hand.

That was all with vaped JWH. I've had one trial of oral JWH-019 (~6 mgs, dissolved in hot tahini sesame paste in the microwave) + oral ~20 mgs MXE, and this was so incredibly lush and euphoric and itchy-scratchy body feel that I've vowed to throw out the pizzo pipe/vaping apparatus and stick with oral routes for JWH when combining with MXE from now on (except when the JWH addition is spontaneously introduced in the midst of a MXE trip, then vaping is the only option to achieve the effect in a timely fashion).

MiXEy with EtOH:
Not nearly as psychedelic without JWH, but still a pleasant, euphoric body feeling... Alcohol mixes just waaaaay too well with MXE, and I agree with the poster above who noted that it cures hangovers. In fact, unfortunately, it also prevents hangovers, thus encouraging more ingestion of alcohol than I am really comfortable with. I really despise alcohol for it's gross, non-specific, solvent-like effects, but contrarily it's my favorite demon and it truly pairs well with MXE.

Typically, a liter of Cali pinot grigio is used to tip and chase the MXE down the hatch over the course of the evening. Maybe one liter-1.5L of 13% ABV white wine and 80-100 mg MXE sounds like a lot, idk, but it is usually spread out over around 6-8 hours or so. The feeling is of an initial alcohol warmth and euphoric rush... that just doesn't quit. Its almost like the MXE sustains the initial alcohol flush and doesn't let it get to the slobbery, slushy, toxic-feeling point. Eventually, the paired MXE and white wine result in a spaced out feeling, but not real tiredness. Which leads us to...

MiXEy with Etizolam:
Etizolam and MXE is nice, but milder than the aforementioned mixes. Perhaps it appeared mild because the combo hasn't been pushed to where it needs to be dose-wise, but benzo interactions and addiction are fearful beasts and for that reason this particular combo probably won't be explored that thoroughly over here.

One trial upped the Eti level to ~2 mg and MXE at ~30 mg, but this was largely a disappointment, as the benzo didn't heighten any of the introspective or visual aspects of MXE. It segued the MXE "trip" into a gentle, feel good, pillowy haze... The Etizolam shut down the insistent nature of the MXE thought process, such that it became corporeal rather than intellectual or spiritual. In essence, it seemed that Etizolam "aborted" the MXE magic in the same way it routinely does for Lucy, Boomers or the Shulgin's Pickles & Tickles.

Actually, Etizolam doesn't fully abort the MXE experience, it morphs it into a mellow, languishing euphoric body buzz that provides a solid counterpoint to the spaceyness of a MXE comedown and respite from the pushy thought processes. With this in mind, when Etizolam is utilized here it's most often simply to change the tone of the comedown from MXE manic-ville to nighty-night sleep time.

Falling asleep on MXE alone results in seemingly deep, but not restful sleep. Next-day naps are de rigueur after MXE flights, otherwise a nearly narcoleptic state ensues, including falling asleep at moments inopportune to professional advancement such as while talking to the Boss. Also, MXE-ified sleep doesn't seem to last longer than 4-6 hours, but that might simply be due to the onslaught of e-obligations that seem to pile up on any modern human who has the chutzpah to go incommunicado for a few hours.

But add in the Etizolam (absolutely limited to 250-500 ug [0.25-0.5 mg] buccal/sublingual, this is not recreational or abortive... it's integrative) and the MXE comedown becomes peaceful, the sleeping becomes restful. Paradoxically, it appears from limited experience that Etizolam helps negate the next-day narcolepsy as well. So, as for the other classic entheogens, with MXE the benzos (typified here by a non-benzo Etizolam) are being relegated to "comedown mode" only, and not recreation (ymmv). Actually, this is viewed in a positive light, as it would have been truly tragic to discover that MXE mixes stupendously well with Etizolam... Introduction of "Benzos" into a combination taken in a regular or routine manner is never good imo. I'd hate to find that I love a benzo combo almost as much as I hate to know that I love EtOH combos... but Etizolam has a special role to play for MXE at the final curtain call, and there it will stay. Etizolam will always be the bit player with MXE, yet Eti's role is essential and critical to piecing together the MXE matrix.
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I've seen conflicting reports regarding the synergy between MXE and 2C-x compounds, specifically 2C-E and 2C-P. Does anyone have any more detailed information?
I'm also interested in anything about the effects when in combination with DOC, as well as with AM-2201 or 5-MeO-DMT.
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