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[Methoxetamine Subthread] Combinations

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Im looking forward to trying some MXE with both M1 and 4-mmc (in different instances of course, unless anyone has dared to try all 3 already?!). Anyways I dont like the kilogram prices on MXE, sucks for everyone including people just trying to get a decent deal on 7gs, but whatever I got some on the way along with 4-mmc so looks like I may be trying it with 4-mmc first (even though I think I would prefer it to be the other way around as I obviously dont find m1 anywhere near as intense as 4-mmc). If anyone has tried either all 3 altogether or 2 of the 3 at a time, I would like to hear a report, thanks!
Recently bought and tried 5-Meo-Dalt, which was amazing - 1st dose of 40mg after a period of being clean and not mixing with anything else had me dancing like the good ol' psych dancing days of yore and grinning like a cheshire cat - anyways, I tried 30mg MXE and 50mg of 5-Meo-Dalt on Friday night and had a wonderful night, dancing and socialising quite happily for a good 4 hours. There were times when the longevity of the experience felt like it could go on for hours and hours, i.e. a good solid immersion. Definitely one for future use, thumbs up!! - haven't had too much problem bumping MXE after a night of MDMA but always end up with unpleasant headache if MDAI mixed with MXE.....
Tonight, I'll be combining 2C-C (first time 2C-C) and MXE. I'm excited! If only I could build up enough effort to write and finish a report.

I tried 32mg 2C-C and 30mg MXE. It was really cool. Both body highs seem to compliment each other quite nicely.

Nasal 2C-B + MXE + Weed is a heavenly combo aswell.
I very much enjoyed the combination. Nausea was present but I enjoyed it for the most part. I dosed 20mg orally. 4-6 hours later (my memory is a bit off) I dosed around 10mg insufflated and took small bumps of MXE throughout. Currently w/o mg scales so I had to eyeball the MXE bumps but I'm familiar with what is an appropriate amount. I really felt like the MXE was relaxing and potentiating the experience.
MXE + 2C-D - Surprisingly visual

Tried 25mg MXE and 30mg 2C-D with odd results. Come up was kind of strange but once it leveled out it was far more visual than 30mg of 2C-D alone would be.
Does some crasy boy tried to mix deprenyl (selegiline at IMAO-B dose, aka under 5mg) with MXE? I saw that ketamine is okay with selegiline, but don't have a fucking clue for the selegiline + MXE combo...
^It's hard to say. Many suspect MXE is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. I wouldn't fuck around mixing things with selegiline. I can't imagine the MXE experience would benefit enough to take the risk. At best maybe it would be more stimulating, at worst...
Had a go at 2C-C and MXE as well today. Plugged both at the same time (first time plugging 2C-C, so i halved my oral comfy dose). As expected quite a fast come up while trying to deceipher posts on Bluelight. Found myself peaking shortly after when I was sitting on the toilet not having a clue wtf was going on. I think I even drooled a little on the floor :p
Anyways, I eventually managed to get my computer to play music. Awesome. Floating and being pulled in MXE land was quite enhanced by the phenethylamine, especially my music appreciation. CEV's as well. No typical 2C-C OEVs at all; probably dosed too low.
I also had a big beer to my dinner prior to the experience and am going to up my 2C-C dose a little when I'm tripping again. I might think about redosing MXE as well as it was wearing off faster than the second component.
Can't be arsed to read through this but if any of you remember Butylone and the often wierd way it interacted with other drugs. If you find some lying around it goes extremely well with MXE.

You get a bit of the classic stim/dissociative complementary, but far subtler than good old Mortal Kombat.

But Butylone has this way of bringing something more out of other drugs and this is a prime example with MXE. Its kinda hard to explain, except that once your rolling on em both together you know it works, and when you need a top-up, mixing Butylone into the MXE makes it seems like it all kicks in immediately. Certainly seems to make MXE a bit nippier in its delayed effects.

At the other end of the night, a couple of Etizolam really do the trick when you get that awkward bit of not fucked anymore but not really coherant enough to do anything or say much or expect to sleep for a while.
I also went to Beautiful Days the other week, sniffed a fair bit of mox, (sorry MXE, we all call it mox round here), drank a little more strong cider than i realised, sniffed a fat line of K and become some kinda lairy, shouty, drunkard type on the outside, only in my head well i'm not really too sure what happened in there think i mox-holed at one point which is a bit of a rarity. I'm not one for drinking that much and I'm only recently rediscovering cider (not the cheap white shit) but drunken-moxified is quite a good one.
Combined 11mg MXE and 20mg 2C-C the other night. Came on in 2 minutes and 6 minutes later I was frying harder than I ever have in my entire life. MXE smoothed the comedown out a lot and helped me keep my sanity. Highly recommended combo.
Does anyone know if it's safe to mix MXE and 4-fa? I personally love ketamine and d-amphetamines so this combination seems like it would be lovely for me.
I would say that things that mix well with ket or pcp mix well with mxe...

Well I mean k goes great with MDMA yet if you try and mix MXE with MDMA I think that's a big no-no. I was just wondering whether 4-fa had any neural activity that would make it dangerous to combine with MXE.

Also, how long should one wait to use MXE after dosing something like MDMA, I only ask since I did a methylone and mdai combination tonight and I was wondering if it was safe to say take a dose of MXE 3-4 hours after the effects had gone.
Can't be arsed to read through this but if any of you remember Butylone and the often wierd way it interacted with other drugs. If you find some lying around it goes extremely well with MXE.

You get a bit of the classic stim/dissociative complementary, but far subtler than good old Mortal Kombat.

Hi! Can I ask what were your doses of each chemical, which ROA and how long the effects lasted? Thanks.
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