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[Methoxetamine Subthread] Combinations

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30mg of mxe was taken together with some kava kava extract.

Ive done this combo before with nice effects but this time it gave me a weird headache that i was finally able to sleep away from.

But 4hours after i fell asleep i woke up with an even worse headache, it felt like a tension headache that i can get sometimes from my neck but alot worse.

Took 2painkillers and after 1hour of massaging my skull neck and jaw lines. i could finally lay still long enough to fall asleep again.

Today i feel like i have some mild cramps around my skull base and feel abit weird.

I will def not try this combo again after this horrible side effect.

I did however use a old bag of mxe that i bought almost a year ago, i have 10grams of fresh mxe that feels alot cleaner and tastes less, i usually use the new one but for some reason i used the old one yesterday.

Could degradation of mxe maybe cause some unwanted effects? cause ive noticed a weird headachey feeling before from older batches but this new one has felt alot cleaner somehow.
Not open for further replies.