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(Methoxphenidine / 82mg) - Experienced - Worthwhile addition


Bluelight Crew
May 6, 2010
Background Info:
Weight: 57kg
Experience: Experienced with various dissociatives including Ketamine, MXE, DXM, Diphenidine
Tolerance: No/low tolerance to dissociatives - maybe some acute tolerance present from taking this a few more times during the two weeks that were prior to when I wrote this.

Drug Info:
Drug: Methoxphenidine or 2-MeO-Diphenidine (See the thread in PD)
Dose: 82mg
ROA: Oral

Important note: My metabolism was messed up at the time I wrote this report (and still is) - drugs as a result take a long time to come up when taken orally and have an extended duration. This should last 4-5 hours for others and take 1-2 to peak.

T+0:00 - 82mg Methoxphenidine consumed orally wrapped inside a rolling paper.
T+0:15 - First alerts
T+0:30 - Familiar improved tactile sensations and sense of wellbeing are growing, feeling good.
T+0:40 - Starting to feel a little dissociated. Also feel a little hungry, though I don't think this is an effect of the drug - it's still worth noting that it hasn't inhibited my appetite.
T+1:20 - More dissociated but still not much, tactile sensations have continued to increase though and I feel like this would be a good time for a shower.
T+1:45 - Shower was great as always on dissociatives, time dilation present, felt a lot longer than it actually was, could have stayed in there for hours but decided against wasting water and got out and got dry.
T+2:30 - Dissociation still growing.
T+2:50 - Dissociation still a step below 60mg oral Diphenidine, but it seems like the effects may still be growing. I think my previous assumption about metabolism was correct, as once again over the past few days my eating habits were a little out of whack. Feeling *very* good. I have to say that this substance feels like it leans more to the recreational side than plain Diphenidine does.
T+3:20 - Effects have yet grown stronger, I've noticed there seems to be less perceptual dissociation and more "thought dissociation/mindfuck" at this level when compared to the 60mg Diphenidine dose. I notice that I am unable to remember some words that I would like to use to describe the experience at this point.
T+4:30 - Dissociation still increasing, very in depth thoughts, introspection was the word I was looking for earlier and couldn't remember - this drug seems very introspective. Even at 82mg I feel like I am climbing almost to the tip of the mountain and like the hole is not far off. Similar strength to 110mg Diphenidine.
T+4:50 - Talking to a friend about their depression and consequently evaluating things I have overcome in my own life and how far I've come, going quite deep into my own thoughts and thinking about ways to improve my life further. I feel like I'd very much like to explore this compound together with someone I trust very much and see how we evaluate each other's lives during the peak.
T+5:00 - Very stimulated and motivated, dissociation feels extremely clean, euphoric, wonderful. Bliss! Dissociation is already starting to reduce now I think though.
T+5:40 - Spent the last 40 minutes having a very deep discussion with the same friend I mentioned earlier, going very well, communication is easy, very therapeutic for me, and hopefully also for him
T+6:10 - Decide to go to the shops to pick up some food. Going outside in the sun is wonderful and I'm hit by an utter sense of awe and bliss, a feeling I've missed since my first time taking Ketamine outside on a sunny summer's day.
T+6:40 - Get back home, unpack the shopping, play with my dogs, feeling great, happy, alive. Had a very good trip tonight and am very pleased with the results. A significant way down now, but still far from baseline.
T+7:20 - Almost down, but can tell I'm going to be left with an awesome afterglow. Feel like playing some online poker now, and don't feel like my thinking abilities will be altered for the worse.
T+7:40 - Fully baseline, great afterglow as expected.

Really nice stuff. Introspective and deep, and also warm and recreational. Diphenidine is an interesting curiosity that I'd recommend to the dissociative connoisseur but that might not always hit the spot for someone looking for a more recreational or more deep and dissociating experience - Methoxphenidine/2-MeO-Diphenidine on the other hand is something I think anyone who likes dissociatives will most likely enjoy.

People who enjoy stimulating dissociatives are likely to really like this one - those more keen on sedating ones like Ketamine might not enjoy it as much. Also don't go in expecting an MXE or Ketamine replacement - there is some similarity in a lot of ways to MXE but the experience is unique and I think if you take it as a replacement you'll be disappointed whereas if you take it as its own unique experience you'll have an awesome time.

For what it's worth as I said in my report this stuff is more potent by weight than Diphenidine. ~80-85mg Methoxphenidine is about the same as ~110-115mg Diphenidine in terms of dissociation, though at these doses Methoxphenidine is more positive/euphoric.
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i love me some dissociation so i would like to try anything new. too bad the only place to get this one is unfriendly to my national geography.
i love me some dissociation so i would like to try anything new. too bad the only place to get this one is unfriendly to my national geography.

I think (maybe someone could confirm?) that this and Diphenidine should be legal in most countries (if not all) - though am unsure due to them technically containing the amphetamine backbone.

If they are legal all over though then I'd imagine this'll spring up in other countries given some time if enough people react as positively to it as I did. :)
I've always found doses of DXM to be very stimulating and never slurred my words at the right doses.

After years it has lost its magic, I am not really trying to hole out but just find a replacement for a fun night out/in. Do you think Methoxphenidine has got that DXM gravity/headspace?
Me and a friend took 120mg of MXP orally for the first time today, doing it on a full stomach might have had a negative effect on it because after 2 hours of nothing we were then just mildly confused for 5 hours. Then 2 hours of mild depression. Will try again tomorrow on empty stomach with a higher dose.
Did mxp the other night with a friend whilst going clubbing, not the best setting id say for a drug of this kind.

9:30 - dropped 150mg mxp each orally mixed with water, drank water and swallowed.

10:30 - hour passed not much in the way of effects, little floatiness and tingling in hands.

11:00 - waiting for the bus into town, still feel the same however getting confused by little things, etc trying to work out the difference between the sky and the road.

11:30 - halfway on bus journey into city centre, mxp had started its peak by this point, staring out the window thinking we was in a new city, and every road was interesting and felt like the longest journey we had ever been on. Little floor lights on the bus looked like street lamps and was feeling floaty and smiling a lot by this point.

12:00 - just walked into the club, no memory of how I got there feet and brain just seemed to walk in conjunction.

12:30 - mxp is definitely at its peak now, standing on the sidelines looking out into the dance floor, looks like one big living room, like being a baby again, all the lights are crisp and clear and the environment around me is interesting as hell.

1:30 - tripping hard, we felt uncomfortable and on edge in the club so decided to leave however had trouble leaving as we thought we was in a haunted house ride going through the tunnels to the exit.

By this point we decided we would rather walk the streets then stay in the nightclub, ended up staring in shop windows and examining all the back alleys.

2:30 - hour later we stopped at some bar, sat on the sofa still feeling tripped out, TV was playing family guy and the screen was going different colours, blue,green,red,purple etc. tried to text on my phone but nothing made sense.

3:30 - after sitting here for an hour I was starting to come back to reality, the environment was coming back to me and the feeling of dissacotiaveness was wearing down. Head was buzzing and eyes were tingling like a weak hit of nitrous (laughing gas).

4:00 - went chippy to go get food. Sober by this point. Wondered what the fuck just happened for the last 5 hours.

4:45 - home. Totally sober. Tired and ready to sleep. Very weird night indeed.

Definitely a drug with good effects if taken a good amount, not reccomended for clubbing however as I was on edge in the environment I was in.
Got a delivery of MXP early in the week, took an eyeballed dose, (1g seperated into 20, equal by eye doses). Then after 2 hours another with about 10mg dissolved in water.

Only one previous eperience with Methoxphenidine where I knew nothing about what I was taking, I just wanted to get high. It was a really amazing experience. Anyway, the chaotic, incomplete trip report.

00.00 its 7pm, bombed 1 dose (approx 50mg) As this was my second time you would think I would have done a bit more research, but no.

00.30 a little tingling and difficulty following simple tasks like internet browsing.

00.50 a little euphoria but nothing as profound as I want.

00.55 really need to pee all the time and also notice I feel confused and want to observe everything around me. I must look like an owl searching every corner for "something". That's what I was looking for, something.

01.30 reduced euphoria, short periods of time dilation are happening, I have the uncontrollable urge to walk aimlessly around my house, I don't know why.

01.45 no discernible change, bomb another dose and another few crystals disolved in water. This was a bad idea.

02.25 I find myself wandering, repeating, "what's going on" incessantly. Worry is setting in and I dont have the background knowledge to realise I need to calm down and ride this shit out.

02.55 A walk to the local hospital seems to be my only option. It feels like the only safe place to be. It is around 400m but it takes an age to get there. On the way I am convinced I am going to die. Everybody watches as I walk by, I think it's because they know my fate.

03.00 this is the last time I can be accurate about the time. I fell in and out of consciousness over the next couple of hours while experiencing dissociation, time dilation, acute confusion and profound fear.

Approx 03.10 booked into A&E, I only know this because I was told later. At no point during my stay in hospital I didn't mention drugs, they knew of course.

Approx 04.00 these are the short periods I can remember during the next hour. I became aware of repeating questions to a nurse but not being able to understand what either of us was saying.

Found myself answering questions like name, D.O.B. etc, they were obviously checking if my amnesia went further than transient short term memory loss.

Fell of the trolly I was lying on and fell for several hours through a kaleidoscope of colour, heat, light, pain, pleasure etc, etc, etc, that was pure delight. Once I landed I was chastised by a nurse for "being silly".

05.12 I know this for a fact because the mental health services liaison officer told me it was 12 past midnight. She started talking to me about suicide and self halm, drug therapy and asked if I felt like hurting somebody. I convinced her to ley me go, which she did.

05.45 left the hospital (ignored by every member of staff who had internally branded me "druggy". I do have mental health issues but drugs are only ever used as a bit of a crappy coping mechanisms every now and then. MXE should NEVER be used for this purpose.

06.02 home, 01.02am, licking wounds inflicted by stupidity knife.

I'm sure you'll agree, not one to repeat.

I'll post my first experience another time, it was a much better way to approach this drug.

My advice, if there's any point taking advice from the wielder of a stupid knife, is go steady, start small and be extra careful with redosing, this drug can tear you to pieces like a polar bear having lunch.

And a sitter if psychadelics/dissociates are new to you.
I can understand . Being new to psychedelics but having fair experience of other rec.s I got 250 mgs mxp. The first venture at 50mg being very novel and pleasant. A few days later at 100 was a completely different experience
Not saying it was in any way worse just totally different. From 50mg being mildly euphoric and fun to 100 mg being the strangest feeling I've ever had. I.e the world wasn't real matrix kind of thing. Luckily I just laid back but at times uncertainty crept in. Interesting and positive but yeah I get it. If I go again it'll be with more caution and a comfy chair. Quite frightening. I made the mistake of thinking that because I have a high tolerance for alcohol it would apply. Nope
would disso users say that experienced psychedelic users have better chances of the dealing with disso experiences? im planning on experimenting with dissos this year, am pretty experienced with a variety of psychedelics and a variety of doses. just curious.