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RCs methyl 3-(2-(benzylmethylamino)ethyl)benzoate (PRL-8-53) thread


Jul 10, 2013
On the tweek again. Drinkin' county prune!


Figured I'd go ahead and start this thread.

A double-blind trial of PRL-8-53 on 47 healthy volunteers measured its effects on a variety of cognitive measures. 5mg of the drug was administered orally 2-2.5 hours before the study tasks.
Subjects were given 12-item word lists to memorize as part of the trial. While initial word acquisition performance on PRL-8-53 was only 107.46% of baseline, subjects recalled words at 132.5-142.7% of the baseline rate 24 hours after testing, and at 145.2-146.2% after a week. Stronger effects were noted in the bottom 60% of subjects (who recalled 6 or fewer words on placebo at 24h), with 24 hour retention improved to 187.5-191% of baseline, and one week retention to 200-205%. Subjects over 30 displayed even more substantial results, with improvements to 208-222% and 236-252% of baseline performance at one day and one week respectively.
Both visual reaction time and fine motor control improved to a statistically insignificant degree.
No side effects were reported during the trial.

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Got a chance to try it myself today. Used the same 5mg dose from the study, taken orally. Came as a white powder.

It has the exact same initial taste as meth, but it's a local anesthetic that totally numbers your mouth up for about a half hour (due to the benzoic acid moiety, I assume)

Although the study does not report it as a classical stimulant, I felt very "hyper-vigilant" within several minutes. More like a high dose of modafinil than an amphetamine. By about a half hour in, I could tell it had a clear effect on my mood. Sort of a subtle euphoriant and stronger anxiolytic, despite making me very alert. Bit like tianeptine in that regard. I ran some tests on short term memory, and performance was the same as baseline. No changes in vital signs.

The interesting part is what happened to my long term memory. I recall the first 3 hours or so post dose extremely vividly compared to normal, like it was some extremely important event, like a "flashbulb memory".

I'll be trying higher doses in the future.
Any thing to report re motivation, productivity or cognitive improvement or is this really just an imprinting compound?
I just obtained some prl-8-53 and would like to know what to do with it. Take it orally? In what dosage? Snort it? Some help here, guys...
well, this thread is very quiet. I thought I would add my own experiences to this thread. I have, on repeated occasions, snorted a tiny bit of this substance. I would say a line no longer than my pinkie fingernail (mind you, I'm a girl, so my pinkie fingernail is a bit longer than most of yours. I measured and it's about 2.5 cm. So about that length and not a thin line either. Half in one nostril and the other half in the other. This stuff BURNS like hell, and I've snorted a lot of things that burn your nose, so I'm capable of tolerating the burn (MDMA burns to snort too, but not as much as this stuff.) Each time my nasal passageways swelled and made it difficult to breathe through the nose. However, upon snorting it, I feel a sensation of great clarity. It's as if my vision became sharper, and my mind became quicker. I also felt the "speedy" effects that this substance is rumored to have (I have been having repeated nightmares, for over a week now, so tonight I was too afraid to go to sleep and thus decided to stay up all night and nap during the day. When I nap during the day I do not have nightmares.) My pulse remains steady, not accelerated like it would be if I snorted coke or meth. (BTW I licked the card I used to chop it finely with, and this stuff tastes TERRIBLE. Been drinking flavored liquids for a while now to get the taste out of my mouth.)

All in all, I have to say I'm satisfied with the result of my experiment. I achieved what I wanted to achieve, which was greater mental clarity and an increased alertness. This drug would be perfect for someone trying to study for their finals and pulling an all-nighter (although I always used adderal and ritalin, both of which have a bit of euphoria as well, so I would say that I would probably prefer those over this for studying, just because I like to feel good :) )
Might find this anecdotal report useful:

Xander | 220lbs | Dose: 6mg said:
PRL-8-53 is an old nootropic (first researched in the 1970's) which disappeared and was just re-discovered.

I found that measuring out 10mg and mixing with 10cc of water in a syringe makes administration much easier (please note that I did NOT inject myself with this strange chemical, and would not recommend doing so).

It took about an hour for effects to come in. I took the PRL-8-53 just before I went to work on an 'average day'. In total, the effects lasted around 6 hours.

Throughout the day I found it much easier to chat with strangers and make short (nonawkward) conversation. I would say that I felt more content than normal throughout the day. I cannot say much for long-term memory, but my working memory went to complete shit. About six times throughout the day I completely lost the word I was searching for mid-sentence, then forgot what I was talking about while looking for the word. This is a common symptom with some nootropics, such as noopept.

No hangover whatsoever. I very very very rarely get nightmares, but had a terribly depressing dream that night. I dreamt that I suddenly became depressed in my life, and my would-be successful life/career went completely down the toilet because I couldn't combat depression. It was a particularly odd and disturbing dream because I've never been seriously depressed, nor do I usually have nightmares. I have heard of other people undergoing personal trials who have experienced incredibly surreal and intense dreams.

I have a ton more sitting up in my shelf, but I'm going to hold off to see if there are any longitudinal studies done on this one ;)
Any safety concerns with this one?

Should it be used daily for best effects? Or cycled? in case of unknown side effecfs.
This stuff is incredible. When I pulled my keyboard (piano) out to try to learn a couple Between the Buried and Me songs I realized a very noticeable difference on my memory. Not only was it the first time I tried playing again in a few years but I played 4-5 times better than I ever had. I could remember where the chords were without needing to look, I could play with both hands simultaneously which was what I always had problems with before, but the best part about it was I could look at the tabs and remember over 10 steps without needing to look back at the paper when before I would need too constantly keep checking the tabs after at most 3 steps while learning something.

This stuff is an A+ in my book.

I've combined it with Adderall, and once with 5-MeO-MiPT (at 15mg) which it really kicked up the psychedelic effects of it despite I took 4-AcO-MET & 5-MeO-MiPT in combination the night before. It felt different to the usual psychedelicness that occurs during higher doses of 5-MeO-MiPT it's hard to explain much more pre-Ego Loss LSD like in feeling and thought patterns. Something special even though there was the tolerance, I would have to say it was even more psychedelic than the night before which was very weak on the mind and a bit of eye candy (on ~25mg of 4-AcO-MET and 10mg of 5-MeO-MiPT).