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Tryptamines My first ever trip here’s my experience (DMT)

I’m interested to know does DMT provide any body high or euphoric feeling? Are you aware of time during the experience/high?
The body high is intense, but at the same time you sort of become unaware of your body.

People often compare it to being strapped go a rocket, but I always felt like I was falling through the earth at great speed because I would always have butterflies in my stomach and it reminded me of the feeling you get on a rollercoaster.

Time becomes utterly meaningless. It seems to slow down... but the experience also happens very quickly and is over before you know it.

I would usually wear headphones and put on some music. You become completely unaware of the fact music is playing. Once I could hear/understand that I am listening to music again, I knew I was coming down (and it was comforting), which sort of circles around to not being aware of your body or normal senses.

It's all a bit paradoxical because unlike other psychedelics it doesn't interrupt your thought/cognitive process as much as other psychedelics, but completely obliterates your senses. You can gaze into the beauty of the experience with cognitive clarity, but are completely out of your body.

i agree completely it hits you like a train, the onset is immediate, for me time was completely different it felt like hours yet In reality it was only a short 5 mins. Everything we know and perseve as time is altered sometimes my strength do such drug surprises me, I go through life with absolutely no fear anymore, it has completely changed my career and life journey I have never felt more free. fear is failure my friends. Breakthrough that barrier and remember it’s all in the mind your stronger then you think.
God I wish I could be in that place. Fear is a huge issue for me.