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Poetry My Life is a Meme


Apr 29, 2012
My Life is a meme,
nothing appears as it seems.
Mid-day an awaken dream
I don't know what this means...
But anyway
I spent a day or two in hell
Two is and understatement,
For note,
Mom was sick, dad was broke
So many hospital bills
that it's hard to stay afloat
with 3 kids in your boat.
It was murder she wrote,
like those shows we watched with them
when we were just kids
and just like in the pictures
the trauma was imminent
in my existence.
A re-occurring theme
in my life.
Life is a meme,
now re-occurring words that I sing,
that brings forth such emotion as it pours through me
But anyway,
Mom was sick, dad was strugglin'
Son was an addict, with a brother and a sister
with their own demons at em'
But it wasn't all bad
There were those summers
at the grandparents
but those memories have been tainted
since then, one of my best friends
left a body within a stones throw
of them's residence
by sheer coincidence.
I never even told him where they live,
just happened to do dirt
where my happiest memories exist
And I struggle to forgive
I'd be lying if i said I did,
but rest in peace friend,
I won't mention your name here,
cuz' anyone close knows what I'm talking about.
We had fun,
some of the most fun of my life.
The most fun I've had since those summers long ago
with a field and a pretty view
that you felt perfectly fit to slash through.
I know it wasn't your intention,
but the weight of your actions
weighs heavy on my existence.
Yet I miss you, I wont lie
Like I said, best times of my life.
And I hate to say it, but since you died,
it's been nice being able to close this chapter of my life.

There's lots of trauma
unspoken of in this prose
But it stacks in my life
like columns and rows
I promise you that,
but I'll speak of the ex
that wields a mason jar like an axe
on another track.

I'm out.
Well structured and informative whilst still being a gripping read.
Good work friend I would certainly read more of your work