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N-Methyl-N-isopropyllysergamide 200 mcg


Aug 12, 2019
Jan 5th 2020

30 yr old male, 210 lbs, 5 ft 11.

Blood pressure at 2:15 pm, is 126 over 70 with a resting heart rate of 62 beats per minute in the left arm, right arm is 125 over 68 with a resting heart rate of 54.

Had previously tried EiPLA. This is MiPLA, same dose.

This morning (8:30 am) I consumed;

-15 mg 9-methyl-β-carboline
- ~ 1.2 mg semax IV (Intravenously)
- 130 mg bromantane (finished off the stash)
- 30 mg facoracetam
- 2 cups of half caf coffee

Just got back from a 2 hour session in a luxurious sauna in town with some friends from work. Consumed 200 mcg N-Methyl-N-isopropyllysergamide at about * 2:20 pm (t 0:00) after taking my vitals. I have eaten nothing yet today and am about to replenish my sodium loss with a double order of ramen.

2:50 pm (t 0:30). Excess salivation and a slight cerebral sensation are creeping up on me as time goes on.

I have been feeling in a bit of a rut emotionally after the holidays, and today felt like an appropriate day to experience this novel substance.

3:30 (t 1:50) +1.5; My girlfriend came with me to get ramen on a whim. She wasn't going to, but she did anyway. We ordered, and while were waiting, every sound in the restaurant was more pronounced. The chatter on the tv, the conversations in Japanese in the back, and the sounds the other customers were making were all distinctly audible, seeming as though I was listening to each different source as if it was in isolation. Again, as with EiPLA, color enhancement was quite pronounced and I was noticing paint brush marks in the paint over what appeared to be a once tile wall behind us. At 3:30 (just before the walk) my girlfriend noticed one of my pupils was not the same size as the other, left being dialated significantly more than the right. I was not concerned, but she was somewhat worried. I was in the +1.5 range on the shulgin scale. Everything was easy and clear, but there was a fairly strong euphoria, tracers were apparent, and colors oozed saturated hues and appeared lush. The headspace was introspective.

We paid and left on a longish 1 hour walk, in what was much better weather than we'd had in a while. The sun was at that "Golden hour" angle, and every mossy tree and every pebble was cast in a dramatic splash of sunlight on one side, casting long dark shadows on the other. It was especially beautiful this evening. The girlfriend and I had a good conversation, about things we would like to see ourselves improve upon in terms of health and personal goals, and we set 5 of our own individual goals, and made 5 goals to achieve together. It was a very productive and engaging conversation in which we bettered our communication skills with one another, we talked about things that are hard to talk to and generally nurtured our relationship through meaningful and mindful goal setting for the betterment of us both. There was also more lighthearted moments, but it especially felt good to engage like that.

4:50 (t 2:30) +1; We arrive back at the house. Blood pressure in left arm 134 over 82 with a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minute. Right arm blood pressure 136 over 70 with a resting heart rate of 69. Nothing really seems out of the ordinary considering how much sodium I just consumed (2 orders of ramen and the broth) and I'm feeling pretty decent.

I put on some music to set the mood (Spotless minds by Tesk).

From the vitals on to 7:00 pm, we talked, wrote on paper each of the goals in our own notebooks. I noticed my printing wss much neater than it is usually as it would be on an amphetamine, its usually chicken scratch, but when I put pen to paper, every letter was neat and tidy. I gave her a massage for her stiff neck, we had more deep conversation and came up with lots of creative ideas to keep our relationship healthy, ways of growing together and ways of improving some habits that will lead to better quality of life. It was nice to plan for good instead of mindlessly just going through the paces in a day, which it is so easy to do. It was brought up that the drugs that I was on was a big reason for the whole initiation of these topics and ideas. And it was well recieved, with one of the final points being that I should try to be more mindful of my drug use, as December / January were pretty experimental and pretty regular. So the consideration is definitely there, among other things. We covered a lot in this talk.

7:00 (t 4:40) I put dinner in the oven, make a second pot of tea, and we snuggle up to watch some Adventure Time. Pretty much down by now, anticipating bed time after meal prep and planning the itinerary for Tomorrow

9:00 (t 6:40) Fell asleep on the couch, went to bed
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