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Negative health effects from your drug use?

Fucking hell jackal by the sound of it you could sit on the motorbike and just lift your arse and guff for forward propulsion 😃
Overall I’m fairly healthy, however in 2010 I had endocarditis and had my mitral valve replaced. My blood pressure runs a little high, but I take meds for that. I always felt like I had good oral hygiene, but my poor teeth are slowing but surely rotting.
As long as you arnt sewing together those leggings im right there with you all!

(Peter sutcliffe injoke)
constant pain
constant headaches
constant depression
constant anxiety
constant diarrhea
constant stomach pain
lack of appetite
weight gain
weight loss
loss of jobs
loss of apartments
loss of girlfriends
bad hygiene
smelling like shit
wanting to kill myself
lack of sex
lack of fun
being poor
everyone hates you
you hate yourself
bad breath
gray hairs
being ill
stage 2 hypertension
acute liver damage
brain damage
no more friends
no self esteem
work a shitty job
going to jail
going to rehab
white spots on my fingernails
various infections due to suppressed immune system
cancer exposure
low testosterone
coughing up tar
nose bleeds and sinus damage
lack of taste or smell (cigarettes)
stealing from loved ones
being judged
being excluded
sleep problems
organ damage
cigarette burns all over my arms
friends dying
inability to focus
not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
being out of shape
not having a future
hating your past
constant fatigue
pissing brown
being kicked out of the house for the 10th time
doubting yourself
expect to die young
yellow or no teeth at all
being stigmatized
never accomplishing your goals
not having any goals
horrible memories
the neighbors hate you
embarrassing yourself
having your recycle bin full of cans within a week
paying fines
forsaking God
cleaning your toilet every other day because all you do is produce diarrhea
shitting your pants
needing to shower more than once
dying faster than everyone else
shrinking brain
RLS and atrophy
blood clots
passing on your genes
chronic insomnia
puking all over your car

... just a few of the side effects I've experienced over the last 20 years, I could have kept going but got bored
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Letting folk down. Feeling like a clown. Shaky everyday, dehydration, vit b deficiency, loneliness, embarrassment, physical withdrawals or smelling of alcohol. Should have stuck with the uppers and kit. Nah. Journey, just a hard one at the moment.
Collapsed vein and can't really snort anything now either. Fast heart rate. Nothing serious though, so can't really complain. Working on it all someday I'll be sane.
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I'd say the only substance to have had an actual negative effect on me was Alcohol... I used to drink heavy with my mates and it made my skin age so bad. I am in my mid 20s and it was ageing me so I decided to cut it back massively and I noticed such a difference in my skin and face.

I have been using topical retinoids for probably the past month and I can see the ageing being reversed slowly. I also decided to supplement the B vitamins to make sure there was no long lasting effects. I have always had normal Liver function tests and had a ultrasound for an unrelated condition and showed no damage so I am in the clear.
Anyone noticed drugs affecting their general health in anyway? So far ive been quite lucky not noticed anything but i have tended to stick with psychedelics. I did once flake out in a field after taking too much ghb but thats about it. Woke up in hospital having a brainscan and a doctor said "do you take any illegal drugs?" ( i said "No, never")
It must have been a shock waking up in a hostpital.
I took too much ghb in a pub once, I woke up on a sofa with someone slapping me around the face.
Weird stuff ghb.
I poured the bottle down the drain after that - too easy to overdose. If only the silly bastards would make drugs legal you could stick to safe stuff like cannabis edibles etc