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RCs New stimulant, 4-Methylmethylphenidate (4-Me-TMP)

What a simple but excellent design idea. It will increase serotonin release/serotonin reuptake more than plain methylphenidate. I think the reason it's only just surfaced is that ritalinic acid used to be available commercially VERY cheaply so ethylphenidate & isopropylphenidate would be the next obvious steps (just dehydrate with a different alcohol).. I am going to guess that it's very much like methadrone/pyrophenidone_.

Now, this is also important because it begs the question 'will other ring substitutions give Ritalin derivatives 5HT2a affinity?' because if so, Sasha's Pihkal & Tihkal might need a third volume - Pheikal (Phenyl piperidine ester IHKAL DMBPMM (2-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromobenzyl)-6-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperidine) suggests that it is so.

I've tried p-Me Aminorex and that is a serotonin releaser/serotonin reuptake inhibitor BUT it will not fit into the 5HTaa receptor. Believe me, we tried.

Interestingly ethylphenidate is quite a bit more serotonergic than 4-methyl-methylphenidate:

I don't think any of the aryl substituted MPH analogs have significant SERT affinity (at least relative to their DA/NE affinity). Unless you consider naphthalene an aryl substitution (the naphthalene methylphenidate analog supposedly quite active at the SERT 🤔. But not so sure a napthalene could be considered an aryl substitution, i suppose technically it is (i'm not much of a chemist).
Yeah, even stuff like 3,4-CTMP (dichloromethylphenidate) is a plain NDRI, while its amphetamine counterpart is a SSRA (and neurotoxin).
Well, p-Me, p-CH3O-, p-CH3S,-TFM amphetamines & benzylpipridine derivatives are all almost wholly SERT transport inhibitors. So is p-Me aminorex. I think the p-(pseudo)halo (meth)amphetamines also are.

The problem is that ring-substitution can easily lead to unwanted activity. I think every ring-substitution has been tried. Shulgin & Nichols have pretty much filled in all of the gaps.
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How long is the duration compared to MPH? Would you describe it as better or worse for study & motivation than MPH? Would it show as MPH on a drug test?
Just gave this one a shot at 16mg Insufflated. I have a lot of experience with stims including a number of amphetamines, pyrovalerones and phenidates. The phenidates that I have tried are IPPH, Methylphenidate, Ethylphenidate, 4f-mph and now 4-Me-TMP.

Its still way too early to say as I just consumed it 20 minutes ago, but so far so good. No burn upon snorting, very mild mood lift, no anxiety as of yet. I'd agree so far that it feels most similar to methylphenidate, although it's been a number of years since I've had any. 4-me-tmp so far feels less euphoric than both Ethylphenidate and Methylphenidate, but I can already tell that it has more recreational potential than both IPPH and 4f-mph, both of which basically have no recreational potential for me.

So far so good. I may take another small dose before heading to worn and I'll try to keep it to that for the day. I dont want to be up too late tonight.

I am a pretty hardcore drug addict but have been doing pretty good this past year. Stimulants were always my drug of choice. I'm usually not good at resisting the urge to redose. We'll see how I fare with this chemical.

Edit: Did another 5-10mg insufflated before hopping in the shower. As I was showering I began to feel a bit jittery and anxious. It leveled out a bit after about 10 minutes and became more manageable. Still not much euphoria at a total of 20-25mg, but there is definite mood lift. Feeling somewhat social but nothing forced. I don't feel the need to keep myself busy and don't feel forced into various tasks, but I do seem to have a better attention span when I do get started on something.
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Has anyone found this stuff to have longer legs than expected? 10-20mg insufflated seems to produce residual stimulation for longer than 5-10mg 4F-MPH, wondering if it's in my head.

Also a big fan of the smooth comedown - you can realize you're almost back at baseline without the exhaustion/depletion of most phenidates.
I don't know how some people are handling 80mg doses of this stuff. I had a panic attack at work so I took some phenibut. Didn't have any capsules or a scale so I took a spoon and eyeballed it and mixes it with water. Very quickly I started to come up intensely. Started to have issues with coordination, was unable to think clearly and might have started ever so slightly slurring my words. I also still was experiencing anxiety while at the same time getting waves of feeling really damn good. I told my manager that I was having a panic attack and got the okay to go home. Once I got home I weighed 2 full spoon fulls of Phenibut and it was less than two grams, and I definitely took less than 2 spoon fulls. I have no idea why I reacted so bad to the phenibut. I've taken 10 grams of phenibut before and it felt sort of similar to that.

Well I decided to take some 4-me-tmp once I got home to help push through the brain fog and feeling like a moron. Snorted 10mg which actually seemed to help both the brain fog and my anxiety a little bit, so I decided 'screw it' and proceeded to snort about 10-15mg more. Not too long after my heart started beating out of my chest. High blood pressure, elevated heart rate and of course I started having an anxiety attack again. That 2nd dose was maybe about 40 minutes ago, if that. What makes it worse is that despite the bad side effects, I am somehow craving more. Like more will somehow make me feel better. I went to my room to lay down, took some L-Theanine and Magnesium and am trying to work on a little bit of food. I am slowly but surely starting to feel better. I did also have about 100mg of Caffeine while at work which I failed to consider.

This happened with my first trial at 16mg followed by a 10mg dose sometime later. I felt good for about 20 minutes after it kicked in, then got hit with an intense wave of anxiety and High BP, and then started to feel a little better as the come-up leveled out.

Has anyone noticed whether or not oral is less likely to cause these bad side effects? Anyone have tips for what to do in case of anxiety? I have all sorts of supplements, but no benzos. I also have clonidine but have read that it's potentially dangerous to mix with Methylphenidate.

Edit: Okay, I have been able to distract myself from the anxiety. I've done so with the assistance of porn. I am surprised by how pro-erotic that this substance is. Methylphenidate, 4f-MPH and IPPH all did little to increase my libido. The only phenidate that I've tried that noticeably increases sex drive has been Ethylphenidate. The increase in sex drive is not as strong as amphetamines or 3-FPM. In fact, I noticed no increase in sexual desire until I was browsing FB and scrolled past an somewhat lewd photo. I am glad that I have the rest in a time lock safe. There is a desire to redose. The though of breaking into my safe did cross my mind but I have work tomorrow. If I didn't have work I'm unsure whether or not I'd be able to resist. The urge to redose is still less than amphetamines, 3-FPM and EPH. It is higher than IPPH and either equal to or slightly higher than 4f-MPH.
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Can definitely agree with the "uncomfortably high heart rate @ 10-15mg insufflated" finding. Also seemed to produce residual stimulation for 6+ hours afterwards - uncharacteristic of a light dose.
Especially dangerous because there is no page for the substance on Erowid or Psychonaut Wiki, and Tripsit lists a common insufflated dose at 30+ mg. Tread with caution.
Yeah, when it's same potency league as normal methylphenidate (also EPH, IPPH) then 30+mg as a starting dose are way too much for people without a stim tolerance. For me even one 18mg XR Concerta felt overwhelming and IR pills had long lasting residual stimulation. Once I tried to get these 'coke like' effects many speak about but all I got out of EPH was a panic attack. Don't get me wrong, I love stims but I'm very sensitive to them and so are some others.
I think that this is a drug that is better in smaller doses. I've tried it at 10mg, 15mg, 20mg all have given me crazy Blood pressure and/or Heart rate issues. This is the 2nd time that I've done a small "finger swipe" and the effects are much smoother and more enjoyable. A finger swipe for me is just barely pressing my finger against the residue in the bag. Just enough to see a little white Chem streak on the Ole pointer for me to lick off. I weighed out 5mg and put it on my finger to compare and see how much my micro-swipes are, and I think they're in the .5-2mg range. One or 2 of those has me feeling way better than 10mg or more orally or snorted of this stuff does.

For me personally, definitely a less is better drug
I doubt that I'll try it due to the BP issues this one gives me, but has anyone tried combining 4-me-tmp with 4f-mph yet? I've been thinking about adding 5mg or less to help stretch out the little bit of 4f-mph that I have left. Maybe a 2:1 4f-mph:4-me-tmp ratio at most, so like 10mg 4f-mph with 5mg 4-me-tmp. I think it may also help add some euphoria and increase in libido which I find that 4f-mph is lacking in somewhat.

Other than 4f-mph, has anyone combined this with anything else at all? I combined a sub 5mg dose of 4-me-tmp with 3-cl-pcp, FXE, Buprenorphine and Marijuana and it wasn't a horrible combo. I've also mixed it with phenibut which went as expected
Just placed an order for this compound. Been using quite a bit of 4-mph and although I like it, I feel it’s a bit hard in the system. I’m hearing mixed reports of this being more gentle, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough
Well I just got it. I have yet to see any reports involving IV as the roa. Can’t be any worse than 4f-mph which provides no rush whatsoever.
Initially I was like, I’m an idiot. I had mistakenly grabbed my pregabalin powder bag which was right next to the 4metmp and tried to dissolve 50mg in saline. It turned to glue, so I thought I must have made a switch up and indeed I did. So I proceed to do the same thing with the 4metmp, but turns out its not very soluble in water. I just plugged 60mg so let’s see how this compares to 4f-mph. I guess having a hydrogen binding halogen helps solubility in water after all, who would have thought?
I've had up to 180mg of 4-me-mph in the course of a day. Had a pretty depressing comedown.

This was early on when I thought 4-me-mph was lower potency than if actually was.

Overall the comedown is quite abit worse than with 4F-MPH, which is mild in comparison. But the comedown isn't as bad as with MPH itself. Neither are as enjoyable as MPH either.
I've had up to 180mg of 4-me-mph in the course of a day. Had a pretty depressing comedown.

This was early on when I thought 4-me-mph was lower potency than if actually was.

Overall the comedown is quite abit worse than with 4F-MPH, which is mild in comparison. But the comedown isn't as bad as with MPH itself. Neither are as enjoyable as MPH either.

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Well I was able to finally IV this one. It requires quite a bit of heat in order to dissociate. Was hoping it’d be better than 4mph when IVd but it’s not that great. That being said, it’s still Better than 4fmph and has a slight rush to it.