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nitrous addiction


Jan 11, 2000
Sydney, Australia
Recently i was introduced to nitrous oxide, and thought it was quite fun, so I decided to let my boyf try some, and now he's addicted and it's all my fault. I feel really guilty, and watching him take bulb after bulb so much that his face turns blue hurts my heart. I made him promise to cut down, and only take it when i'm there. But he didnt listen and he's doing it everyday. I made him read pinger's FAQ, but it wasnt convincing enough.
Are there any big side effects/damages i can use to tell him to stop?
What should I do?
How should I stop someone from using a drug when i got them into it in the first place?
Any help would be nice, thanx

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Knock him over the head with the bulberator when he is completely out of it.
Do nangs only on an E comedown and on GHB. Once you experience the G nang all else becomes a mere shadow...
Nangs... last *FOREVER* on G
hey Ami...its unfair to blame yourself just because you introduced it to yer bf.
I introduced a lot of friends to chems and some go at it more hardcore then i do!!
To an extent, we are all adults here and should therefore accept responsiblity. although you feel guilty about it, its all up to him to make the final decision.
it was a good idea to make him promise to do it ony when u are ard so that things would not get out of hand.
BUt other than that, the final decision rests within himself.
So keep informing him of the dangers/side effects etc.
hope this helps
Before I mention anything, just want to say hi to Ami! It was great to meet you at Revolver a while ago!

FIRST NOTE - All is good in moderation!!!

Ok, sorry about this BL's, it may all sound like scare tactics, but hey, we want to seek the truth don't we?
N20 - Nitrous Oxide
Addiction reference http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.cgi?ID=2257
If you do not care to read the reports.
The consesus is that PROLONGED or EXCESSIVE N20 causes damage to the CNS(Central Nervous System) and Bone Marrow. B-12 supplements are USELESS if you go on N20 binges too often since N20 displaces the B-12 from the body, it doesn't matter how it gets there, it will leave quickly.

The above article indicates that low doses of N20 are neoro-protective
, but high doses (blue in the face) doses cause lesions!

By the way, I had my friend tell me that a friend of his went to hospital after he froze his cheek and put a hole in it falling to the ground after he had been doing nitrous for about an hour. He couldn't feel a thing until a few days after his operation.
Not sure about the details of the operation. But now supposedly has a permanent scar.
But I also had a friend experience a most spiritual enlightment when using N20 sparingly and in combination with other substances to go that one step beyond

The choice is yours. I suggest respect for N20 may be missing in its abuse, but thats just me!

Hi Lep!! Thanx for all the info... i've been reading through them, maybe they'll help him
As for nangs on G... I SO wanna try that! But G is so hard to find here, and i dont know if i could trust it not knowing how concentrated it is.
ami, you shouldn't feel responsible about the choices an individual makes. if your logic follows then i am also responsible in some way..... there is a post by RuRu called "a side of nitroud even I did not want to see". i would search and find it for you but i am in perth with a shit connection, so dredge it up.
nitrous will do major damage to your grain given the depletion of b vitamins and general "bulb dumbness". funny for the first box, messy thereafter.
best of luck