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RCs Novel benzodiazepine, Bromazolam

Any news about Bromazolam? Have anyone tried it?

Speaking of 'lams. Bromazolam is widely available now. I have been fighting my way through a Swedish forum threat about it. The thing that most people stress is that it results in very good muscle relaxation, and several others said that they slept very nice on it.

When people were comparing it to Alprazolam they mostly spoke about the longer half-life.

They agreed that 2-3 mg is about the same as 1 mg Alprazolam. But otherwise, there wasn't any good descriptions of its effects. The only thing that really cought my eyes was that one person said that in his opinoin it is the best RC benzo since Clonazolam. Why he felt so was not described though.
Probably from the sounds of it it's like a more sedative version of alprazolam, but that's just speculation based on the description.
I think you are right about the sedative qualities.

Alprazolam: 8-Chloro-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a] [1,4]benzodiazepine
Bromazolam: 8-bromo-1-methyl-6-phenyl-4H-benzo[f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine

Flubromazolam: 8-bromo-6-(2-fluorophenyl)-1-methyl-4H-[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a] [1,4]benzodiazepine

They are very similar. The 'lam in Bromazolam will obviously make it potent. One vendor have Bromazolam tablets contaning 1,75 mg. Swedish users have agreed this to too little. 3mg - 3,5mg would probably be more fitting accorind to them.

Thus, so far, they have agreed on the following:
It is more of a sedative than Alprazolam, and even though it is perfectly fine to take during the day, you sleep amazing on it, yet you wake you fresh.
Muscle relaxation is very pronounced providing you with both a psychological high but also a kind of body high as the body is completely relaxed.
People with anxiety say that their anxiety disappears after 2x1,75 mg and they were happy and relaxed the entire day.
One person took 7 mg and said that his mucle pain disappeared and that he felt good. He propose that each tablet should contain 4 mg. He goes on to say that he thinks it has the potential to be a real Rx benzo. The big dose removed his anxiety as efficient as 4 mg clonazepam, but with so much clonazepam he would fall asleep. But here he was just feeling good due to being relieved from his anxiety.
One says that he regrets spending money at the Bronazolam as he could have bought 50x2 mg clonazepam which he would prefer instead.
Another writes that 1 mg Bromazolam for him is the same as 1-2 mg Alprazolam and 1-2 mg Clonazepam. He strongly recommends it and the same does his friends; And to this another answers "not in a lifetime. Broma is not better than Alpra and Clona.
Another writes that 20 mg norflura cannot get him to sleep on a summer night, while 1-2 x 1,75 Bromazolam made him sleep.
One writes that he have taken 15 mg Bromazolam and for the first time in months he feels good at a benzo.

Atleast that is my translation of Swedish. But it is moslt giberish to me so I might be completely wrong about what they are saying :p
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3-3.5g*? I see a typo

Edit : *lethal overdose amount
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I've had some, proper well-established supplier of mine provided 250mg in a tiny bag, dusty orange powder with some irregular, 250-500uM crusts seldom spotted within.

For me, first contact that evening was to, like usual, move the product over to glass ampulles (along with a few other quite goddamned 'hammer you properly' -gear, like DPT) - the stuff got through my skin enough to have me puke the next day. That is, when not feeling ready to faint, white as bedsheet. "Oooh we have a kicker around, I get it, let's play"......and didn't touch it for a couple of weeks. Cue my oxazepam can redlining - the Broma-beasts cage-door finally, keyed.

Aiming for max 1mg, because trust me if you have the proper product, talk about 4+mg is just total goodbye mama-territory and from where I stand a tad irresponsible to just throw out while theory-doping on a reference-level site, pioneer thread no less. That said, I'm going totally irresponsible now:

I bent a _small_ paperclip straight, dipped _the very end_ on my tongue, got "maybe a little orange colour idk" on it, (with tolerance from regular benzos, going one year daily now, starting off with alprazolam. My current dosage, switched away from Xanax with that sh
t duly noted as Keanu's bus in "Speed", to oxazepam 3x15mg totalling to no more than 35mg, that is, daily)
(+ some silly rc's like this shit in a drop bottle here next to me, alcohol, pg and should be volumetrically dosed, well I don't remember whatsitsface and drop sublingually one-two drops of the stuff straight out - do not do this kids, I am the bad example your mum has warned about that you will meet in life - ) anyway, hands down, surprise(!) - bromazolam classes easily being the best godforbidden benzo on this earth I've ever tried and used (of dia- alpra- phena- oxa- at least) - I did not look back.
I didn't even bother to get my meagre prescription -zolams or -pams from the marmor-counter, because I could not simply care less as it got me slammed, hypnotized like a fakir's cobra and relaxed like winnie the pooh. High is abt 10-15mins onset fully, warm, so relaxed, gimme those rose-tinted glasses, functional, socially up there somewhere 'round 'nice, civilized, ....let me get that door for you'.
Yes looong onset, dosing stayed through the whole 250mg as maybe, humm, if an early evening doing my first clip-dip, at most did redose with reservations, before abandon ye all hope-lights out.

Beats oxazepam, easily diazepam(for me equals the effects of a sixpack), fenazepam because in Russia the benzos doses you - and boy compared to the bromazolam fuzz and likey, fena- describes itself probably like getting dryhumped in the sooter, and yes, for me, better than Xanax. Better hypnotism, better overall feeling, better active arc with holistic view in mind, superior timeframe.

It's like the movie Batman vs. Superman. Strong and skillful hunter, that will beat you with your xanax yes, surprising the whole audience, when you're Superman himself. Jaw -> floor.

In other news, I somehow nuked my post editing it with words and stuff.

To crystallize; the perfect benzo for me, filling in all the pieces that our Benzo cheerleader Xanax failed to deliver.
Onset just right, less confusion, no bad and violent escalative tendencies, very economical; you just name it, I'll go good for this one. -But- it's just me, one single person though, so there's that.)
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Wow nice review definitely benzed out.... What dosage are you taking?

Also make sure you don't take more... I bet you're already in black out territory.
Wow nice review definitely benzed out.... What dosage are you taking?

Also make sure you don't take more... I bet you're already in black out territory.

Thank you brother. You should've seen the first edit; We're talking unicorns shitting rainbows poetry, literally.

This is just me. Blacking out isn't even sniffing my horizons yet.

As above stated, my benzo dosage is 3x15mg Oxazepam daily - Dat Bromazolam was tè finito, already a week ago, at least.

What else;
nice isopropylphenidate/nm-2-ai -shuffled, single max 75-90mg line, enjoyed with my morning coffee. Where ippd is doing it's 2/3's. Paradoxically enough I have managed to arrive having combined a functional(no play just game) stim, with a recreational details booster all of a sudden.

Pregabalin and trammies, of which doing 1/3 of recommended daily dose, for genuine radiculopatia with regards from catastrophal, detonation-style dual disc prolapse (from a thing which happened once), leaving a nerve wedged and thus fucked in between some bones.
(Preg+Tram btw beat fent-stickers doing a tune of 25uG/h, for nerve-pain killers. That was hell figuring out; neck->brain pain signal, according to my gp, is almost uniquely 100% pure on arrival, due to very short travel distance. "Driving me crazy" I told doc. Hilariously he recited - in full story mode - tales about how people actually losing it exactly in that way. Because finally going full panic, when not getting a drop of respite from the white hot-glowing dagger, unforgivingly located at the root of your brain. Ha ha. Fentanyl had nothing on that for me.)

Ok and this drop bottle contains flunitrazolam, no guarantees with a bottle labeled "for your pleasure apple-scented liquid tobacco" as acquired from a private vendor - but got quite little on our boy Bromazolam imhfo.

And a habit of having 6 months done a small line (length as the weeny-finger's nail, couple of mm's wide) temg/subu/subo in their forms, snorted, white-collar style.

Point being; Bromazolam is for the big boys. Do not fucking tool around with it. Go from 500ug-1mg. Actually, also stay there. Humm. Thinking back, tolerance development was quite nonexistent, now realized.
Or let's stay honest; wildly theorizing at best in a post-humous manner going "srsly brah, no tolerance benzos they exists" yeah right. Unicorns shitting rainbows, yes? Haha.

So don't eat it like bars good advice. I'm guessing 250 ug for a starting dose as xanax is smart or do you think it should be even lower. When people said clonazolam 500 ug was like 2 mg clonazopam I could not believe it as after 100 ug I was worse off than any kpin that never affected me. I'm guessing this is ultra hyper potent in its own class compared to alprazolam in a way equivalent doses can't match as the effect is so different as I found with c-pam and c-pam? At least I'm guessing based upon your hard to decipher style through my narrow eyes.
To keep it short - I've never experienced substance potency before, enough for that, upon finger contact, had me puking all next day.
I just poured that 250mg, out of its baggie for God's sake, into a tiny glass jar. Just a benzo powder, routine move.
The resulting od, however, had a high which I lateron could quite accurately identify, as belonging to the Bromazolam. When engaging in my more intentional, controlled dosing.
....using that moist paper clip -tip.

Oh, yeah, one substance comes to mind; acid.
Accidental power-tripping and tricking for the eastern crew. Wow, thank God, already buried in the past millennia.

Yes, we're talking micrograms imho. 250ug is not a bad guess.
I might have started there, with a moderate tolerance. Ending up after the whole 250mg at no more, than 750ug as enough. A full 1mg still potentially handing me back my drooling ass.

There's not one single thing wrong with treading cautiously here. "Survival of the fittest" means being cunning - not bulldozing your way full steam down a cliff.

edit: Yes brother you're receiving me correct. The most pleasant effect saturates your wants anyway already by low doses. Kinda potentiating it subjectively or in an indirect manner.
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Not sure if trollin' or just....

2mg blotters were like lengthened effects of Lectopam (bromazepam), more sedative but not a full hypnotic, at least not at 2mg. I had 4mg and I felt no desire to take the other downers I have in my safe. It's like a better clonazepam,that kicks in faster, has the strong anxiolysis of bromazepam doubled without the tired and benz'd out feeling bromazepam leaves you with if you take more than a couple 6mg green tablets or if in europe, where bromazepam is Lexotan or such and the 6mg pills are shaped like Xanax bars.

It's pretty euphoric with atarax and a morning dose of suboxone after skipping a day (of Suboxone). Nowhere like flubromazolam though euphoria wise and not as functional as clonazolam, c-lam is normal powder for me, totally destroys the GAD and the bipolar (I suspect the Clonazepam roots of clonazolam carry on the mood stabilizer/anti-epileptic effect of clonazepam, which is actually used in neurology, the other 2 I know of that are used for seizures is Nitrazepam and Clobazam. Clobazam can be prescribed at the tail end of a diazepam tapering because it is also used for anxiety, rarely, and unfortunately I wasn't able to test Nitrazolam when it was around so I can't make a comparison on that one.

Now, the next research for me is going to be Fluclotizolam. And thankfully, the bitcoin is gonna be cheap as it's locally sourced. I'm glad to say I'm the first person to mention it here.
Heh, well, that's fine then.How is it? Is it a thienobenzodiazepine like I suspect it to be? Although..the other name for clonazolam is clonitrazolam. Anyway, I will be using wisely the clonazolam powder and bromazolam blotter I have for a while until someone braver than me reports a "trip" report for that one.
I have an insane tolerance to benzo. I must say, bromazolam is pretty damn good. The muscle relaxant properties are pretty insane. It also hits pretty damn hard when you blaze on it. I know this review sucks. But I'm feeling pretty damn good. Had to type this post with 1 eye closed.