Recruitment Open Call For Moderators! 💥

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Calling all cool homies with nonpareil abilities to help our site flourish and grow.

Must look great basking in the sun like a lil' turtle.

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Granma Emperor will bake you hot cross buns, but you should not eat them. Especially if you notice you're inexplicably slathered with butter.

We are looking for new moderators for the following forums:
As a moderator, you will be responsible for:
  • Monitoring the forum for harmful or inappropriate content
  • Removing posts that violate the forum's rules
  • Responding to user queries and concerns
  • Fostering a positive and supportive community environment
We are looking for individuals who:
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Are able to remain calm and objective in stressful situations
  • Are committed to upholding the forum's rules and guidelines
If you are interested in becoming a Bluelight moderator, please send any Sr. Moderator or Administrator a PM with your application. We look forward to hearing from you!
I agree with harm reduction but I also have some significant disagreements with respect to common memes regarding neurotoxicity of some substances without foundational empirical evidence.

I would love to be a moderator of a forum or two but I think we need to have a serious discussion regarding my misgivings with respect to some statements that have been made by blue light crew regarding certain substances nor toxicity etc.

I'm in my early 50s now and I started in the rave scene 26 years ago in early 1998.

I was there when Molly meant pure molecule and it actually was pure MDMA coming from the Netherlands and Israel. Communion wafers and baby aspirin that were pure MDMA and made you wish life was like that all the time.

I don't tolerate bigots or people that say shit without scientific evidence backing their statements.

Asperger's and I may come off and do come off. Very abrasive sometimes, although I genuinely only dislike a small number of people that are just wastes of air, water and food.

I can give you my telephone number if you want to talk and discuss my suitability for being a moderator.
I applied for CD but y'all never hit me back 😢
Same. But I was just applying for any. Idk if I’m cut out for it tho. Yeah probably not. I felt like it was because of my unpopular opinion on politics as in I don’t like any of them running for president. But I’m also legit crazy so that my be it lol.

Now that I saw your comment I don’t feel like it was personal so thanks:) lol
I guess there s a first time for I'm from Eorupe, I'm now self employed so at home using PC and mobile not so much but that will change.

the IT/av engineer, was a sales manager for 8 yrs and now studying at the university the Management in Health or Healthcare.

It'm very patient, I even went to payed by employeer on how to lead a team with them I called them kindergarden and most of guys and girls were twice my age. at the time.
Last how to calm the situation of merch late as angry customers with being a serious young man, asertive and well there are simple words like: If you yell I will not stop you but I will just say this: There are two options you yell and rush out or We work together and I promise you that the problem will not be by the end of conversation we will do exception for you as I know that you need bed yesterday so I will deliver tommorow the bed...Then I convince her to take something from the stock.

Fuck I read this forum from 2018 before I became member and still from 2011. to now and l will be arrogant to say but I think I red everything from say OD,s main picture all those drugs megathreads even Paliperidone/Xeplion Invega group.

Well fuck I just made a resume for serious job....Today I started to work on videos on how to set media for BL, as I think it is now with no competition but if not on all social media as YT, Rumble, et cet....

If anything I wrote a lullaby or Run-insomnia-run.

You can be mean it is my fault afterall