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Benzos People of Japan: What do you think about Clotiazepam (Rize)?

What do you think do you think about it?

  • Spectacular. One of the best benzos I've ever had.

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  • Nothing special.

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  • Garbage / Shit.

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  • I've never heard of it.

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • I've tried it and it sucks.

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Sep 17, 2019
I understand only in Japan, Chile and some European countries are we the lucky ones where this benzodiazepine is sold. Although in fact this is a thianodiazepine. Someone told me that it looked somewhat like Etizolam, but without being a expert of benzos, I just nodded hahaha. Personallyi, I loved it; totally anxiolytic (without presenting the madness of Xanax), almost nothing hypnotic or sedativem, has some anti-convulsant and even euphoric with just two 10 mg pills (THE BENZO it's cause this on me).

What do you think of it? Did you like it? Do they consider it shit? I leave this poll open.
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