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Bluelight Crew
May 20, 2000
Machu Picchu
Dear Bluelighters,

Its with great pride that I announce that Tronica and TheLoveBandit will officially assume the reigns and full control of This week, I will retire from my role as Executive Director to recognize the leadership, vision and commitment both Tronica and TLB have dedicated to Bluelight for quite some time.

Please join me in congratulating TLB and Tronica on their new roles: Director of Site Operations and Executive Director, respectively.

I imagine some of you are thinking, “but aren’t TLB and Tronica already running Bluelight?” You would be correct in that observation, especially as it pertains to the inner workings of the forums and our research efforts. It’s been my great privilege to work with both friends over the past decade (plus), and this transition acknowledges Tronica’s and TLB’s dedication and unique qualifications to lead Bluelight forward.

I will continue to offer support when needed and will likely haunt these halls from time to time. But for now I can’t help but look back over the past 22+ years I’ve been here with a deep reverence for this place — for what it’s become, what it’s survived and the incredible potential it has for the future.

When I first registered my username, “Y2K” loomed large as a supposed global threat. Napster was emerging and about to change music forever and 9-11 was just a random day in September. Since then, we mapped the Human Genome, GPS devices replaced driving maps and iPhones were born. On the darker side, terror took innocent lives in NYC, Bali, London, Russia, Boston, The Philippines, and elsewhere, while an opioid epidemic took hold around the globe.

We discussed all of it here on Bluelight.

Message boards, in many ways, were the internet’s earliest form of social media and people of all walks of life have always come here to reduce the harm associated with drugs. I’ll argue that others came, and even more stayed, for our unique sense of community and recovery support.

We’ve survived hacks, attacks and the loss of great friends and loved ones. We overcame the untimely death of our benefactor and sole source of funding, Alan Woods (XTCXTC). Yet, even when faced with existential threats we were convicted in our mission of “empowerment through information” and in the integrity of our community.

We made a bold decision after Alan’s passing to forgo the “easy way” and rejected traditional advertising revenue, opting instead to focus on sustaining Bluelight through scientific collaboration. We succeeded, of course, and it was a defining decision for Bluelight that lifted our community up and carried it forward. In addition to the launch of our Recovery Forums, It is what I’ve been the most proud of in my two decades involvement with our community.

If I have any advice to you all going forward it’s that you continue to make bold decisions based on your collective convictions, and reflecting on Bluelight’s mission of harm reduction. Know that when our ethos and our actions align, Bluelight becomes an engine capable of marvels. New leadership brings new ideas, new ways of doing things and new rewards. Change brings its own energy and I look forward to seeing its benefits realized here. So think big, attempt the difficult things and never underestimate how great an impact you can have through this respected and beloved global platform.

Lastly, always remember that truthfulness, accuracy and open and frank discussion are not just our foundation, they are our currency. Without them we might as well have paid the bills after XTCXTC died by “selling ads for bongs and penis pills” as Tronica and TLB have heard me say like a broken record over the years. I have always see this place as hallowed ground, and like our friends at Erowid we have never needed to lower our standards to pay the bills. As a result, we’ve garnered a unique respect that extends beyond the academic and harm reduction communities.

I take great assurance knowing there will always be dedicated staff who feel a deep and solemn connection to this place. People like Tronica, TLB and all of you who so generously donate your time and energy to Bluelight. That selfless spirit of service is what has always made Bluelight great, and why I’m confident we have yet to see her greatest accomplishments realized.

Thank you in advance for taking good care of this place. She means the world to me and I can’t wait to see what great things you accomplish with her next.



Mar 31, 2020
“Lastly, always remember that truthfulness, accuracy and open and frank discussion are not just our foundation, they are our currency.” - What an important statement.

All the best in your retirement from BL.

Good luck to @Tronica and TLB (I know he hates being tagged) on their new roles.


Sep 9, 2015
Ive been a lurker and member of bluelight since 2008. I love this site and it has helped me immensely. Everything ive learned on here i spread to fellow users to help promote harm reduction.

This site saves lives.

I'm grateful to be in recovery and using psychedelic medicine.

I'm grateful for you and all those here at bluelight who make the magic happen!


Sep 28, 2021
waiting on the curb
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