Welcome Please welcome our new Senior Moderators!

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What’s a senior moderator? What’s the difference than a regular mod?
They are like halfway between regular mod and admin. They hold mod powers across the forums, they are assigned forums they oversee, and the regular mods of that forum report to them for lack of a better word. They are the ones who facilitate new mod recruitment in their forums. cduggles, f.u.b.a.r., verbaltruist, chinup, and mysterier are our current senior moderators.
That’s right, I knew that. I was just confused and thought it was some new kind of mod because it now says Senior Moderator now instead of the older Sr. Moderator. I also noticed that this new title banner doesn’t say the forums the old Sr. Moderator banner included.
Yes, that's something I noticed as well. Wasn't sure if that's something mal did on purpose or not. I fixed it for now until I get an explanation.
Thank you everyone. It's truly an honor to be on senior staff. Considering where I started my Bluelight journey and where I am now... This feels like a pretty dope step. I get to contribute to Bluelight in a greater capacity. That gives me the warm fuzzies.

If you want warm fuzzies, try applying for a mod position in the future. You get shared access to the single engine prop moderator plane and other huge perks which I can't think of off the top of my head, but definitely exist.

@The Wizard of the Creek it's more responsibility and also access to the senior moderator dinghy. Given that we're sort of all over the world, it's hard to get it sometimes, but I can't wait to get my chance to take it and use it illigally harvest abalone off the California coast. I'm just gonna paddle out and fill that dinghy with seafood. /s

(There is no plane or boat, but there are a lot of cool people and you get to be more tightly integrated with the site and it's members.)
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