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Belfast bloody Belfast
I walk down a broken street in search of my Promised Land, I'm on a mission from God and my God's name is Heroin. In the distance I can hear the gunfire, I'm in a holy war, my sergeant's named desire. I walk past other junkies nodding out against a wall, We're fighting the same cause, fighting against withdrawal. I reach my destination, I talk with the man, I hand him twenty pounds, he puts my God in my hand. Heroin you must be God for everything I do is for you,

I'd crawl ten miles on broken glass for you. I'd sell my soul, my family and friends for you, If you asked me to sell myself, I'd do that too, You can see I'm truly nothing, nothing without you. But if you're really God, you leave me confused, At times I feel like I've really been used. You leave me shivering when it's not really cold,

Unable to walk and I'm not even old.

You leave me penniless when I'm not even poor,

You leave me feeling beaten, aching and sore.

You take away my pride, my looks and my health,

Make me lie to my family, my friends and myself. Although for you I have dedicated my life, What have you done for me except stabbed me with a knife? I look in the mirror at my own bloodshot eyes, I stare at a man whose world is all lies. I think about my past and start to realize, You're not a God at all, but the Devil in disguise.